Week 4 - The End of the End of Days

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Week 4 - The End of the End of Days

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The ascended being once known as Warmonger's Forgotten called to the people of the world around him.
"Join me people of Draco Epsilon 7 and I shall help you ascend to a higher state of existance. Join with me and embrace your new lives as higher beings. Join me or be alone forever"

The Forgotten drew the entire population of Draco Epsilon 7, into its form. Then they marched from its glowing body, returning to their lives as if nothing had changed. However they have refused all offworld communication.

A Da'uhnb diplomat appeared in the beautiful Valley of Lans. It was far from the population centers.
His staff raised high in greeting.

"Favor me with an audience Warmonger's Forgotten. You are now an ascended being. Confused and scared and in the opposite side of a war that has raged for aeons. You no longer have to serve Warmonger."

The Glowing form taken by Warmonger’s Forgotten towered over the seven foot tall Da’uhnb. It was beautiful and terrifying.

Before he replied Warmonger’s Forgotten cocked his head as if listening and listening he was. He listened to the sound coming from EEF transmitters.

All EEF forces had fallen back from the planet and established a quarantine. A single unarmed freighter was dispatched to high orbit to observe the planet. The ship also deployed several Cats Paw Drones to gather information on the Forgotten and the local population. Then the ship broadcast the following message unencrypted on all channels.

”The EEF wishes to discuss your presences on this planet and ensure the safety of its people. What are your intentions here? Have the people of this world joined you willingly? If not we would like to negotiate terms for their safe release.”

They stood around in a circle, and Jeremiah nearly fell back in shock. He had been safely far away.

Now standing across from him was a Da'uhnb and a creature that could easily be called ascended.
It was glowing light in form but had the silhouette of heavy armor.
The booming voice of the Forgotten of Warmonger filled the air.
"Welcome to the planet Draco Epsilon 7. We are preparing for War. Have you come to help us prepare the way?"

Why do ascended beings always have to show off? Jeremiah thought to himself with annoyance. He took a moment to push aside his surprise as he glanced between the two figures. Oh well no turning back now.

"That depends on just who you're preparing for war with."

Jeremiah caught the faint whiff of aromatic incense and cringed inside.
It smelled too much like burn offerings to his taste, and last thing he was looking forward to was an Ascended being trying to play god.

"The war has raged between the Ascended and the Warmonger since before time was quantifed. The Ascended have given up on the souls tormented by the Ancient Evils. There is an army of these souls enslaved to Warmonger. The Ascended wish to use you mortals to fight the battle against the Army of Warmonger. The Ascended and Warmonger must be taught lessons. They will be forced to fight in the open and not use pawns. And we shall show them the way..."

Jeremiah had seen the wreckage caused when a single Ascended Being, Lord Falos, battled the Ancient Evil Xephon in the Colony of New Vorik. There was a good reason why both sides used pawns and agents. They would destroy reality otherwise.

“Not to be obtuse but, exactly what lessons? I've seen what can happen when an ascended being and an ancient evil fight in the open. Almost two years ago and half of the city it happened in is still being rebuilt. I'd also point that your talk about not using pawns seems a little misplaced when you've come here and, as near as I can tell, taken control of every living person on the planet,” said Jeremiah, “If you want to fight ancient evils that's fine by me. If you think you know a way to beat them that's even better. But I'll be honest my main concern here is the safety of this planet and its people. So maybe you'd better start form the beginning. What exactly do you have in mind? Because if your plan is to bring a bunch of ancient evils and ascended beings here to beat the tar out of each other well lets just say you and I are gonna have a problem.”

The Da’uhnb playing ambassador had waited respectfully long enough. And the human appeared to think it wise to fight the creature without guile. He was either very brave or very stupid.
The Da'uhnb Investigator stood before the glowing Ascendant being who had been a Fiend hours before. Thinking, I wonder what you taste like, but saying instead,
"Mighty Forgotten of Warmonger, are you claiming that a battle between Ascended Beings and Ancient Evils will make things better?
It will just feed Warmonger's power. If they face each other in their energy forms it will literally rip reality asunder.
If they were bonded to a host? It would be different but still probably wipe out this entire solar system and countless innocents.

Why do my spies tell me that the bodies here have no souls, Forgotten?

Why do my spies tell me everyone who was here has their energy recycled by the Universe but their bodies are still walking around?

Why the celestial grudge match? Trying to force an Armageddon?"

Jeremiah's thoughts raced. Everyone on the planet was dead? That was two hundred million people give or take. He looked back up at the Forgotten and felt rage the likes of which he didn't even know he was capable of. It was only with a great act of will that he didn't draw his sidearm and empty it into the Forgotten. Not that such an act would have really hurt the creature but he was fairly sure he'd feel a little better afterward. Instead he took a deep breath. Losing the entire population of the planet was bad but there was still the rest of the system to worry about.

"If the people here are all dead what is animating their bodies? What are you using them for?"

"Their desire for justice," said the Ascended Being in front of Jeremiah and the Da'uhnb Investigator, "That is what animates them. Each has offered their body as a Vessel for the Ascended Beings and the Ancient Evils to take.
They will rage in battle here and now. They will rend each other and if they die, they will die in the attempt
If they lose their spirits will be recycled by the Universe.
The people here have all ascended with me, you can choose to ascend with me as well.
Once you ascend, there is no fear and there is no pain anymore.
The Ascended Beings who came before must be forced here, alongside the Ancient Evils. And they must fight, and only the worthy shall survive.
Both sides, equal power, true balance, through their battle clad in flesh, they will remember how their actions torment those who are subordinate to them."

"So instead of people being hurt by the secret war of the Ascended and the Ancient evils you want everyone to know why they're being hurt? How does that improve anything? Innocent people will still be endangered and killed by their war. The battle you're talking about would be a threat to everything that exists. What kind of balance can come out of everything being destroyed?" asked Jeremiah incredulously. This was worse than the fight last year against He who is known as I Am.
The Da'uhnb Investigator revealed his teeth,
"Forgotten of Warmonger, how will you accomplish this act? How can you, or anyone, force an Ascended Being into a physical body? Or an Ancient evil for that matter?"

"They will come because they know if they do not, I will destroy myself and use my sacrifice to hand this entire dimension over to the Warmonger. I won't force them to do anything. They will all be fed to the universe and have their energy recycled. As all beings must.
We are broken down, and built back up as something else. The Ascended have moved beyond this, and the Ancient Evils refuse its call.
But The Forgotten of Warmonger will make both sides take account of their crimes!"

The Being towered before them, and its illusion was ripped away. Instead of the glowing being, another creature floated before them. It was rusted metal and plates of nightmare hide, and bits of broken starship molded into a physical body. Its hands had fingers tipped in gravitic generators. Acid Spitter Cannons were mounted in turrets on its chest, and a crown of Hearts of the Forgotten marked its head. Its face was shaped from rusting metal.

As it spoke its cheeks bulged with screams of the dead hiding under its rusty metal frame.

Nanites repaired the broken and bulged skin, but the shining metal quickly rusted away again.

"You have time to prepare", roared the Forgotten of Warmonger, "Then the battle will occur. Prepare monuments for the dead shall be many! Your gods will die and all who you worship as heroes and villains will be crushed."

"A new age will rise. With the people of Draco Epsilon 7 leading the way!"

The tenseness of that very moment became broken as the sound of a space craft breaking atmo could distinctly be heard by all. An instant later the sound of a cannon fired and a section of the roof caved in. As the dust settled Garmin Fe revealed himself by stepping out of the rapid deployment pod that just crashed through the ceiling.

He glinted a stare at the Ascended Being in all it's broken glory. The crown of shattered hearts filled him with rage. The thoughts of blasphemy were quelled by the reminder that the hearts themselves where a weapon of mass destruction.

"So this is the very thing I have helped birth into this world. To think, I thought my legacy would be more impressive then this."

Garmin gave a brief glance to the Da'uhnb present in the now drafty structure.

"I've been told by a reliable source that you've committed a terrible crime of nature using a creation of mine. I demand that you undo what you have done... fiend!"

The Da'uhnb Inspector bowed showing respect.
He said, "Honored Garmin Fe, Thank the Queen, you have survived the treachery of rogue Grand Admiral Sessoren Thei'Gann. We are honored to have you join us here. You can talk some sense into this half-ascended mad amalgamation. I am Diplomat Marconos, and I serve under Captain Orig who reports directly to the Da'uhnb Queen. We were sent here to assess the danger posed by semi-ascended monster standing in front of us. He is part Unity and Beacon City technology and part the rage of the Quall, and now part of the vengeful justice desired by all those who died inside it upon learning that which they learned inside its ascended view of the universe.
Forgotten of Warmonger is planning something nefarious, a battle to the death for all the Ascended and the Ancient Evils. Such a battle could tear apart the fabric of reality."

"There is nothing nefarious about my deeds. I call out the Ascended and Descended alike for their crimes against mortal beings. You have seen their crimes play out in the Border Wars Garmin Fe. The countless poisoned, killed, tormented by agents of the Ancient Evils. They must be held accountable," roared the Forgotten of Warmonger.

At the edge of the valley a swirling energy bridge appeared. From it walked a Dark Knight of the Morgothain Faith.
He bore the helm of Morgoth with the Eye of Warmonger set in it. One hand was rested lazily against his shoulder where it bore a living mutant copy of the Daemonsbane sword, and in his other hand he held the Sword of the Bishop Kasanth. The pair of living weapons seemed to hum on the subconscious level in the minds of all around them.
The dark knight's young handsome face was visible.
"My name is Marcus Dannor, True Son of Morgoth, and Avatar of the Warmonger," said the Dark Knight with gusto and pride, as the Energy Bridge closed behind him, "So Garmin Fe do you appear here as 1st Knight of the Augury Choir of the Unity? Are you here as the Avatar of that Choir? Or are you here representing the whole of Unity? Or will the Dragon of Unity or Prime be arriving soon as well. Can we begin this battle yet?"

The Forgotten of Warmonger roared, "There are rules!!! There will be no battle yet. The Avatars must gather, or be pulled."

Captain Kincaid, Patron Saint of the Valkyrie Special Forces was everywhere and nowhere. It was more than disorienting, the universe was oppressively expansive. He knew in the future that a cataclysmic battle to put this one to shame was coming, he also at the same time saw how it began.

Then he no longer saw the kliedoscope of the future, only the present and his past.

A swirl of storm clouds gathered in a corner. as it cleared a teal furred Olgog with stormy eyes stepped forth. We was dressed in dark blue EEF armor and carried a pole sword that crackled with electricity, on his bag was an olive drab duffel bag that was half closed, contents unknown. Turbulent wisps of cloud trailed off his armor.

"Field Marshal Strykker, Cpt Kincaid reporting in representing well myself" He shot a toothy grin to the forgotten, "Ya know I thought I was bad with bending and breaking rules, you are taking this thing to a whole new level you know?"

He approached the rusting starship fairly carefree. "I like your style though, willing to bet we are gonna have a race before this is over."

"Oh by the way since you don't get these memos, Azrael has chosen Celyse Zardonai as his avatar, however she will be showing up at the last second, because Azrael wants to piss you off."

"Oh yeah and a major Raven is going to be representing Falos." Kincaid shakes his head and mutters "Let the powers that be help us all"

Jeremiah piped in, “No he won’t there is no way I’m allowing Raven to bring the Daemonsbane sword here. That’s the last thing we want the Forgotten assimilating.

As Kincaid turned to take his place in the circle of friends he looked over his shoulder, "Oh yeah and the Devil Bishop Kasanth chose Admiral Yr. This will be fun."

Kincaid was relaxed despite the glaring severity of the situation.

This was quite the scene unfolding before Garmin Fe's eyes. The presence of such power would shrink most men. Still, Garmin Fe had his hand to play, and it was only getting stronger.

"I am here to represent myself as well as the mortals I am in care of!"

He glanced back to the elevated fiend, "So young and yet already a flare for the dramatic. It seems all the hosts are ready yet you want to delay things. Beings as powerful as the ascended and ancient evils shouldn't need more then an instant to make reality changing decisions once it comes to task. But don't let them pressure you. I like your style, and I won't stand in your way, not yet I won't."

The being before him was ascended, but young, and no amount of ascension could stripe it that. It clearly enjoyed the idea that elder beings on both sides had to yield to its command. It commanded power and the ability to change the universal order of things, but only under its own terms. Garmin Fe turned to leave.

"I hope your little party goes well, but understand, the being known as the Warmonger is trying to play you like a fool. You see, he's made his presence here as a mere distraction. He'll play your game, but I think he already knows it may never even begin. His loyal agents captured by the Quall are free now, and if they aren't stopped within the next few days, they will free him, and then it will be over. You would be pathetic to think that the one to enslave all other ancient evils would somehow kneel to your broken form!"

Looking at the growing gathering Jeremiah wondered exactly where this had all gone to hell. Then he remembered that he was standing on a planet with two hundred million dead people going normally about their daily routines and decided that really things had pretty much started there.

"Speaking of the Warmonger," He addressed the Forgotten. "Won't this only serve to make it stronger? As I understand it fighting only makes it stronger and the bigger the fight the more power it feeds the Warmonger. You threatened to sacrifice yourself to the Warmonger to bring all the others here but won't this give it even more power? And besides that what good is bringing the ascended and the ancient evils to account if they destroy everything during the battle?"

Jeremiah sighed resignedly if he couldn't stop this maybe he could at least lessen the damage. "Well I guess this is pointless you're set on this and it isn't really as if I can stop you.
Alright I see that I'm not going to talk anybody out of this. But at least does the battle have to be here? Isn't there some empty alternative reality you could settle your scores in?" He looked the Forgotten square in the eyes. "You claim to seek justice for mortals used as pawns. Well wouldn't it be ironic if all the mortals were killed in the crossfire of your accounting?"

But Warmonger’s Forgotten wasn’t listening.

It cocked its head in a way that warned the Da’uhnb Inspector that more threats were incoming.

This threat was just passing Draco Epsilon 7’s farthest moon.

Thought thrummed along the Builder subnetwork,

Once again, it falls to the Unity to sacrifice for the sake of the Universe.

The records of the Forgotten, and its conversations played through their networks and were digested.

The battle on Krypos had been a disaster; the Builders had all well in hand before others brought violence to the fore. This time there would no interference, if they were not too late already.

A Dreadnaught rocketed through space, its solar sails unfurled their full length. The sleek dark vessel surrounded by miles of taught liquid silver transmitted correspondence codes to the EEF fleet smoothly, not even slowing as it passed by their ranks.

Aboard the vessel, a very concerned Triarius looked down at the leader of his Builder passengers, speaking in the guttural voice of Triarius.

"Little brother, are you sure this is wise? If the threat is as you say, we could crash the entire ship into the Forgotten. The crew would give their lives for this cause!"

The Builder, David 11 smiled up to the Triarius captain, simply shaking his head and moving to his drop pod.

The Triari snarled and turned on the loudspeaker. "Prepare for drop! Insertion velocity and then remove us from the theater!"

On the Valley of Lens, Jeremiah continued to try to get the Forgotten to see reason.

The clearing surrounding The Forgotten was pierced with one thousand thin silver drop pods. From each came a single grey skinned builder in flowing silver robes. They knew the situation at hand, and could not let it continue. Those in the Forgotten were trapped in eternal torment, and must be freed from their suffering.

They sang with a thousand voices, part of the flowing harmony known only to the Builder Subnetwork. Through the song they spoke, partaking in high philosophy using protocols similar to those used to introduce Unity children to the harshness of the Universe. The song did not contain words, but the seeds of ideas which coalesce in the minds of listeners as below.

"When sand is measured on a scale, that scale is unchanged even as it ascribes value to others. When sand goes through an hour glass, time is measured and yet the hourglass remains constant. In time, even that hourglass breaks down, but the laws of physics which govern that breaking down are constant. Existence requires constants, without constants, there would be no variability to arise from them. Without this variability, there is no life. This truth explains the existence of Ascended beings and Ancient Evils both."

"Just as the hourglass guides the sand to its fall, so to do Ascended beings and Ancient Evils touch our lives directly or indirectly. Often this can cause pain or discomfort, but this pain and discomfort is transitory unless we ourselves make it permanent. Does one seek vengeance on fire for pain caused by heat? To do so would be to extinguish source of all life. As such, we cannot simply seek to end those that make the fabric of the Universe, despite our limited understanding of their actions."

The song reached a crescendo, washing all of those present in Unity High Philosophy

"We cannot understand all, were we to, we could not seek. We cannot avoid all pain, lest pleasure loose meaning. We cannot change the past, but we can Build a better future. Forgive transgressors, lest you become what you discourage. Share yourself with the all, and understand that we are more than ourselves. In this lies true justice."

A pressure built over the landscape, as if a million eyes looked down on the landscape.

"We represent the Builder Subnetwork. Be free from your torment. We will not fight."

Kincaid looked around at the builders. Before he dropped his head into his palm slowly dragging it down.

"Seriously? This is what the unity sent?" he looked around and shouted to the Forgotten, "Well tubby, if I were you I would be pissed right now. The Metatrons were damn near an ancient evil but instead they sent in some happy singing pacifists."

He shook his head and shouted to the builders, "He can't ascend again guys hope you have more of a plan than this!"

Kincaid looked to Garmin Fe, "Please represent the Augury Choir, perhaps you don't realize it but this being wants a fight, and if he doesn't get one he is going to hand this dimension over to Warmonger. So how about we don't piss off the newly ascended weapon of mass destruction?"

But Garmin Fe was not the only champion of the TRILAT wary of Warmonger’s Forgotten, and unwilling to set foot on the planet.

Grand Admiral Layne Yr was in an experimental Kasanthian Yrs Starfighter mounting a stolen I.R. Trident Cloaking Device. Layne Yr refused to set foot on the planet. She knew a trap when she saw one. She never asked to come to the planet. So she refused.

The Bishop Kasanth arrived on the planet of Draco Epsilon with a plume of fire and brimstone.

He bellowed , "I stand here representing the Qliphoth. We agree that the Unity Builders should continue to anger the Forgotten. The quicker it decides to destroy the universes the quicker we can hand this universe over to the Warmonger."
All the non-suicidal beings present looked at the Devil Bishop as if he was mad. Which he was.

Aboard her starfighter, Layne Yr choked on her drink, she grabbed a commcrystal and said "Excuse me. Sir. Devil Bishop you no longer work for the Warmonger"
"You are correct but Warmonger is a foe I know how to defeat. These other beings they deserve only death. I crave their end so the world ends so I might finally end my servitude to the Ancient Evils."
Admiral Layne Yr shadow walked down to the planet's surface. "Sir I will happily represent you to the other enemies we have. Return to Refuge, rest and preach. I will handle our military as I have since the end of the Border Wars."

She carried with her a cursed Khazgha glaive and prepared to plunge it into an Ascended Beings’ heart. That was the thought she replayed in her mind. Layne Yr was quite aware that the Uth would come soon. Thanks to Captain Axis she had her own Seers.

The Bishop Kasanth disappeared into a shadow, but then his head popped back in. It was bald, and tattooed, with Church of one verses on his neck, just as it always was.

His rage seethed beneath the surface, "Little Girl, you think because Lurlock trained you, you are ready to kill Ascended Beings? It will be quite a bit harder than you expect."

After he said that to Layne Yr, he looked upon the others who assembled, and was heard to mutter "This would truly be a beautiful massacre. I pray I will see it soon."

In the silent response of Warmonger's Forgotten, it had become clear Garmin's bluff had been called.

"I suppose I exaggerated the threat the Neliff represent. You can't blame a general for trying."

Turning to address the others in the room, "As a Knight of Augury I have every right to play as it's host. Yet we all know that Unity Prime is the true representative of the Ancient Evil and I dare say that the rules imply one host for each ancient evil and for each ascended being. Besides, I've already made my decision. I will play host to Warmonger's Forgotten, for I demand he participate as well!"

The Da’uhnb Investigator nudged him, “Dra’khan Fe, the Forgotten already has a host. This hulking form of ships parts and gravitic generators, and I do believe it is eager to participate.”

Sira, Brother of the Heart entered the clearing immediately walking to Jeremiah and bowing deeply before him. "Your pardon Field Marshall Strykker, I was forced to comondeer one of your allies vessels to get here in time. When news reached me that a gathering of such fiends and their avatars was to take place I knew that I too must be in attendance."

"The owner of the ship was an odd young man named Twain. He told me that you should use these when the time is right" Sira said as he gestured to the two huge fire extinguishers he had carried into the clearing. "Young Twain said something about them being Peace-sized if that means anything to you."

Turning from Jeremiah the monk bowed to the gathered figures.

"Greetings honored allies and mortal foes, I am humbled to be in your presence. I am Sira. Brother of the Heart" he said while pointing to the exposed Wandering Buddha tattooed over his heart, "formerly a Brother of the Fist" he said pointing to the Raging Siddartha's on the backs of his fists, "the representative of the Three Orders and the bearer of tidings from those who willingly straddle the line between living and Ascended, The Brothers of the Mind. I know that not many of you know of our existance but please believe me when I say that The Brothers of the Mind have felt the reverberations of your actions across reality."

Sira then took from his back an Uth sword unlike all others and placed it on the ground with a fond hand. While normal Uth swords are saw toothed and covered in rotting flesh this sword was blunted on both sides and completely clean.

"BEHOLD!" Sira cried as he removed the top of his robes unveiling numerous scars and tattoos of runes. Each rune was obviously a name, many in the tongue of the Ancient Evils themselves. As the runes were exposed three started to glow with a malevolent golden light.

"Ah, I was hoping at least one of you would be here but three was more than I dared to dream of! If you behold your name on my body know this, I will fight you and I will banish you. If you escape this planet now, I will hunt you down. If I am struck down another will come in my place. From today until you leave this plain of existence you will know no rest!"

Taking an ornate scroll and two large clubs made out of what appear to be the arms of a Church of One crucifix from the small of his back Sira knelt in front of the Cleansed Uth sword. After breaking the seal on the scroll and opening it Sira once again looked around the clearing, looking each being in the eye as if to judge their very soul.

"We, The Brothers of the Mind greet you most powerful beings! We bring help to the allies of Order and Justice and curse those most foul amongst you. If your heart is clean and you mind is pure then let our message open your inner eye to the universe!" With that proclamation Sira began to read/chant the scroll in a language unlike any spoken outside of the Lost Colonies.

As he chanted elemental, shape shift and troubadour leyas started to pour off of Sira. So much so that the clearing began filling with Leyas.

During the next three minutes, while chanting Sira himself began to change. His light brown skin changed to gold and he grew, filling out his baggie monks robes to the point that they more closely resembled a form fitting gi.

When the three minutes of chanting was over Sira raised himself off of his knees and stood up a full 2 feet taller. Where an Earther of middling stature had been now stood an eight foot tall golden Buddha.

Sira then took up both clubs and raised them into the air. "MOTHER!" he called out to the Universe. "I sacrifice the first blade I took in combat to you!" With that Sira snapped his entire body down, bringing all of his strength and weight to bear on the cleansed blade shattering it into dust.
The Sacrifice reverberated in the Leyas and all could feel its power cascade around them.

Then from the sky came a single small vessel as a merchant might travel in.
It lands and its doors roll out revealing Angel D, leader of the Terrorists known as the Angels of Desolation.
They had started as a cult out in Tarris at the end of the Border Wars. They worshipped the Clockwork Angel known as Desolation, when that technomantic being became the host of the primordial Ancient Evil known as the Creeping Darkness. Soon even Desolation's broad moral code was tested by the Creeping Darkness, and the spirit left him to join with Desolation's head enforcer Angel D.
The black haired criminal took the terrorist group to the stars and back, and helped the E-strain Manslayers become a dominant species in countless systems.
She was the most terrifying bitch from hell you'd ever seen. She was half submerged in shadows, but her obviously technomantic armor glinted in the light of the Draco evening. On her shoulder was a Desolation Cannon, the weapon that gave the Angels of Desolation their real name. It was also their modus operandi, firing one of those could usually collapse a building.
Angel D was fearsome, and the three monsters that followed her from the ship were equally terrible in form as Angel D was beautiful.

The one to her right was a hulking brute of man in blue tribal painting, with a Staff inscribed with lighting bolts. At his rippling chest were bandoliers of throwing spikes with lightning bolt shaped tips. Each resembled a small lighting rod. He was the avatar of Xephon of the Sky.

Behind him was a man in white robes that seemed to slither in and out of his body. This faux-priestly fellow was the Avatar of the Accuser.

And next to him was an enormous whale of a man, whose jaws seemed to extend from ear to ear. His smile was immense, but he was the ever hungry avatar of the Maw of the Deep.

"What say you Maw?" grunted Xephon, "Are we calling targets. Because I would love a shot at that Captain Kincaid and see who has more tolerance for lightning."
"I want a taste of the Uth Zaodonai," said the Maw, "I have never tasted the succulent flesh of the last one. Too bad Azrael is not coming, I always heard Warmonger joke that Falosini Sovereign tastes like chicken during my last captivity."
"What about you Accuser?" asked Angel D, "You are never this quiet."
"I do not like direct violence, I prefer conversation," said the Ancient Evil, Accuser, looking almost sad.
"How many species died in holy wars to feed your appetites?" asked Angel D.
"So many I cannot remember or name them all. But they served so well," replied the Accuser.
"What about you?" asked the Maw, "Who do you choose?"
"Me?" asked Angel D, "I want to kill them all. Every last one of them, A new set of gods for a new universe."

The Ancient Evils and their Avatars took up positions across from Warmonger’s Avatar, Marcus Dannor.
The Eye of Warmonger glared at them.
"We have found our real prey," growled Marcus Dannor to the spirit of Warmonger that spoke to him through the Eye, always trapped in that form by the Arrow of Null.
"Calm, I have fought those four with many different faces," whispered Warmonger inside Marcus' helm, "Let them weaken themselves against the Avatars of the Ascended Beings. Then strike when they are ill prepared, with Daemonsbane's sword leading the way. It can contain them if anything in this reality can."
"What of the Forgotten?" asked Marcus.
"It will serve its purpose as all chess pieces do," replied the whisper of Warmonger in his helm, "And Marcus?"
"Yes" said Marcus.
"You have served as an excellent Avatar through this time," said Warmonger.
"Thank you, my honor is to serve," said the dark knight, "Do you think I will have a chance to face the Bladed Sun here?"
"On this battlefield anything is possible," whispered the Eye with glee, "Why do you think Azrael the Fallen Falosini Sovereign sends Celyse the Uthvelor Warchief? He cannot see the outcomes on a battlefield of Ascended Beings, so he cowers with the rearguard."
"He stole my life, and placed his son in my place, and must be punished for it!" roared Marcus Dannor.
"Your rage is good, feed it, nurture it, fill it up and direct it towards your enemies. When the time is called, it will be the dead who do not have enough rage." whispered the Warmonger.

In the distance there was a golden glow as hundreds of ascended beings of all creeds and credentials appeared. Floating above them was Abel Dragonsbane, the Champion of Falos, the ascended being in physical form.
"I require no host, and neither should any of the Ascended beings, to choose one seems, cowardly," said the Abel, "The Forgotten of Warmonger is correct, for too long the Ascended have been using mortals as pawns, and an accounting is in order. I pray that we shall have the universe on our side."

Looking down at a cruel looking Ascended Beings from the Kasanthian Kingdom in the mass of ascended beings, Abel often wondered which side that was these days.

Then he looked over at the sad little boy, with the huge sword, and the alien eye set in the helm on his head. Abel sincerely wondered what horrors the boy had suffered in his youth. He must have such hate at the world's cruelty, thought Abel.
"Abel, I am glad to see another of the Ascended showed up in the flesh as it were." Kincaid said. The plan had changed slightly, most of the Ascended and Ancient Evils must feel so very vulnerable he knew. Things were happening that were out of their influence. Kincaid had gotten used to it and as a fighter jock almost welcomed that uncertainty. It is why he tried to limit his powers in battle.

"Sira, it’s good to fight at your side again. I am glad you showed up." Kincaid said, the universe would provide, almost as if it didn't want to be ripped asunder.
"Don't worry I have a plan."

"Kincaid, The honor is mine," replied Abel, "Many on this battlefield have plans within plans. I fear what our enemies truly hope to gain from this. Warmonger would not be risking his newest Avatar unless he will gain much."

As the trio of Ancient Evil avatars had stepped onto the surface of Draco Epsilon 7 Sira had felt the searing pain of two new runes being torched into his skin from the inside out. Looking down at the new names he immediately recognized them.

"Xephon! Accuser! You dare to taint this plain with your presence once again?!?" Sira shouted with a snarl. "Was being banished into an endless prison by a lowly monk not enough of a lesson for you?"

Taking a deep cleansing breath Sira regained his emotional equilibrium. "No matter. I banished you once, I shall do it again."

Xephon looked at Sira as if he did not recognize him, “I have faced many foes Monk. Remind me again who you are?”

“He’s the monk who helped thwart your second to last world domination scheme,” said the Accuser sarcastically.

Xephon turned and glared at the Accuser, “You just always have to be helpful don’t you.”

Angel D stepped forward drawing their attention away from Sira, “Eyes here boys, no fighting between yourself.”

Small nanites flitted close to the ears of those Ascended Beings who did not ward them off and to Jeremiah Strykker.

"Everyone, I believe I've discovered why the Warmonger has made such an investment in this. The Neliff are constructing an entity called the "Hive King", which can be used to bring all Quall and E-Strain into servitude to Warmonger. We postulate that the events on this planet are an attempt to make sure the plans of his servants go unnoticed.

As far as this Ascended being is concerned, would it not be best to simply disable it if it cannot be reasoned with? Prime could send a spear of Zela through the thing, we could absorb its sacrifice with our own, and Garmin Fe could disable its crown. A battle royal sounds interesting, but we are not sure if this is the best time. If you nod, this nanite can attach to your inner ear, allowing you to communicate with us using subvocalization, if you are interested in helping us plan."

Jeremiah nodded slightly and felt his skin crawl for a few seconds. Suddenly his ears were filled with radio chatter. He made a mental note to be sure and have these nanites removed once this mess was over. Prime had gone a long way in earning at least a little trust in recent months but there were limits.

"Where are they building it Prime? Perhaps a force can be sent to naturalize the site while others here keep Warmonger and The Forgotten busy here? Most of the EEF fleet in orbit they can be on the move inside of a few minutes." He carefully sub-vocalized over the nanite com network.

Prime's voice whispered softly in Strykker's mind...

"My thanks for the trust. It is unlikely that we can ever ally until you free yourself from Iron Republic red tape, but the integrity of the Universe matters much more to me than skirmishes between you and my allies. It is at The Moon of Ryn Lac, I am sending you what data I have. A full compliment of Prophets, fighter escorts, and multiple Unity Extensions are being used in my extermination protocols. All relevant trajectories and correspondence codes are attached, please co-ordinate with them quickly.

Further, you can use these nanites to subvocalize commands to your staff as we wait for this insanity to play itself out. I would hate to see you bogged down in this action, after all."

And so it was that time passed. Jeremiah commanded his fleets to Ryn Lac, the Unity prepared for war there as well. Here on the planet of Draco Epsilon 7, the Hiveking was only a red herring, or was it?

Jeremiah watched the mood shift in the crowd. It was a subtle thing first the conversations faded then the boasting. Everything grew still as if before a storm.
One that might destroy everything.

He reached for his com bead to call for a shuttle to pick him up. His hand stopped half way. Pick him up for what? It seemed a very real possibility that the Universe itself wasn't going to survive this fight. Where do you run from that? His hand dropped to his side as he felt a profound bleakness in his soul. He surveyed the gathered creatures once again. The ancient evils on one side wearing the skins of people some of the ascended were doing the same thing. Was there really any difference? Did it matter? He was standing on a world of the dead. Every man women and child killed in the name of this sick game these "higher" beings played. It was a crime on a scale he could hardly grasp and he was going to make sure someone regretted it. He reached up and keyed his mic. "Jeffers? Are you listening?" He called to his aide.
"Yes Sir, we've heard everything. Are you ready for pick up? The fleet is set for shadow jump."
"Good send home everything except the Dauntless. I have an idea."

It felt like days passed but finally all who were to show up had shown up. Azrael, the Fallen Falosini Sovereign, was no where to be seen.
Yet the field of battle was now full. The Greatest of the Ascended and the Descended were here, and a battle royal was about to begin.

A short time later Jeremiah stepped out of the bulk shuttle wearing his power armor, Peace. He was followed by two Havoc and two Bulldog striders. His head still tingled from the memory scan. Hopefully he wouldn't need it but it never hurt to be safe. He tilted his chin and keyed the command band of his radio. "How are the remote units working?" A moment latter he was answered by Jeffers. "Fine Sir all four relays are green. Also Sir, the Captain tells me we're in geo-synch above you so if you need fire support we can provide it."
"Good," Jeremiah answered as he checked his ammo and power feeds for the tenth time. "Every little bit helps." He started off toward the gathering as the shuttle lifted behind him.

As Jeremiah got closer his armor’s enhanced sonic receptors could hear Kincaid whisper.

"Sira, get the Forgotten, If this goes down now it will tear reality a sunder." Kincaid whispered to the monk.

The Warmonger’s Forgotten roared, “It is time for the accounting of the crimes of both sides. Good and Evil, both have used mortals as pawns. Now they may get their vengeance on all of you. Begin”

As Kincaid watched everyone gearing up for the battle royale he said, "I will cover you, just get to the Forgotten and take him down. If he can hold you off or gets the upper hand I have an ace up my sleeve." The Valkyrie captain noted motioning to the bag on his back. "I will buy you the time you need and make sure you can fight the Forgotten unaccosted."

Sira cocked his head to one side and considered Kincaid's plan. How does one attack an ascended being who could control gravity itself? Doing so would definitely waste his chance to attack and banish several fiends. But then again, wasn't Warmongers Forgotten an ascended fiend? Could fiends ascend? What if by virtue of being ascended Warmongers Forgotten was no longer a fiend and was actually doing the Universe's bidding?

Sira dismissed those thoughts. He had been sent here by The Brothers of the Mind to be the champion for the entire order. More than twelve thousand monks had their entire being focused on him. He would not deviate from his mission or let his brothers down! The Brothers of the Mind had told him that Warmongers Forgotten would rip the Universe apart and must be stopped at all costs.

Yes! Sira said to himself, there must be no deviation of thought, will or body.

Glancing over at Kincaid Sira gave a short nod of his head and then opened his mind to the will of the Buddhas. A warm tingling buzz that ran from his toes all the way to the top of his head as he received their response. Interesting... By expanding his senses Sira could feel the wrongness of the soulless population of Draco Epsilon 7 going about their daily business. The wrongness was so strong that it almost drowned out the immense amount of power that had gathered near him.

"Save the souls of the planets inhabitants... I feel that they might be the fuel that gives this fiend its power." Sira whispered to Kincaid.

Delving into the planet itself Sira found his answer. Even ascended beings need to know they are being attacked to put up a defense and unless in flight almost no one defends below themselves.

Taking a deep breath Sira entered further into a deep meditative state while focusing his chi on the ground. He disappeared, using the Leyas to meld directly with the earthy ground.

Kincaid noted the position of all the others before pulling on the universe to buy them time. A heavy freezing fog rolls off of the air around Kincaid quickly filling the Valley of Lens. It was saturated with Air Leyas causing tiny eddies and vortexes to form.

Kincaid used the fog like sonar, detecting motion in the Air Leyas not created by the effect. He gets low, with his polearm out front, ready to attack any foes that approach.

He felt movement from the side of the TRILAT forces. It was Admiral Layne Yr charging full speed through the freezing fog. He could sense her dart behind Angel D and plunge the Corrupt Khaz’gha Wood Spear into Angel D’s chest. The blade slowed and could not pierce completely through the Desolation Armor worn by her rival TRILAT leader. Layne Yr smiled using shape wood to make the barbs grow deeper catching it in place. Angel D might not have been skewered yet but it stuck it in place.

Angel D raised her hands and a pair of hellguns appeared. She blasted Layne Yr from her feet and then looked at the three other Ancient Evils. “What are you waiting for? Primary Target is Warmonger’s Avatar. The Forgotten is just a distraction.”

She reached up to try and rip out the spear and found it stuck in place.
As Angel D looked up, Layne Yr was already charging towards D.

Across the field of battle an Energy Bridge opened. "This is a prime opportunity for us, the Ancient Evils' avatars all gathered in one place, an all out brawl of ascended beings it will be great to see if they kill each other." The Red Fist commando Ul'athi heard this in his head, and he couldn't agree more. He was proud to have been picked for this assignment. Yes, he would almost certainly fall in this battle but he was happy to lay his life on the line for a chance to strike at the avatars of the demons. The plan was simple, he wasn't trying to win just give the "good" guys a better chance at winning. Ha, the thought that there were anyone "good" at this battle made him chuckle..

"I am Ul'athi, champion of the Hive Queen Ar'Yay, by her will the Ancient Evils shall fall."

Ul’athi turned towards the Avatar of Warmonger, the young Marcus Dannor and began channeling Fire Leyas to increase the heat in his helm. Ul’athi had never faced the Eye of Warmonger. It immediately spotted him and Marcus Dannor was already airborn with the Daemonsbane copy raised. Like the original it pulled its wielder towards the Fire Leyas being focused at its wielder.

Ul’athi blinked and looked down to see the sword had pierced cleanly through the heavy robotic Red Fist Armor. Ul’athi could feel his soul being drawn into the evil battle blade.
His arms assisted by the servos grabbed Marcus and pulling him out to full arms length. An incinerator was lifted in the other hand and fired. Fire blasted forward slamming into Marcus Dannor.
His armor was burned, and he roared in pain until he brought up the Daemonsbane copy absorbing the Fire Leyas again and cutting the Quall Red Fist armor’s arm clean off.

Marcus landed in a heap. He was badly wounded, but stood blocking the next two strikes from Ul’athi’s obsidian blades. The blades were shattered by the Daemonsbane sword, and the blade finally slid through the head of Ul’athi. The last thing the HiveQueen saw through Ul’athi’s eyes was the unblinking Eye of Warmonger. Calling to her, and promising to consume her soul and the soul of her hive in the crucible of violence of endless warfare.

Then his life energy was sucked clean out of the body of the Quall Warrior and into the blade of the Daemonsbane copy. To Marcus’ confusion, he saw liquid metal flowing into the Quall’s wounds and healing them. Ul’athi raised a hand to melt the metal of the blade but nothing happened. Ul’athi looked down at his hand and found he couldn’t call on the Leyas. His power had been stolen along with his soul. The soul-less warrior was consumed with grief.

Garmin Fe could see the Avatar of Warmonger about to deliver a death blow to the Quall Warrior.

Garmin Fe knew now that the moment had come to face the forces that defined destiny itself. In this battle there were no mystical forces pulling strings from on-high to ensure great victory, for the forces that would do such things were here in the flesh. Unless, of course, there was something greater.

He readied his hammer and sword, but he knew they were but weak things to fall back on. Only the Zela metal of the sword itself was of any consolation. He gritted his teeth and got into a fighting stance.

Reaching back he hurled his hammer. It slammed end over end striking the Daemonsbane sword copy from the Marcus’ grip. Moments later, Garmin Fe was toe to toe with the Avatar of Warmonger, driving his Zela blade again and again into the Eye hoping that somehow he could deliver a fatal blow to the spirit of Warmonger. The Eye bled silver blood until its was misty with the silver specks.

Marcus drew the sword of Kasanth, a sacrificer’s sword and motioned with his claw towards Garmin Fe. The K’iou hero of Beacon City dived low, noticing the Eye had somehow regenerated already, and was spraying green hellfire towards him. It was certainly demonic, to be able to return even from Zela metal. Garmin Fe prepared to take his Draconic form, when Marcus thrust his claw forward.

Garmin Fe fell to the ground, his chest wide open and spilling with blood. Standing not far from him Marcus Dannor crushed the Borvian Dragon Crystal he tore from Garmin's fragile body. A smirk across his pretty little face said everything. Staggering to rise again, the general saw no need to quit now. Disarmed, wounded, and dying, Garmin let out an uncontrollable bellowing laugh. The laughter continued and in the heat of battle became contagious. Every person with a warrior's spirit knew the thrill that this battle was offering, and rejoiced in it.

Ul’athi ran to grab the Daemonsbane sword to turn it on its original wielder, but even though only a copy it could not be raised by anyone who tried to steal it. The sword twisted out of his grasp, trying to kill him in the process. It did the same to Da’uhnb mercs who were teleporting in trying to steal it. Three of the Mercs died on the blade, their souls and the demonic spirits in their gullets were pulled into the sword.
Marcus left Garmin Fe to to die on the ground sheathed the sacrificial sword of Kasanth and hefted the living blade. Its power coursed through him.

He did so just in time as the Accuser and Xephon reached his side. Marcus’ blade made a wicked arc, severing the Accuser’s leg and drawing his life force into the blade in that single strike. Marcus was high on the power of Warmonger, he felt unstoppable, invulnerable. Using the Eye, Marcus fired into the Ascended beings who flew above raining elemental attacks down upon his ally the Forgotten.

The Forgotten had not been unmoving. It had been dodging and weaving, firing back waves of Gravitics and salvos from its acid spitters. The Ascended Fiend was under constant assault. It had begun with Sira the Monk who had leapt from the ground beneath the Forgotten.

Streams of Acid created by the Leyas flowed from both of the Monk’s hands. While it was under that onslaught, Abel Dragonsbane flew in while ripping chunks from the hulls that made up the Forgotten’s body.

Sira and Abel attacked in unison, drawing the Forgotten’s attention. Jeremiah marched forward in Peace, his support striders unleashing EMP missiles directly into the side of Warmonger’s Forgotten. Its body crumbled at certain points, as the nanites were disabled.

Jeremiah tried to get a bead on the Avatar of Warmonger but teleporting Da’uhnb kept getting in the way. Instead he switched targets putting a pair of Annihilation bolts through the Maw of the Deep’s head. But instead of the body dropping, the mouth only grinned wider, as if it had now been freed by the only thing restraining it. The body turned mid-step from the Avatar and turned towards the largest grouping of Ascended Beings and charged into it. Consuming everything in sight, the Maw was grabbing Ascended Beings and simply hurling them into its mouth, growing with each bite. They were so intent on Warmonger’s Forgotten and hurling down attacks upon it, or shielding their allies from its attacks, that they didn’t notice the Maw until it was too late. By then one quarter of the Ascended Beings were down its gullet.

Jeremiah kept firing into the Maw, taking chunks from its fat body. Even with bloody chunks gone it just kept eating. He wanted to hit it with an orbital strike but it was surrounded by his ascended allies.

Kincaid tried to freeze the nanites of the Forgotten and did grievously wound it. As they pressed the attack an energy bridge opened over the Forgotten and over Marcus Dannor.
As the Lava poured onto the Forgotten some of its acid spitters were disabled, and burst under the oppressive heat.

The lava that fell towards Marcus did not fare so well. The Daemonsbane sword absorbed the heat and danger for its master. Moments later Da’uhnb mercs shot out the Energy Bridges with Zela bullets to prevent the Forgotten from escaping again.

A platoon of twenty five Red Fist Commandos emerged from an Energy Bridge and charged Marcus Dannor. Xephon leapt into the air raining lighting down onto Marcus Dannor from the other side. .

Marcus plunged his sword into the ground and the Eye told him, “It is time, the call of the Hive King comes!”

There was an odd moment when the singing of the Unity Builders stopped. Suddenly all on the battlefield felt their pain, their wounds, their soul-leeching exhaustion. The full oppressive energy released by the presence of the Ancient Evils struck those on the battlefield.

Layne Yr ran towards Garmin Fe, with Angel D’s body swinging back and forth on her spear. She planted the spear next to her in the ground and tried to patch Garmin’s wounds. Finally she simply converted her own lifeforce for his.
None at that battlefield knew why the Liberation Choir stopped except Garmin Fe. As he had lain dying his communicator beeped telling him of the events at Ryn Lac. Garmin struggled to one knee.

Garmin pulled out his Zela shield and signaled to his allies up above. Descending at incredible speed were 7 Golden Nephilim and 6 warrior riders. They landed just in time, at least for those close to them.

Their flags fluttered in light, shielding them, their pilots and Garmin Fe and Layne Yr.

The Remembered arrived just in time. Because the Crown of Hearts of the Forgotten pulsed and reactivated. All on the battlefield not protected by the Banners of the Remembered were suddenly sucked fully into the crown of crystal.

The rest of the battlefield was empty. Strykker’s Striders fought on by remote control, but his armor was empty and lying on the battlefield like a corpse. The Field Marshall like all the Ascended and Descended had been taken by the Crown of Warmonger’s Forgotten Angel D whose corpse was still on Layne Yr spear, was the only exception. The fate of the Creeping darkness was unknown.

Garmin mounted his giant and streams of light began to form between the metallic behemoths. They surrounded Warmonger's Forgotten. Without warning the giant he rode flung him back into the fray and Garmin aimed his shield for the Forgotten's abominable crown. The other warriors stood and watched as this was not to be their fight.

Like a cannon ball he smashed through the Crown of Warmonger’s Forgotten. Zela Shield first. The Crown cracked and shattered and the Forgotten roared. The crown fell like crystal shards onto the ground before the Forgotten. Even with its greatest weapon defeated, and the Avatar of Warmonger drawn into the crystals, the Forgotten of Warmonger had still won.

Energy Bridges open at one end of the battlefield. From them came 1,000 Pit Mongrels, and 1,000 Flayers and they charged straight for the Forgotten. They continued the fight as the Remembered and Layne Yr and Garmin Fe continued the fight against the Forgotten. Like before the Energy Bridges were immediately shut by teleporting Da’uhnb.

Seeing the Forgotten weakened by the Remembered, the Da’uhnb moved in. They hurled EMP Grenades, and fired Zela rounds into the Ascended Fiend.

Meanwhile on the plane of Awareness. At the Uthvelor keep of Ti’ar Ma’at.
"Make sure this letter," Celyse handed a rolled up parchment to one of her underlings. "And this ring," she slides a golden band from her finger, "reach Terror as quickly as possible."

"Yes Zaodonai," the dutiful uthvelor soldier responded.

"And hold on to this," she placed a small wooden box in his other hand.

"What is it, Zaodonai?" he asked with a perplexed expression.

"My finger," she responded flatly.

The soldier mouthed the word "oh" as Celyse continued on her way. She stepped through the energy bridge to where her allies and enemies were waiting, Draco Epsilon 7.

Celyse arrived on the battlefield late, as predicted. She was dressed in traditional Uth armor with her usual arsenal of weapons. Two large, jagged swords were sheathed across her back and a number of shorter swords and springshots hung off her belt. The pale white scepter hung loosely near the front, her fingers tapping over it as she walked.

'I, Zaodonai Celyse Hajima, have arrived as representative of Lord Azrael. To those murderous creatures who stand against me, know you that once this battle is concluded you too will understand the true nature of fear. Tremble before the might of my Lord, for there will be no mercy given to the undeserving!"

Celyse taps a ring on her finger and her body shifts and grows into the form of a twisted fallosini. For those who have seen him, she appears as Azrael.

"Prepare yourselves, ancient denizens of evil, for my blades hunger for the taste of flesh!" The creature reaches for the sceptor and sends off three Solar flares directly into Warmonger’s Forgotten.

The Forgotten had been hammered from all sides, from the devastating attacks of the Ascended Beings earlier to the constant barrage of EMP Missiles and EMP Grenades from the Striders and the Da’uhnb Mercs. With its crown broken it was vulnerable, and the final strikes from the Scepter’s solar flare finally destroyed it.

Death repaid with death was the last thought it had as it was destroyed.

The Flayers and the Pit mongrels fled in abject horror as the thing they feared most, Lord Azrael seemed to be coming for them. They broke and charged back towards their own Energy Bridges fleeing by emergency routes Le-a had provided her servants.

With the servants of the Quall gone, the Forgotten of Warmonger destroyed, and the planet now quiet, Celyse landed and turned off her ring. She walked over to Peace where it lay empty, and barely contained her emotion. Now was not a time for the Uth curse to take hold.

Grand Admiral Layne Yr approached her and stopped a respectful distance away.

“Zaodonai Celyse, I have studied this technique before. Lurlock once helped to reforge the Armenius Orbs. Living Crystal had contained Warmonger’s Spirit for thousands of years until foolish mortals let him out again. Garmin Fe’s Hearts of the Forgotten work under a similar principle.
I theorize that the Warmonger used the Hearts as a transfer device. They sent all the Ascended and all the Descended, and the Liberation Choir somewhere. I suspect the Crown of the Forgotten is the Key. I have one piece, and Garmin has taken another. Out of respect for the Field Marshall Strykker I offer you this piece,” she placed the shard of the crown in the dirt and stepped a few feet back, “Maybe your allies in the EEF can use it to bring back the Field Marshall or open a way for us to finish this battle.”

Celyse was aware of Jeremiah’s backup plan. There would be another Jeremiah waiting when she returned to Refuge. It would be a cloned replacement, which hadn’t been the first and wouldn’t be the last for Jeremiah Strykker.

When Celyse didn’t say anything (due to her restrain of the curse), Layne Yr gave a respectful little bow, and backed away.

Grand Admiral Layne Yr went back over to Garmin Fe and saw her spear was still there next to the Remembered, but the body of Angel D was nowhere to be found.


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Re: Week 4 - The End of the End of Days

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Rewards for this mission are as follows

All Players Involved in this mission gain the Battled the Forgotten and Won Bragging Rights.

All Players involved in this mission also gain the single use bonus-

Ultra Invasion Force. This army of exceptional, loyal and heavily armed soldiers can conquer a Moon Base of Green, Blue, Yellow, or Elite defense force. In the case of characters who do not have standing armies, they will simply be able to call in a favor and have the Moon Base invaded for them (storyline-wise).
Can only be used once.


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Re: Week 4 - The End of the End of Days

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The People of Draco Epsilon 7 have been returned without any knowledge of the days they lost.

The Following Characters were trapped by the Forgotten's Crown attack and will require an adventure to rescue. Their location is currently unknown

Sira the Monk
Captain Kincaid
Ul'athi the Red Fist
20 Red Fists of Le-a
The Liberation Choir Builders
The Maw of the Deep
The Accuser
Marcus Dannor, Avatar of Warmonger
Abel Dragonsbane, Champion of Falos


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Re: Week 4 - The End of the End of Days

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