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source book creation

Post  blackheartsecurity on Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:33 pm

So I have a question. Previous campaigns have all created source book material direct (IE: I watch equilibrium, make the gun monk character kit, and then desperately salivate at the chance to use him in game, or even better see some one else get enjoyment from my labors). Will forum game research and ideas continue to have that almost wikipedia game creation quality adding to an upcoming source book I will buy a bazillion copies of?


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Post  Admin on Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:24 am

A great question, thank you, we are honored by your enthusiasm.
Yes the top player-created items will be posted on the dark refuge website until the end of part 3, every week or every few weeks (based on quantity of player research) new updates will be added with gear, ships and special trainings.
This will allow players to add to the lore of DR and the armory of their own faction, as well as finishing to flesh out the player-led factions in the Space Campaign.
Not all researched items will be admitted into the final Campaign supplement. And not all gear and soldier types that we attempt to play test through here will make it into the final source book.
But even in those cases, we are excited to try out all new sorts of unique and creative interpretations of the Leyas and new and imaginative ways of enhancing the species that fill the lore of Dark Refuge.

+Just to cover our butts legally, if you submit stuff to the DR team for use, the DR team will retain all rights to that material. There will be no compensation beyond playing the game. So far outside of the books we sell, we've focused on being able to provide this online content for your enjoyment at no cost to you the player. We will definitely give credit to you on the sourcebook, listing you as contributor on the inner title page, along with the name of your contribution. Depending on how many submission we get, we reserve the right to continue onto the next page after the title page as needed, and how we place, and what fonts your name is written in is up to our staff.+


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