Encrypted Communication Between TNI and Jeremiah Strykker

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Encrypted Communication Between TNI and Jeremiah Strykker

Post  TerraNovaIndustries on Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:57 pm

Jeremiah Strykker was tired. His days were long and filled with decisions that would have turned a lesser man into a broken bureaucrat. This meant that his down time was so important that his staff had standing orders that only EEF priority one communications were to disturb him.

Sitting down in his favorite chair, Jeremiah placed a large, frothing mug of his favorite Saragosan cider on the coffee table alongside a bag of his own jerky and turned on the holo-vid. Flipping to the coverage the Fort Lendill Founding Day races. After watching last years winner dominate the race for 5 laps Jeremiah got bored and flipped to one of the movie stations.

After a moment of static, what appeared to be a highly realistic looking survivor movie came on. The camera showed the smoking wreckage of a large shuttle and 5 creatures that fit the description of Sanguine Lords floating around an island looking for something. Jeremiah's first thought was about how realistic the scene looked but then he realized how ridiculous it was. Five Sanguine Lords? Really? Who the hell sends five sentient WMDs to look for something on a small island. It was then that Jeremiah saw the small TNI logo at the bottom of the screen.

"I beg your pardon Field Marshall Strykker but your aides refused to let us interrupt your off time and as you can see the situation is dire." The voice was female but sounded like an AI. "My name is Gaia, I am the TNI AI and what you are seeing is a direct feed from Twain's personal video capture system."

"Twain was dropping samples off for TNI's largest customer when his shuttle was attacked and destroyed by these beings. We have identified them as Sanguine Lords and they are claiming to be under the direct order of a Kasanthian named Ryuk. Apparently this Ryuk is convinced that Twain was directly involved on an attempt on Su Maehl's life. While Twain had knowledge of the attempt and had even contemplated getting involved in it he decided not to. Despite Twain trying to talk Ryuk down from his stance and declaring his innocence the Sanguine Lords remain and continue to try to capture him. Ryuk has offered Twain two options: surrender and undergo direct questioning from Su Maehl or die and be taken to Layne Yr for torture. As you can imagine neither option is appealing to Twain. Luckily, Twain's armor's capabilities and his own intelligence have let him escape capture thus far."

"You might be asking yourself 'why are they telling me this?'" Gaia said in a remarkable impersonation of Jeremiah's own voice. "Twain is not asking you to come rescue him although he definitely would not say no to it. But, since he is on Kryptos and the Church of the Horned Dog is his client, EEF forces entering the plain would be a bit... hinky. Instead, Twain asks that you come get him or kill him before the TRILAT has a chance to get inside his head. If you look up DNA backups and brain scans under Twain's Uncle Te's name you will find the backup Twain made just before departing for space 4 months ago."

"Attached is an encrypted algorithm that will give you access to TNI's master comm center. If you choose to come to Kryptos please alert TNI personnel first so we can coordinate."

"Once again, apologies and thank you for your time."

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Re: Encrypted Communication Between TNI and Jeremiah Strykker

Post  FieldMarshallStrykker on Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:11 am

Jeremiah glanced from the screen to his cider and back. He heaved a deep sigh as he fished his ear bead out of his pocket.
"I'll see what I can do." He said to his holo-vid, before noticing that the TNI logo was gone and he was talking to himself.
"Park?" He called after settling the bead and keying his private office channel.
"Sir?" Answered Micheal Jeffers.
"Jeffers? Aren't you supposed to be under medical observation? You three didn't have the right shoots before you ended up in Free Systems space."
"I know Sir but I was cleared my vaccinations are all up to date." This didn't surprise Jeremiah in the least. "We had some calls from those TNI people. I headed them off but they seemed really anxious." He replied changing the subject quickly Jeremiah snorted "Tell me about it,"
"Do you want me to get them back Sir?" Jeffers asked uncertainly.
"No, don't bother they got through on a...special channel. On second though yes get them back but patch it through to C&C. Have someone make sure the Wren is fueled up and ready to go. We may have a hot pick up for them. And get a call out to the clone plant. Depending on how this goes down they may have a special project coming their way."
"How what goes down Sir?"
"Just gather the staff in Command and Control I'll explain once everyone is there." Jeremiah said grabbing a piece of jerky and walking out.

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