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Post  PresidentRagman on Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:14 pm

Name: Uloh Galaxy Drive
Major Colony: Verdania Dome
Focus: Manufacture
Verdania Dome is the Administation center for The Uloh Galaxy Drive and primary Earther colony in the system. the population is comprised of Earthers, Magnavores and Omegas (cloned earthers). This colony is the primary contact point for the civilized E-strain that resided in the Uloh System. The colony manufactures the BioShips and weaponry of the UFC. It also is one of the two cloning facilities in the system.

Planet #1:
Name: Wylanda
Major Colony: Wylanda dome.
focus: Trade
currently looking for location to set up seperate facilities. On this planet we are looking to build interstellar trade port and facilities at this time

Planet #2
Name: Maxa Provo 9
Major Colony: MP9 Spaceport Construction site
Focus: manufacturing/shipping
Currently working on building spaceport/starbase for system, looking to impliment ship building/repair facilities on the planet. Subcontracting for Maehl Holdings.

Planet #3
Name: Hephaestom
Major Colony: Capitol City
Focus: manufacturing/ship construction
Currently working on gettign the Factories back up and running, and looking to in crease the population

Planet #4
Name: Angel's Descent
Major Colony: the bridge
Focus: super carrier
The first MiniGalaxy drive, Angel's Descent, operates as a spacegoing fighter base and exploration vessel.

Moon Base #1
Name: Mechanos
MAjor Colony: Tripoli Base
Focus: Small arms production
A moonbase with suarm producing small arms for resale.

Moon Base #2
Name: Stravager
Major Colony: Tra'hod
Focus: forward base near Tapestry
A small moonbase near Tapestry, allowing for exploration and trade with the Brethren Expanse. the surface little more than a pockmarked barren waste. Food production and manufacturing facilities are all located underground.

Planet #5
Name: Tran-do-ky
MAjor Colony: Control Point alpha
Focus: Capitured AOD galaxy drive
CApatured AOD galaxy Drive one. Facility was capitured and is under going the process of converting the native estrain from AOD control or purging .

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