Legality of Indie planets

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Legality of Indie planets

Post  blackheartsecurity on Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:16 am

So the indies have acquired quite a few planets in far flung regions, who's laws govern them or is it a complete grey zone? We have seen that selling in contraband in the IR is ok as long as its not in the IR (Maehl proved that one) but we have also seen Indies taken to court under IR laws.

I am just wondering as a mod because players have asked about providing services and if it would get them in trouble, or if they could avoid trouble, besides the sort brought down by massively dicking the IR, by say getting a planet in a different sector of space.

Thank ye for the help


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Re: Legality of Indie planets

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:37 pm

Unless you have specifically been told otherwise all Independent Corporations are IRLCs. This allows them access to Iron Republic markets as long as they follow IR law.

So no dealing in Leyas artifacts, or illegal tech and WMDs as an IRLC in IR space or with IR clients.

However what buisiness is done in other sectors of space KFed, Unity, Free Systems, is completely outside their jurisdiction. However this freedom cannot be used legally to skirt laws for IR members or for smuggling without risking IRLC status. (There are lots of convoluted laws in the IR so ill just say its very easy to lose IRLC status if you piss off one of the Directors on the IR Board of Directors)

Back to planets, all Independent Corps count as having their planets in IR space unless specifically told differently by Admin. All conquered planets are either in the polar expanse or Bootes Sector or Brethren Expanse and also count as IR space.

I am not going to list exceptions but obviously if you are dual factioning which is currently only allowed for some Free Systems players. (Free systems were behind the push for creating and/or modifying the laws to allow regulated trade of non-military items)

So if an IRLC is selling to the Kasanthians its all right as long as its within the limitations of their contract and they keep it not public. So NO giant press junkets of IRLC # 1 which just made a deal to sell antique rifles to the Kfed. Even if it doesn't break the law never a good idea to thumb your nose at the Board.

Once again IRLCs are not a grey zone. Follow IR law and try not to get screwed.


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