Face to Face converstation between Jeremiah Strykker and Captain T.J

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Face to Face converstation between Jeremiah Strykker and Captain T.J Empty Face to Face converstation between Jeremiah Strykker and Captain T.J

Post  FieldMarshallStrykker on Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:38 am

"Sir, I really feel that it is my duty to protest this decision. It's highly irregular!" Captain Mitchel Jeffers said to Jeremiah as they stepped from the AAV. Jeffers hated irregular. That meant unpredictable which meant sloppy. Jeremiah found a bit of perverse humor in his aides discomfort.
"You've reminded me of that about a dozen times since we left Chooru." Jeremiah replied as he lead the small group toward the low nondescript prefab building that was three days walk from anywhere.
"I realize that Sir but this man you're so insistent on seeing is mentally unstable and highly dangerous. There's a reason he's locked up here." Was Jeffers flustered reply.
"He's not locked up at all. Captain, he could leave any time he wants. We'd know he left but we couldn't stop him. He's a time shredder. He stays here because he wants to not because we're keeping him here." Jeremiah could tell that this news didn't make Jeffers feel any better.

"That's all the more reason to not do this Sir. I know we need information but there must be a better way to get it. Surely whatever you need to know can be found by the Fallen Legion" He glanced back at the pelebor following them looking for some support. Celeb looked extremely bored and spoke up with the disinterested tone that was common to many of his people. "Captain Jeffers is correct Field Marshall, we can find the answer to most any question you may have. Meeting this creature is not necessary. Time shredding does things to your mind and soul. It is forbidden for a reason"

"You too Celeb?" Jeremiah chuckled as they reached the door. He had to lean down to let the security system take a retina scan. The scanner hummed for a moment then sounded a soft chime as the door slid open. "Listen I understand your concerns. But he will be the best source of information that I need to know and almost as importantly I need to know if he can still be relied on. So your objections are noted but we are doing this and that is the end of this discussion." Celeb shrugged with a great indifference. Jeffers looked ready to keep arguing but knew it was a lost cause. "Yes Sir," he said instead as they reached the next security check point where four guards covered them with weapons while a fourth poked each of them with zela ingot in turn. Once passed that check point they descended stairs for eight levels and passed three more check points. Finally they reached the bottom level which consisted of a short hall way and a blank grey door.

"Alright you two wait out here. Celeb listen closely I'm relying on to let me know if he's lying at all. I hope you kept your rats with you." Celeb patted a large bag slung across his shoulder the something in the bag writhed at the touch. Jeffers complexion greened, but he handed Jeremiah the files they'd bought along anyway. As Jeremiah opened the door he and Celeb took up positions on either side of the door.

Jeremiah looked in to the small room and its occupant. T. J sat in deep meditation in the blank featureless grey room. Jeremiah supposed he didn't have much else to do in here. If he wasn't crazy before this room may just put him over the edge. He mused to himself. T.J's eye's opened thought the rest of his body remained perfectly still.
"Captain," Jeremiah said by way of greeting. "There are some things I need to know very badly and I think you can shed some light on them. First of all we'll start with these." Jeremiah squatted down and pulled some things out of the file he was holding. With no further explanation he dropped them into T.J's lap. T.J glanced down and saw that they were aerial pictures probably taken from a satellite. They showed a ruined and ravaged city. It looked mostly devoid of life. Except one square that had dozens of people gathering around a lone figure and a pile of crates. Moving to the next picture, which was a close up of the group, T.J saw himself handing weapons out to the crowd.
"Iron Republic satellite surveillance of Earth." Jeremiah informed him helpfully. "So why don't you start with that explaining?"

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