EEF Controled Planets

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EEF Controled Planets

Post  FieldMarshallStrykker on Sat May 21, 2011 3:14 am

Home world: Refuge.

Planet 1: Draco Alpha Space dock: A large orbital ring which houses vast ship building/repair yards. This facility came under EEF control after the signing of the Treaty of 2218.

Planet 2: Sanctuary: A newly colonized world in Refuge system Refuge like but smaller and on average colder since its a little further from the sun. Colonizing efforts started after the signing of the Treaty of 2218 when the EEF dispatched one of their Nomads to the planet. Work on a forge complex has been the first order of business. Thus far only a small population has made the journey there but a modest city has grown up around the Forge already.

Planet 3: Wyrm: This is as industrialized moon of Draco Epsilon 6. This body is large for a moon the IR took advantage of this by turning it into a giant factory. Since the treaty of 2218 it has been retooled for EEF designs. It has several forge complexes as well as sprawling domed residential areas.

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