High Priority Encrypted request of Ragman from Prime

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High Priority Encrypted request of Ragman from Prime

Post  UnityPrime on Wed May 25, 2011 3:03 am

My dear President,

I have something that I must speak to you of, and time is of the essence. Some time ago, my former brothers the Metatrons of Fate were sucked into the Temporal Wormhole. This cut them off from the Unity, and I am deeply concerned that without our connection they have become dangerous. The choirs are designed to balance one another.

We cannot allow the Metatrons of Fate to enter this plane if it can be avoided. I know what war with them would likely be. Fate cares little for honor, only effectiveness. They would bring the wood that makes their bodies to the planets with the least protection, culling the life there in order to make more metatrons. They would only fight when sure of victory, and could use the Iron Republic to seed millions of their own kind.

I did not allow these sorts of things, because of the ideals instilled in me by the Choirs and the larger Unity.

I seek to work with you to close the Temporal Wormhole. This is crucial, as our long range scans suggest that additional Wormholes are being made which are not guarded by a Sentinel station. I urge you to look past the differences of our allies. There is little time.

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