Sanitarium, welcome home

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Sanitarium, welcome home

Post  blackheartsecurity on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:56 pm

Childeen had called in all of the information over a secure channel. Nilos' Blackheart planetary manager thought about the best way to approach it. It had been made obvious that this one was supposed to be a quiet check. On a planet this small that would be tough to do. However he had a person a retired security operator who had taken up being a guide and tracker for various wealthy big game hunters. The hunts kept his instincts about him and he knew how to be discreet.

He would ask around, make small talk with receptionists and record keepers, and other people who are often neglected in the health industry. If they got suspicious he would play it off like he was doing a favor for a client who was involved in a will dispute.


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