PreGame Faction Mission 1- Untapped Markets

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PreGame Faction Mission 1- Untapped Markets

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As Irene Diolo claimed the podium she cleared her throat. She spoke a few words, then stopped and asked the speakers in the back of the crowd to have its volume raised.
The she presented the future of the former Pleasure dome of Druzi Prime,
"People of Druzi's Fire Dome City, in the last few days we have seen the explosions in the sky. We have all felt the fear. And this fear is justifiied," said Irene Diolo, until a gunshot sounded. But a Blackheart security guard, a Tzira who had a pair of riot shields in its insectoid arms intercepted the assassin's bullet.
A trio of Earthers wearing Blackheart uniforms moved in to disable the assassin and drag him off for trial. This had been the third assassination attempt since the day started. The Elder Diolo's loyalists were only a fraction of the population but they had lots of weapons and no respect for life. Luckily the entire parade ground set for the event was filled with reporters' holo-cameras and the trials were quick and ended in imprisonment on an offworld Blackheart facility.
Meanwhile Irene Diolo continued her speech as if she hadn't just been shot at.
"People of Druzi Prime, we have already prepared contracts with offworld companies that will help us turn this pleasure dome into a fully functional colony. We have contracts with Terra Nova Industries to create Geothermal Production plants that will allow us to export power to other colonies in need of it. This will create many jobs that will provide a good living wage, something sorely missed for many in the Fire Dome City. But we are not just stepping out into world of energy exportation, we have a fully rounded portfolio of new corporate ventures that will take some of the money stolen by the old Elder and horded for his afterlife.
Maehl Holdings will be building a regional hub here on Druzi Prime, allowing shipping to travel deep into the Kasanthian Federation Space for Iron Republic merchants. We will bear none of the liability for their dangerous journeys but all the influx of credits for taxes, tariffs and local amenities for their travel. It will bring in enough funds to afford the shipping costs from Maehl Holdings on a subcontract to bring in specialized mining and safety equipment, as well as construction equipment. We will be converting the suites of the Diolo Clan into actual Luxury hotels for tourists who will come to witness the beauty of the wormhole that swirls beyond the edge of the moons.
For those who don't want to work in Geothermal power, or in tourism, we have even secured contracts with Blackheart Security to build and train our citizens in the most advanced safety techniques for mining the rare metals that abound on this planet. Speaking of our corporate partners, Blackheart Security has been contracted to provide police and riot control services for Fire Dome City. We will be dropping the prefab structures today that will house Blackheart Security Officers in the center of the city.
Know this those who call themselves Elder Loyalists, I will forgive your loyalties and allow you a voice in this government as long as you don't turn to violence. Those who do injure or kill the innocent people of Druzi Prime will face full prosection ending in swift exile from this new colony, to a penal zone offworld. This will not be abused in petty witch-hunts or political maneuvering. Only those who raise firearm or railgun in anger will be punished.
Let us focus instead on peace. Peace and the overt repair of this colony into a place of great hope for the future. Our people will learn, they will grow, they will embrace their place in the galactic economy. And we of Druzi Prime will be graced with fortune."

As Irene stepped down from the podium the crowd roared with approval. Irene smiled, ticking off the payments she would be making 300,000 ghaz in illicit funds funnelled instead to the corporations of Terra Nova Industries, Maehl Holdings and Blackheart Security to repair her home. And the new barracks would cost a bit, but the guards they represented had already saved her life multiple times. Now she would need to turn the remaining funds to defense of her new metropolis.
This metropolis would be split between Maehl Holdings and Blackheart Security, and as Irene bound their fates to Druzi Prime, she might have just saved its future.


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