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Weapons Trade Discussion (Damien) Empty Weapons Trade Discussion (Damien)

Post  MaehlHoldings on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:09 am

Greetings Damien,

Looking at the numbers we have, it appears you are off to a decent start. Not bad. I do, however, want to up the stakes. I am in the process of attempting to buy out Blackheart Securities. If I do, I'd very much like to do some interesting shifts in their weapons manufacturing to get better sales throughout the universe. As you are doing decently in this area, even after a few short weeks, I'd like to up the ante for you.

Childeen Blackheart is lowballing me in my attempts to acquire his company. This affects you because I have every intention of further integrating Blackheart's Weapons Division with your company to get better sales and manufacturing synergy. However, these discussions have stalled. I'd like you to have a discussion with him. I include, below, a transcript between he and I regarding this matter. I want you to present yourself to him, formally, and advise that if the merger proceeds you will become VP of Sales and Manufacturing for Blackheart Securities. And, then, feel free to make whatever sales pitch you like.

So here's the rub, you have to convince Blackheart to push through with the sale of his company to Maehl Holdings, IRLC. Not just weapons, all of it. If you pull it off, I'll make you a VP of Maehl Holdings. If you want to discuss strategy, great. Otherwise, just let me know your angle so I know what to expect when he contacts me either agreeing to or disagreeing to the merger.

Let me know, either way.

Yours sincerely,
Su Maehl, CEO
Maehl Holdings

Attachment: http://darkrefuge.forumotion.com/t726-blackheart-business-negotiation-wk-8

(ooc - post to this thread when discussing with him)


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Weapons Trade Discussion (Damien) Empty Re: Weapons Trade Discussion (Damien)

Post  Damien on Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:10 am


I'll see what i can do with Childeen. I'll send him a wave, and see if i can meet with him.



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