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Post  blackheartsecurity on Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:49 pm

Leaders do you fear assassinations? Adventurers worried you won't make it back from this next expedition? Citizens are are you afraid violent crime will claim your life too?

Well now all these groups can rest easy as long as the Lion has their back. LIONGUARD high threat rescue services are now being offered across the galaxy. Services include:

-Life Insurance: payable to next of kin/friends (OoC: Your next character perhaps?) on confirmed final death. 1 ghaz for every 10 ghaz of protection.

-High Threat Rescue Services: (Where available, Lionguard alert pendants available for both leyas and non leyas users) If the unthinkable happens (OoC: And stays happened for 3 turns or more) and you are killed in our coverage area a high threat response team will move with alacrity to your location and revive you. If you are kidnapped a Lionguard team will pursue your kidnappers and work with all factions to insure you are returned to your loved ones safe and sound. (100 ghaz a month)

-Perfect Clones: Come to Casablanca station to enjoy the finest dining and hospitality in the galaxy. While there stop at the Lion Guard Clinic to have a full memory scan and DNA sequencing done. In case of final death you will wake up happily alive at Casablanca Station, the greatest resort in known space. (25 ghaz a month retainer, 500 ghaz for clone creation)
(Please note: Memory scan can be stored on our secure server, or given to the client. If transferred to client Lionguard retains no liability for failures in the cloning process due to the memory scan).


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