Business Proposal (wk2)

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Business Proposal (wk2)

Post  MaehlHoldings on Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:02 am

Dear Viggo,

I have been given the authority by Admiral Layne Yr to negotiate with you for a contract of service. Maehl Holdings is a multi-faceted company that provides a variety of services that assist in the development of planetary economies. Our primary service is shipping and logistics, where we use our proprietary market research to not only match whatever products your planet produces in excess with buyers across the galaxy, but we ship those products at the cheapest rates you can find. We also have substantial working relationships with many different organizations in order to provide our customers with the highest quality services and ensure their economic development needs are met.

I include a copy of our prospectus for your review. Grow With Maehl Holdings - Folio

Specifically, I see that your planet of residence has many untapped resources that can be improved upon through the use of my services. Druzi Prime is the primary exporter of energy resources in your region. I can arrange for a more equitable distribution of your resources as well as expand your consumer base to places that would otherwise be beyond your reach, such as the Iron Republic and the EEF controlled Draco Constellation.

I can also arrange for a subcontractor to improve your infrastructure and maximize mining efficiency, improving your output and revenue. Once our contract has been finalized and operations set up, I can perform additional market research and analyze industrial output, required imports, and go about improving GPP (Gross Planetary Product) by no less than 40%.

My process is as follows: I set up a series of companies that are sanctioned for business across the Polar Expanse. These companies will handle the logistics of interplanetary trade, which includes product packaging. Maehl Holdings and its subsidiaries earns 30% of revenue from trade, you and your residents benefit from increased employment, increased revenue, and improved economic development.

These terms are equal to what was given to your Trilat allies, and sanctioned by Admiral Layne Yr. We, at Maehl Holdings, anticipate doing business with you and helping business grow for you.

Yours sincerely,
Su Maehl, CEO
Maehl Holdings


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