The Planets of the Temporal Empire's Vassels (Planets Thread)

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The Planets of the Temporal Empire's Vassels (Planets Thread)

Post  TemporalEmpire on Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:07 am

The Hub of Worlds
Codename: Homeworld
Major Colonies: Hub of Worlds City-Station
Economic Focus: The Hub of Worlds, is the Da'uhnb base of operations on the edge of the Milky Way. It impossible to reach unless the Da'uhnb want you to go there. Currently the Da'uhnb Queen has already helped the Temporal Empire to 2 million Da'uhnb strong. The HUB of Worlds only economy is the day to day needs of the Da'uhnb and their Earther and Alien alien allies.

Cahah Magoga
Codename: Planet 1
Major Colonies: Dome of Borealis
Economic Focus: The Dome of Borealis buys and sells everything, and has a large shipping depot for Maehl Holdings. It is a major trade hub in Free Systems space. There are many more Earthers on Borealis than Da'uhnb. This was once the homeworld of Captain De La Cruz before he set out on his endless voyage.

Beezo Magoga
Codename: Planet 2
Major Colonies: Light and Shine Dome
Economic Focus: The Entire planet of Beezo is covered in ice, and exports ice for use as potable water for Desert planets. Outside of the Light and Shine Dome, a person will freeze within minutes and die. So everyone stays inside. The Da'uhnb are not known to inhabit Beezo, but they might have secret areas of the Light and Shine Dome.

Gomn Magoga
Codename: Planet 3
Major Colonies: Gomn's Gorge ad the Gomn Commons Dome
Economic Focus: This city of Gomn's Gorge is built into the side of a ravine, and has about two million miners, most former I.R. citizens. Those Gomners who prove themselves at the Gorge can move to the Gomn Common Dome. The Common Dome has two million Earthers, two million Tzira, one million nine hundred thousand failed Brethren who were saved by the Da'uhnb, and one hundred thousand Da'uhnb. The Common Dome builds Stilleto Starfighters, Cudgel Starfighters, Machete Starfighters, and Pirate Light Frigates and sells them to the Banking Guild.

Hagrog Magoga
Codename: Planet 4
Major Colonies: Lots of tiny farms
Economic Focus: This is a farm planet, sometimes called the Breadbasket of the Temporal Empire. They grow all plants that can be eaten by the Speaking Races, from orchards to fields.

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