Research Request (wk8)

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Research Request (wk8)

Post  MaehlHoldings on Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:50 am


Greetings Business Partner:

I have left you alone in recent weeks, and see that business has been good. I hope that Maehl Holdings has been of value to you.

I write to you today because I'd like to propose a research project, capital development deal if you will. It has been my experience that every territory in the Polar Expanse wastes thousands of ghaz in research development for different types of ships that are very specific, without regard to flexibility and alteration. It also means that every fleet has distinctive strengths and weaknesses, tending to be very specialized.

The Free Systems want to offer clients other options. And to this end I enlist your services. I want to help develop modular capital ships that can be easily customizable, where clients can choose certain specifications and have it built specifically for their needs. I envision there being three or four hull types: light, medium, large, and a hull of your choice (be it carrier, super heavy, variable, whatever). Then we can either adjust weapons' systems, additional armor, additional thrusters for speed, computer systems, docking bays, etc.

The "technology", or specs, for the hull I don't necessarily mind if it is kept top secret, and will likely enlist Unity Prime to assist in its development, and may even offer its large scale production to the Banking Guild. I do, however, want certain specializations to be limited as Free Systems technology, and for your personal development as you see fit. I will be in contact with Unity Prime to assist in this project, as I require the technology as quickly as possible. Hopefully between the three of our resources, we can finalize this project in short order.

Do you accept this research project proposal?

Yours sincerely,
Su Maehl, CEO
Maehl Holdings

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