Week 5- Some Beings get no Asylum

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Week 5- Some Beings get no Asylum

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Captain Lazza had served bravely and honorably against the soldiers of all five of the other ancient evils. He had never backed down against a demonic threat. When the priests of the Warmonger Cult had awakened him to face the forces of the Unity and its Dragon many months ago, he was proud for a chance to prevent such a dangerous evil force from taking the minds of so many.
Captain Lazza had no feelings of hypocracy. He had no past as it were. He had once been something else before Vul’s scientists had made him into his current form. Now all he knew was Warmonger’s one mandate, that the servants of the other ancient evil must never be allowed to spread.

They had been questioning their service since the Warmonger’s Flagship had been forced back through the portal to the Prison Dimension of Les’tas’tral. They had deep loyalty to their XO Viv’aye’ahn, even when she threw in with their unknown Captain.
Then less than a week ago, the Warmonger Cult priests aboard their ships committed suicide, and the fiends fled.
Viv’aye’ahn had promised they would be welcomed by her relatives Lil’aye’ahn and Mor’aye’ahn. Instead the Fort Lendill defense force tagged their ship as Warmonger Cult and wouldn’t allow them to approach any settlements.
Their hails were ignored and Captain Lazza was one of leaders of the platoons of Dead sent out to hand deliver Viv’aye’ahn’s message. Now on the Fort Lendill planet of Davah IV in the Cepheus constellation, his own group had set up a safehouse overlooking the city center of Davahana Maurit. They had only hoped a messenger from Lil'aye'ahn or Mor'aye'ahn passed below.
Two days ago he had been informed of Viv’aye’ahn’s capture by a Unity Starforce. Captain Lazza had agreed they would need the government of Fort Lendill to fight for the freedom of their leader. The only problem was when his messenger arrived at the City hall of Maurit, he was gunned down by Fort Lendill Gunmonks who sensed his undead taint.
Then Lieutenant Rafe had taken matters into his own hands, and bombed the hotel where the Gunmonks were staying.
Things had swung into full scale chaos when early this morning power had gone out across the city. Some said it had been a massive ship in the sky, others claimed it was only shadows. There were reports on the news of people dead near the city’s main power generators, the apparent focus of the unknown attack.
Captain Lazza was even more concerned when a Yrs Starfighter dropped off a crate full of Kasanthian weapons and even a few IR RPGs. No one should have known about their location. Little did Lazza know that Captain Axis’ Uth-brain satellites were feeding information to Admiral Yr and Leftenant Ryuk.
There was a sound like smashing glass, and Captain Lazza ran into the main room to see Lieutenant Rafe was fighting hand to hand with some sort of mutated human that had broken down the door. It was human-like with a huge rack of six horns, and looked like a human mutated into a dog-like pet by the Quall N’drone.
Captain Lazza stepped in and raised the Acid Spitter rifle he had pulled from the crate. A pair of acid sprays straight to the head eliminated the threat of the mutant. Looking to the melted open cranium, Lazza could see a Quall Larva inside.
“Shit since when does Fort Lendill field horned dog cultists?” asked Lazza.
Rafe just sat there silently.
Rafe finally got up and looked out the window, “Captain I see mutated Olgogs, the type the Quall Horde use. They are filling the streets. Thousands of them, and it looks like
they’re fighting some sort of penal conscripted army.”
“What in hell is going on out there?” asked Lazza, “Fort Lendill using Horned Dogs and pit mongrels. I don’t know what Viv’aye’ahn was thinking.”

As the Dead Spacers made their plans, a battle raged between Ryuk’s conscript army of 20,000 on Davah IV, and the Pit Mongrels of Le-a Hive Queen.
Announcements were made by Layne Yr trying to swell a rebellion, "The Rulers of Fort Lendill ignore you. They are busy in their laboratories. They are preoccupied experimenting while your people only seeking asylum were CRUSHED. They did not even send a scout ship to see what you wanted. Demand the release of your Leader Viv'aye'ahn, even if the K'ias is possessed by a demon. Give your unlife to make Fort Lendill suffer for ignoring those who needed only their help. Viv'aye'ahn was wrong, there is no family waiting to welcome you at Fort Lendill."
Others from Lil’aye’ahn of SUARM attempted to drown them out, “People of Ft Lendill and SUARM Space, know that you have NEVER been forgotten. YOU who are the backbone of our diverse society. Your leaders have worked hard to design new ways to protect you and all you hold dear. They have worked to research ways to help improve your way of life and survive all the harshness that this universe can put in our path. YOU have worked in those factories, those research labs, those farms, and spaceports and on those ships. WE are a society. One made up of the vast variety of species in the universe, working together for peace. Now WE come under attack, at our very doorsteps by those who would tear asunder all that WE have built TOGETHER. To the Warmonger Cultists, my darling cousin Viv'aye'ahn was not captured, she surrendered peacefully. I request that you do as well. There is a home here for all who seek peace. However any hostile actions toward OUR citizens in OUR home will be dealt with by deadly force. WE wish only PEACE, but will defend our right to it.”

Lieutenant Rafe heard this part and growed, “Captain, can you believe these liars. They have people like those gunmonks whose only job is to hunt down and eliminate people like us. No trial, no amnesty, just death.”

“Make sure to commcrystal the rest of the teams. Tell them Fort Lendill is working with the Quall N’drone. Kill any Kasanthians, Horned Dogs, or Fort Lendill soldiers they see. There is no asylum here. And we are no allies of the Kasanthians,” said Captain Lazza without emotion.

“Sir more of these horned hounds, the mutant Earthers are running up the street,” said Rafe angrily.

“It doesn’t matter Rafe,” said the Dead Captain, “Your job is to make sure my message gets transmitted to all of Viv’aye’ahn’s soldiers.”

As Rafe turned to go there was a flash of blue light and a seven foot tall blue reptilian warrior dressed in futuristic power armor was standing there. Rafe was already in half, disembowled by the D’auhnb’s massive claw.The Da’uhnb lifted his revolver and put a single Zela round in each of Captain Lazza’s remaining soldiers.

Captain Lazza roared in rage, for the first time in his service to Warmonger he truly gave into the brutality of his missing master. Lazza fired the acid spitter one handed cutting through the Da’uhnb at the legs. Grabbing the creature’s blue bulk, Captain Lazza tossed him through the window of the hotel.
The Da’uhnb flashed blue and disappeared before he hit the ground.
At that moment four Blackheart security agents stepped through the doorway, their artificed weapons trained on the Dead Spacer Captain.
Captain Lazza considered taking this moment to go out in a blaze of glory. His hand raised towards the bandolier of plasma charges at his chest. Then he could see the Light Leyas from an EEF Wraith Sniper as he focused a flare directly at his hand.
Captain Lazza let his hand drop with a sigh.
Outside the SUARM Commanders led kill-teams who were gunning down the last remaining penal conscripts.
He placed his hands on the helmet of his power armor, saying, “All I ask is for a trial, and not to be handed over to the Quall or the Kasanthians.”

Lil’aye’ahn for protecting the combined forces of Fort Lendill has a huge upsurge in support from the people of Fort Lendill. +50 Morale bonus, +25 to max morale.

Ryuk loses 400,000 but most are resurrected. (most were gunned down by Dead Spacers using the Kasanthian Weapons caches)

Warmonger Cult forces are destroyed or driven offworld at all locations.

Other rewards will be listed in faction forums.


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