Temporal Wormhole Sprouting off Wild Alternate Pasts and Futures

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Temporal Wormhole Sprouting off Wild Alternate Pasts and Futures

Post  TemporalEmpire on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:46 am

At the end of our last battle I learned some data which will change all of our goals. The Temporal Wormhole created by the Angels of Desolation is "sprouting off Wild Alternative pasts and futures beyond all comprehension and full of paradoxes". Our agents across space-time, have reported a dangerous Paradox wave building. It will crest soon, and our agents are telling us that "our history will be ripped apart by the forces of the dead that Warmonger will marshall in the alternative histories. Psychics, Adepts, and even powerful Mutants will get drawn into the enemy's army".
Good, Evil all shades compared to the absolute destruction that Warmonger seeks.
We must find a group who can allow us to close the Temporal Wormholes. Seek out researchers and report back.

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