Upgrading existing planets

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Upgrading existing planets

Post  Ar'yayhivequeen on Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:55 pm

I have been looking at my character sheet and it lists some planets numerically that I posses. My question is how do I talk about these worlds in game so they can be upgraded. I cannot make a thread and say "My allies, please join me in expanding the industry/research facilities on Planet 3." Could i name my worlds to make it easier? What if i want to talk about one of my allies worlds? Should I send a message to my ally asking him to expand planet 2? That would be talking out of character and i don't want to make official statements and seem like i am talking out of character if you know what i mean.


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Re: Upgrading existing planets

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:16 pm

Great Question!

Most players should know from previous games what each of their Planet 1,2,3, Moon base 1, 2, and their floating island represent IF their character even has them.

If you are unsure of what each of your planet numbers represent feel free to PM the Admin for more info.

In some cases you have conquered many worlds, but you only have a few planets that are your domain, i.e. the areas that directly answers to you. The rest are considered your "Other Colonies" and represent the boost you get to your production from the other places that pay you taxes, sends you soldiers, and/or build your stuff.

The Other Colonies stats cannot be "attacked" by enemies.

Back to the question at hand about naming your planets. Please post a thread in your own faction forum naming your direct report planets. In some cases they may represent groups of space stations, of other non-traditional planets.

That way other players can refer to them. Once again if you aren't sure, and you've checked your emails with the DR team, please PM us at Admin with your questions.

Multiple factions share the Homeworld of Refuge, and the Homeworld of Mars so feel free to connect your Homeworld reflected in the your planets thread as well.

Format for Planet Thread

Name of Planet:

Corresponding number on character sheet:

Major Colonies:

Economic Focus:

--These are intended to inspire you, to put some creative thought into your planet. Using Leyas Generators almost any world could be changed into any design so feel free to be creative. The DR team reserves the right to edit and alter any of the planet descriptions that are not accurate. -- cyclops


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