Questionable Dealing with IR Special Forces

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Questionable Dealing with IR Special Forces

Post  MaehlHoldings on Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:08 pm

*encrypted message to FleetMaster Deer*

Dear FleetMaster of the Polar Expananse, Sector General Deer,

I apologize for having to contact you directly regarding this matter, however, I am not necessarily familiar with the military structure of the Iron Republic and I figured that if this matter does not pertain directly to you, your office would delegate the matter accordingly.

A member of your elite, super solider, force, Ar'Yay Hive Queen, recently contact Maehl Holdings for the purpose of contracting what appeared to be a simple cargo and/or passenger shipment. However, it was anything but a simple contract negotiation. First, her method of payment offered was a shipment of 2,000 Leyas-based weapons, which she admitted was illegal and requested that I sell across the Free Systems. Second, she requested that I, in the process, attempt military espionage and take her cargo to coordinates that I did not have.

As the matter appeared impossible to fulfil, and payment illegal, I felt it was entrapment. I did, however, attempt to negotiate, in good faith, requesting that she provide alternate, legal, payment for services, as I had no desire to break Iron Republic law by accepting payment for services from an Iron Republic solider that was illegal; as well as requiring exact coordinates. Furthermore, I insisted that the only way I would accept this payment is if it came with an authorization from a Sector General. She then refused to negotiate further and essentially called me corporate scum.

My complaint, therefore, is two-fold:
1) It is unacceptable behavior to be offered illegal contraband as payment while provided no guarantee of legality for the transaction. It is also unacceptable behavior to request a guarantee and be told none would be forthcoming because I am corporate scum.
2) While I have no qualms with accepting contracts for services, I request to be treated with dignity and certain amount of respect. If the terms of my contract are unreasonable, then all I require is to be told they are unreasonable and/or unacceptable. Reverting to insults because we are a Free Systems-based corporation and not Iron Republic citizens is an unacceptable business practice. I am sanctioned, in part, to ensure a freer flow of Iron Republic goods to non-Iron Republic markets. Telling me, in turn, that I am scum for fulfilling this task is hypocritical and unethical.

As you are Fleetmaster, and the chief of the Iron Republic military throughout the Polar Expanse, I must hold you responsible for the actions of your inferiors. I request, therefore, an explanation from your office as to the nature of these negotiations and why I was continually goaded into an illegal transaction without being provided the exact parameters for contract completion. I also require a formal advisement of a standard protocol that you will action so that, in the future, if the Iron Republic military requires a civilian contract, for whatever reason, I do not encounter this level of unprofessionalism and disrespect. This protocol should make some provision to ensure any payments made by Iron Republic military forces are authorized and legitimate, irrespective of the nature of the payment.

For your edification, I provide copies of our correspondences.

Yours sincerely,
Su Maehl, CEO
Maehl Holdings, IRLC

P.S. These correspondences are provided in ascending order, according to date
From: Hive Queen Ar'yay

I have a pair of passengers that wish to take a trip. They have been looking at different worlds to spend their vacation and they have found one that seems perfect. It is a world held by Garmen Fe, the second of his off Refuge colonies, I believe there are around seven hundred thousand people on the world? A nice small population, this couple wants their vacation to be in a less crowded world as they are shy people. I do not know the name of the world. Tell me if you are familiar with it. They shall have no weapons just their luggage which will be small, they like to travel light.

Oh, and one more thing, they are rather shy like i mentioned before, so they would like less hassle. We would like to avoid the docking authorities, drop them secretly in the wilderness without anyone in the planet knowing.

I know that last part makes things difficult but we will compensate you. We will offer you 2,000 leyas based fire artifacts, obsidian stones artificed with Burst shield, control fire, and Summon Fire Spirit. We ask you to either keep these for yourself or sell them in the Free Systems, perhaps to the Temporal Empire, they seem like responsible folks. I would ask you not to distribute these in the Iron Republic as they are illegal and you don't want to break the law right?

From: Maehl Holdings

MaehlHoldings Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:13 pm
Dear Hive Queen,

I apologize for the delay in response to your inquiries. My communications grid was infected with a malicious bug and thus had a slight delay in official correspondences.

With regards to your actual request, I very much appreciate the business opportunity you have presented me. However, I must express several concerns regarding your proposal.

1) Manner of payment- As a sanctioned corporation of the Iron Republic, I am not in a position to accept contraband and other illegal and unlawful items as payment. I also find it particularly odd that a member of the Iron Republic's elite, genetically engineered soldiers and from the military arm would so boldly offer not only contraband but even possible distribution lanes for this contraband. I am very grateful for my privileged status within the Iron Republic and I have no desire to jeopardize that status for what would otherwise be an innocuous request and transaction. I do not, however, want to insult any member of the Iron Republic military by insinuating they are attempting entrapment. Therefore, this payment will only be considered if it accompanies a formal writ of approval from a Sector General, verifying that it is a sanctioned transaction and that I, as a third party operator, will not be held in violation of Iron Republic law for accepting your payment offer.

2) Intent of action: As an economic entity, I do not specialize in intelligence. My focus, instead, is on market research and living terrain. The difference between intelligence and living terrain is the difference between knowing what military capabilities a planet has versus knowing the gross planetary product, the cultural development of that planet, and what products they want to buy. Hive Queen, I do not know what planets General Garmin Fe controls within the territory claimed by the terrorist organization known as the Unity. I only know what planets produce products that can be sold at a decent price. When needed, I know the individuals on a specific planet with whom we, at Maehl Holdings, have to interact with in order to ensure proper, and legal, operations and transactions. The information I lack, in this instance, is the military intelligence to know the location of his specific military operations and where, on those planets, would fulfill the parameters of your request. Therefore, I would need the specific location of the planet, as well as the coordinates on that planet, where you would want me to transport this cargo to in order to accept this request.

While I enjoy the opportunity to assist the Iron Republic in their endeavors, I must request that my two concerns be addressed before continuing this conversation further.

I anticipate hearing from you and being able to do business.

Yours sincerely,

Su Maehl, CEO
Maehl Holdings, IRLC

From: Ar'Yay Hive Queen

Hmmm, well, if that is your decision I have to accept that. You have chosen to protect these terrorists with your fanciful excuses, if that is your decision I understand. You view your profit margin to be more important then the lives of Iron Republic citizens and the stability of the region. I shall remember that in our future dealings.
Have a good day, and hold your profits close, money is such a shaky thing to depend upon.

From: Maehl Holdings

Dear Hive Queen,

Pardon my confusion, as I do not understand your response. I brought what I considered legitimate concerns to the table regarding this contract. Instead of receiving a response that addressed my concerns, I receive a dismissive one calling me nothing more than a greedy, loathsome individual who cares not for well-being of others.

I must, therefore, presume that you were indeed trying to entrap me by offering me payment that is in blatant violation of Iron Republic law without providing any assurances that receipt of this payment would be without repercussions. I am indeed a business man, Hive Queen Ar'yay. I have thousands of employees whose well-being I must protect by not accepting foolish contracts that would put their lives and my business in jeopardy. Furthermore, you ask me to to essentially find out information that would require at least some form of espionage, which would jeopardize my business ventures throughout the Polar Expanse. You ask me to do so without offering legal and suitable compensation for the same. Therefore, based on your correspondences, I have no reason to presume that you are offering me anything less than a fools' errand so that you can ruin my business and cause my employees significant hardship in the process.

My two requests were reasonable: legality of payment and the information required to fulfill your request. Based on your response, I can only presume you were unwilling and/or unable to do either as you did not even reference my requests in your response to me. You completely disregard my concerns and instead deride my principles and call me profit-whore. And for that, I'm insulted. I have earned the reputation throughout the Polar Expanse of being a straightforward businessman. I am always clear as to what my concerns are and what I offer my clients. And yet you have just called me out for being a poor quality business partner because of less-than-scrupulous ideals while, in the process, offering nothing to verify you are any different.

I have no problem with a potential client rejecting my terms of business. I have no problem with clients making counter-offers. Business transactions should always meet the needs of provider and client, and I understand that concept. However, I will not accept being called unscrupulous when I have made every attempt to create dialogue regarding my concerns without being provided the same courtesy. Hive Queen Ar'yay, if the terms of my contract do not fulfill your needs, I encourage you to, in the future, merely state the same without insulting me. Threatening to discredit me within your circles of influence only confirms any suspicions I brought to your attention.

I am willing to accept, however, that your response to my inquiries was not intended to be insulting that perhaps there might have been a misunderstanding in our communication. So I will clarify my needs in order to accept this contract - the information I require to fulfill your request, namely a specific location where I will be transporting cargo, and an offer of valid payment for these services. To date, the only offer of payment I have been given is considered contraband within the Iron Republic. Therefore, please offer either alternate payment options or proof that any payments you are providing me can be received without repercussions. Finally, I want to emphasize to you that I do not have the information you request in order to fulfill the essential parameter of this contract. I do not provide intelligence services and thus do not have access to this information. If this issue is a deal-breaker, I understand completely your desire to not utilize my services on this occasion.

There you have it, Hive Queen. I anticipate either a response to my two primary concerns or a rejection of my conditions of contract based either on your ability to provide suitable/legal payment or based on your lack of desire to utilize a third party to find out the information required to fulfill this contract. In doing so, I hope to have erased any doubts regarding my willingness to assist you within the parameters of my business model, which is namely the legal practice of shipping and logistics through the Iron Republic and Polar Expanse.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Su Maehl, CEO
Maehl Holdings

From: Ar'Yay Hive Queen

Money is no issue, if the only problem was with the type of payment then this would be no problem. Besides you are a Free Systems company with a contract with the Iron Republic if i am not mistaken, thus can operate outside the IR where different laws exist. If i am mistaken on this part please let me know but as far as I know you are a citizen of the Free Systems.

No no no the part where I have a problem is you like to profit from everyone and anyone. You willingly work with all sides of a conflict empowering all and thus enhancing all war and death. Not all within the Iron Republic thinks like a corporation and only see profit as a benefit, there are things much more important then money. I see things through a simpler lens. You trade with the enemies of the Iron Republic, you allow them to profit, thus you are supporting terrorism and are an active ally of an enemy state. I don't care if you do the same for the Iron Republic, i cannot stand those who like playing both sides.

Also, like all special "forces" sometimes what I do has to skirt around IR law to keep the universe safe, like a parent who has to be a hypocrite to keep their children safe. Sometimes things just have to be done.

Good Day

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