Dark Manta Joint Assault Craft

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Dark Manta Joint Assault Craft

Post  blackheartsecurity on Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:28 am

Joint Research project: Blackheart dedicates its full 15% research bonus to the effort.

My Tzira engineers have drawn up two designs. However I am open for any modifications, especially with capabilities not available to my corporation.

The first and easier design is more a redesigned Aegis Starfighter. It uses a delta wing shape for extra external mounts and easy transitions. The engines, communications, drive, sensors, and life support systems are borrowed directly from the Aegis with a modification to allow them to seal up for underwater operations. Underwater the craft will utilize a pair of ionizing ducts to allow for quiet and fast underwater operations it will also have a passive/active sonar system for the depths. Also a special heat resistant tiling is used on the off chance the pilot needs to dive into lava flows (Not recommended).

Weapons will include a pair of laser batteries (Though some refraction will occur underwater these can be utilized for short range aquatic combat). Two internal mini torpedo tubes capable of firing a myriad of ordiance. Also 4 external wing mounted weapons (Almost any common wing mounted weapons can be adapted for it)

The biggest downfall of this variety is that when used on Leyas hot planets non immutable pilots may cause mass system failures.

The second variety will be costlier and could cause problems in IR space. Utilizing the same Delta wing frame. All systems will be removed. the power source will be an obscured leyas generator (RT4 a commonly used item by the EEF), a Leyas based shadowdrive (Common to most factions), air and fire artificed life support systems (Also common to most factions), comm crystal communications system, fire artificed engines (Uncommon but not unheard of on EEF and FL ships), and artificed air driven turbines for water operations (uncommon but found on Borvian ships as a way not to cause opposing leyas feedback), the only truly new leyas ability to implement would be a fire leyas ability capable of parting lava like water to allow for volcanic operations. Sensors will be the pilots eyes and leyas sight.

Main weapon:
Fireball II cannons (6d6 NRG)
Chill bolt cannons
mini torpedo tubes capable of launching numerous types of spring wound munitions.

4 external hard points capable of mounting any commonly found weapons system.

I propose researching both, the Type I model will likely be ready for production quickly as all internal parts are commonly available. The Type II model will be costly but having a purely leyas based fighter can be a huge advantage. I am open for all modifications, especially ones to drive down the cost of the type II while still keeping it a leyas only bird.


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Re: Dark Manta Joint Assault Craft

Post  TemporalEmpire on Thu May 05, 2011 4:38 am

The Temporal Empire shall donate all our available research to this task.
Primarily number 1s, then half research on 2s.

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