WEEK 8 - The Truth Behind the Eyes of the Estrain

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WEEK 8 - The Truth Behind the Eyes of the Estrain

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:12 am

The plans had long since been set for the Unity extermination fleet. It was the sort of singular concerted action made possible by seamless collaboration and a singularity of purpose. Prophets were launched from their home planets, like enormous black spears, towards their targets. Displays appeared before auditoriums filled with tacticians, eagerly awaiting data. This would be the largest full scale invasion attempted by the Unity, and would be used to calibrate further efforts.

One fleet of 10 Prophets each will streak towards each of the planets and moons. All will have been modified with the Extermination Protocol. Before the Prophet carriers arrive at their targets, multiple layers of scouts will determine the situation. Two Void lords will lurk at the outer reaches of each battle, their pilots floating eerily in the void of space. Running quiet, they will perform electronic scouting using eye spies obscured and hidden from view by Builder adepts. These eye spies will go to the surface of the moons and planets, looking for electronic systems or any centralized defenses. Seneschals in wingsuits will also scout the planets in advance of the arrival of fleets. They will flit from location to location using teleportation, carefully using eye-spies and other scout drones in order to plan their jumps in advance and decrease the chance of being caught. Depending on the defenses of the Space Station, it will be scouted in a similar fashion if this is feasible.

Each of the Planets will be attacked by one prophet fleet armed with the Extermination Protocols, 3 Dreadnaughts, 2 Apostles, and 300 Saggitae organized in wings of five. The crew of all ships will be on high alert for boarding actions, and the Dreadnaughts will be prepared to use their gate generators defensively and their reality drills against targets of opportunity. The Prophets will streak past the Unity Fleets during the space engagements, and will land on their target planets. As the Prophets land, Seneschals and Emissaries in protective equipment will harass pockets of E-strain resistance and command centers. Some Vrangian Guard will act as commanders on the ground for the Praetorian Legions backed up by the massive Harbingers. Other Vrangian Guard will use their holo-projectors and hacking ability to sow confusion in the ranks of the E-strain. Void Lords will strike targets of opportunity from the shadows, flitting around the outskirts of the battle as silent assassins.

After scouts have been deployed, a number of drop pods will land infantry into the space station to determine what can be found...

The TRILAT officers heard Prime's voice in their head, but only Unity members of their squads actually got the plan. The rest had to just trust their officers.
Fully Unity teams of Praetorians were taking the fight into the hives.
The Unity was shocked to see so few Maulers which would have given them a tougher time landing.
The small Estrain defense forces seemed like nothing.
Their fleets of Bloom Ships would have been a tough fight but the Apostle Starships cut the Bloom Ships apart with gouts of core flame. They showed themselves as miniature suns.

The battle would not go as clock work, as the E-strain were canny foes. It would be a glorious symphony, dissonant and terrible.
And as the harrowing radiance spread from the Apostles, it split into millions of beams scything through the armor of Estrain starfighters of unknown designs.

There was nothing out of the ordinary as the moons were taken as well.

And then something was found by an unhappy brethren captain in the heart of the derelict space station.

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Truth Behind the Eyes of the Estrain

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:54 am

The Sector General Palomedes made an announcement to fleet at the beginning of Operation:Eyes of the Estrain.

"Heroes of Bootes, of Mars, of the Polar Expanse and our allies. Today we quest into the Polar Expanse hunting Estrain worlds. We will survive, we will succeed. The Fist of Mars is ready to crush those who threaten our citizens.
Be fearless, because our enemies need fear us more than we need fear them.

Today we do not lead this battle. Today we are the cavalry. When the call comes we must be ready to move, all our allies and our citizens are counting on us.

Heroes of Known Space, you will make this old campaigner proud."

The Prophets streaked out to the Planets of and Moons known as the Eyes of the Estrain in I.R. Tactical documents and Unity planning downloads.

As the Prophets streaked towards the planets the small Estrain fleets moved to intercept and were brushed aside by the allied forces.

One IR mothership was following each arm of the Unity attack. Once the planet was being converted by the Unity Prophets, the I.R. Motherships deployed their compliment and formed blockades.

Domebusters with acid filled warheads bombarded hard points from orbit. Once the ten prophets per planet were in place the conversion only took a few hours, and the next fleets of Prophets were ready for deployment.

From Orbit there was a cold efficiency to this sort of thing that the Sector Generals of the I.R. could appreciate.

Once all clear is sounded by Unity, IR technicians will move in and check the planet for Estrain.

Onboard one of the EEF Vessels in the rear guard, The Lady Ja'celyn was not happy.
"Why did her father feel he was not capable of interacting directly with others?"

Turning to the captain of her command ship, the Grinning Death, a Megaladon biopship, she said "Alright, you have all heard the orders from the president. we are to aid the forces of Blackheart Securities. These are the same people that our forces have been working with the past few weeks. From what I can guess of the plans of attack, we will be performing a backstop action. Our jobs will most likely be to maintain a safe exit and prevent attacks from the rear. We are going to continue to show the universe that we are a civilized and controlled people that can work with others."

"Comms, hail the Blackheart forces and let them know that we are here to help them"

"My Lady, they are not coming up on comms at the moment," said the comms officer, and then said, "No, sorry my lady, here they are."

50 Aegelis Starfighters flashed their lights at them. The Blackheart pilots were all missing a finger or toe, or in the case of immutables had a memory scan and was issued a single plasma grenade on top of their normal side arm and survival gear. Blackheart went to any length to get its people back, but its hoped they will have the courage to make that unnecessary.

The rearguard wasn't struck by an attack, but they did notice Bloomships attempting to flee. A first for both Blackheart and Ragman's forces when seeing Estrain action.
When the bloomships attempting to escape were exterminated without prejudice by Deer and Palomedes, there were uncomfortable grumbles among Lady Ja'celyn's crew.

There was a growing concern among the allies.

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Truth Behind the Eyes of the Estrain

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:47 pm

Black-Gamma: "Dude, why am I flying a damn capitol ship?"
Red-Alpha: "Lay off it man, your a good pilot. You should be proud to be given this assignment."
Black-Gamma: "I should be piloting a fighter, getting into the thick of things."
Red-Alpha: "You just don't like it that the commander won't approve of your 'evasive maneuvers'."
Black-Gamma: "A 720 barrel role is a good tactical maneuver in most cases."
Red-Alpha: "Just focus on the mission please."
Black-Gamma: "Is it bad this thing is going into combat with blackmarketed IR gear onboard. I mean, you don't think they would start shooting at us, do you?"
Red-Alpha: "I don't know, probably not."
Black-Gamma: "We should be extra careful just in case."
Red-Alpha: "Dude, don't do it."
Black-Gamma: "Don't do what?"
Red-Alpha: "I know that look in your eye, the commander will have you head if you pull off one of your stunts in mission."
Black-Gamma: "I wouldn't dream of disobeying the commander."

Red-Alpha sighed, knowing full well it was going to be a wild ride on the Arcturus Starship, Freedom's Haste.
The vessel had its EM Forcefield active, a blackmarket model often used by the Iron Republic. The Forcefield wasn't a bad design, though it did put some extra strain on the power core. Flying in a defensive wing behind Freedom's Haste were sixty Jotun Mark 2 Starfighters.

At their side were the IR "allies". There were 25 cloaked TRIDENT Missile ships under the command of an IR Brethren Commander.
Though they couldn't be seen, or picked up on most scanners, Black-Gamma kept their preprogrammed flight paths in mind as he maneuvered. For some reason, Black-Gamma was sure running over one or two of the invisible TRIDENTs would cause an international incident they could ill afford at this time.

It would have to move like clockwork, this boarding action. Ahead of them were the defensive line, a trio of Bloom Ships.
Black-Gamma laughed as he pulled a barrel roll in the Arcturus dogging the first cutting beam of the closest Bloom Ship. Then the space battle began. Red-Alpha commed to Black-Gamma, "Does this defense force seem a little anemic to you too?"

Black-Gamma replied, "Maybe the Estrain is finally scared of us."

Onboard his ship, Brethren Captain A100XX "Alox" was drafting up his will. Then as an Iron Republic Brethren clone, he realized he had no personal possessions. So he ripped up the will. Then he sat down and folded up the ripped up sheets of paper into paper planes. He placed then on his plastic desk and began thinking about tactics. They were fine, as long as the Estrain didn't developed Starfighters since their last attack.

What about Kingfishers? Thought CPT. Alox.

Then he folded a paper and marked it red.

Alox thought and then said, "Tactical command, can we send in scouts to the derelict. I don't want my men killed by an AOD wormhole weapon."

Sector General Deer got the message, surprised he didn't think of it himself.

"Yes, CPT. Alox is brilliant give that man a pay raise, oh we don't pay him? Double rations for a month!". And Sector General Deer ordered scouting before Alox's crew arrived onboad the derelict.

The I.R. Furies landed onboard along with Unity Wingsuits for the purpose of scouting two minutes before the assault force arrived.
At the lead of the assault force, hidden in a wing suit was Sanguine Lord 03. They began quick scans of corridors, knowing the Estrain inside wouldn't show up, but that wasn't their worry. They were checking gravitic disturbances, Leyas spikes, Nuclear radiation signatures, or anything else that would point to an AOD Wormhole weapon onboard.

Once the all clear sounded, the real assault began.

Unity Assault pods struck the side of the derelict space station. IR TRIDENT Missile ships were attaching docking clamps in the spaces between the assault pods. Once Freedom's Haste was in position docked with the derelict, the real fight began.

It was vicious corridor to corridor fighting. Nephilim WarGiants and Recognized of Beacon City fought alongside Brethren Betas and quick response Antlion Meks. At their side were Unity Praetorian Warframes. There were hundreds of soldiers but they faced thousands of Estrain Manslayers. Every meter of corridor was bought in blood, and the floor, walls and ceiling were covered in smashed manslayer shell.

Brethren Captain Aloxx had seen alot of battles in his time, and the Estrain were always deadly foes. However Aloxx couldn't help but notice that the Estrain seemed to be less organized than usual. There wasn't the usual coordination expected from a single Hivemind.
It was still a brutal fight, and the push to the bridge of the ship took four hours of slogging.

When they finally took the bridge, Captain Aloxx adjusted the scanners on his power armor.
There was a crude meeting table erected here. A round table. Dead at all sides of it were the bodies of E-strain Magnavores, obviously executed by a single assassin's bullet each.

Aloxx leaned over to check the bodies, noticing they were dressed in what looked like crude ceremonial robes. His own implanted memories gave him enough background on human society to wonder if this was some sort of Ambassadorial meeting.

He turned towards the closest of Beacon City's Nano-Fusion sages, and asked, "These doesn't look like AOD terrorists to me.
What is this some sort of round table for space crabs?"

The Nano-Fusion sage turned back and said, "Captain, I am not quite sure. Allow me to hack these computer logs and see what we can learn."

As they hacked the systems, Captain Aloxx watched a surreal set of scenes in the ship's logs. The Magnavores here had been planning to unite the rogue Estrain against the Angels of Desolation. They were planning on reaching out to the Uloh Free Confederacy and attempting to overthrow Angel D and take control of the AOD Galaxy Drives once and for all.

The Nano-fusion sage sent the information directly to General Garmin Fe, then turned to Captain Aloxx to provide him a copy as well.
But Aloxx was no longer standing next to him. The unfortunate Captain Aloxx had been decapitated by a whipblade, and the owner of the whip blade was clearly an AOD Terrorist.

She was six feet tall, a baribur, with long silver wings and silver eyes. Her hair was blue and she was dressed in an advanced set of technomantic armor that covered her from throat down to her feet. On her shoulder was a cannon that the Nano-Fusion sage instantly recognized from the Border Wars of Refuge. It was a Desolation cannon, and when it fired the entire Bridge was ripped apart from the inside out. Bodies both dead and alive were scattered into nearby space, and the remaining computer systems were destroyed.

The Nano-Fusion Sage and the AOD terrorist fought in close combat, and both were equal in skill and tactics.
But she had one advantage he did not, she had sold her soul to the Creeping Darkness.
As they grappled while hurling through space, a hellgun appeared in her outstretched hand and fired twice.

As the corrupting evil bolts of the weapon struck his head, the Nano-Fusion Sage felt his life force leaving him.
His last act was to make sure General Garmin Fe knew the truth.

They had been used by the AOD to destroy their enemies. The Nano-Fusion Sage knew the information put his General in a terrible position. Did he tell the I.R. and threaten to destroy the uneasy alliance they had built? Or did he keep it to himself and confront Prime.

Aboard their command ships, the other Allied Leaders assumed the attack on the bridge was just a final trap set by the AOD.
The Allied forces cheered. Never had such a perfect assault be executed.

In twenty four hours, the Allied Forces had taken every single planet and moon base. Trillions of Estrain were now granted Final Death. And the derelict space station had been taken.

From their perspective, it was an uncontested victory.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Truth Behind the Eyes of the Estrain

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:58 pm


A Complete Success- This was a complete win.
No Ships damaged or destroyed.

As a result every player involved in this mission gains a unique space station for their character.
This space station has the same stats as a Model-T, but is a luxury model and may have any luxury amenities the player chooses.*

*Luxury ammenities are entertainment items, not weapons, special armor, or special drives.
Think spas, holo-arcades, jacussis, pools, bowling alleys, chandelliers etc.

Please redeem this in the Housekeeping Thread, and name it.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Truth Behind the Eyes of the Estrain

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