The Beginning of the end for Unity E-strain

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The Beginning of the end for Unity E-strain

Post  UnityPrime on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:25 pm

Prime's seven red, the armor's red eyes glared at the read-outs. Garmin Fe was a canny opponent who suspected quite a bit. Did he suspect his old friend's torment? No matter.

The E-strain could not be allowed to overwhelm the Unity from the inside.

Prime's prodigious mind examined the problem; laying it out and dissecting it as it twitched and struggled against his manipulations. None were his equal in manipulating the doings of the Unity. None knew its quirks, rules, and pitfalls like Prime. He had planned construction of the computer-batteries which consumed the bottom quintile, and he had long ago whipped up a frenzy of support for destruction of the E-strain. These countless points of data calling the E-strain a plauge would be Prime's weapon to be weilded by countless connected against the E-strain so connected. Their connection was a vulnerability, as they had to withstand the logical onslaught of those who called them unsustainable.

Already, there were complaints on Unity planets of E-strain violence and unregistered natural breeding. These complaints turned the Unity against those many regarded as irredeemable savages.

Many of the E-strain were easy to deal with. The Unity had means to remove undesirable elements which were remarkably refined.

E-strain had a difficult time adapting to the demands of life in the Unity. Many had picked no particular field of study, and many of those who did simply could not keep up with those who were born with years of Unity experience programmed into their nascent brains. They vanished without a trace and their passing was not missed.

Some E-strain noticed the disappearance of their tribesmen and tried to form resistance groups designed to keep citizens from being bottom quintiled. However, their ability to navigate the Unity, which relied on the formation of beautiful arguments, did not garner them much success. Entire groups were dismantled and subsumed. The Unity barely noticed, registering only a slight decrease in spam-load with a collective sigh of relief.

Some E-strain, notably a number of the Magnavores, were actually quite skilled. There was little they could do to protect their more bestial peers, but they were prodigious programmers. Many of the Unity commended their efforts to advance Quantum computing technology at a higher-than-projected rate. Prime used their exposure to data against them. Arguments were laid before them regarding the bestial and unsustainable nature of their peers. With their new connected eyes, Unity Magnavores regarded their former brothers with increasing levels of disgust. Under Prime's manipulation, many Magnavores became the most ardent supporters for E-strain purification. They argued that only Magnavores who would accept sterilization should be allowed to live, as all other E-strain were little more than a contagion.

Thus did Prime set his plans in motion. He watched the numbers of active Unity E-strain plummet in mere seconds. He would not be stopped by Garmin Fe so easily.

Prime's reach was limited on the all-Estrain extension, but he had another tool to employ. Those who resisted Prime's manipulations were drawn to a shadow-group in the Unity lead by a formed by a former Magnavore. This massive brain encased in a cybernetic spider drew them to his teachings and modified them, making them capable of spawning devil-crabs in his own image. His subtle influence spread. The devil-crabs spawned in the heart of the E-strain Extension. Soon, the entire Arsta Extension would be his.

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