Descending Unto the Tragedy: An Invitation to a Candlelit Vigil on Casablanca

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Descending Unto the Tragedy: An Invitation to a Candlelit Vigil on Casablanca

Post  OrleosSacrenine on Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:13 pm

In an unexpected display, the Prime of Unity has reached out to those planets so affected by the devastation caused by the E-Strain. With words of sympathy to the losses suffered by those whose lives were uprooted by the monstrous incursion, he has come with open arms, offering condolences.

To immortalize the date and losses so that they may not be forgotten, along with honoring the alliance between differing peoples, he has had memorials for each planet commissioned. Upon their flanks they shall bear symbols of worship, brotherhood, and names of the deceased. They shall remain against the test of time and stand a constant vigil, not unlike those who look down upon their loved ones from the great beyond.

Being a culture that has restored those devastated by the Quall'N Drone, they understand all to well the pain of loss and offer this as a reminder that those consumed by a mindless evil are not to be forgotten. As it stands, the lands that were once covered with verdant forests and teeming with life, have become barren wastes due to the measures necessary to defeat the tide of destruction.

The memorials, in a way of poetic remembrance, shall be placed upon the frozen tundra's that lay upon the poles of North and South. This being the case, so that they, just like the snow and souls that fell, may remain pure and untarnished.

All people are welcome to attend this commemorative occasion. Upon entry, it is asked that a donation, no matter how small, be made to those who have suffered through such a time of tumultuous trials.


This is a heroic/investment mission. No combat of any type may be made during this mission, but there is an unlimited amount of posts allowed by the people who participate. All factions and players are allowed to participate in this mission.

The reward to the Narrator is the placing of the Memorial Project that was in collaboration with Unity Prime. See Independent Corps. and TRILAT Forums for more details.

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