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What is Dark Refuge? Empty What is Dark Refuge?

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:38 pm

Dark Refuge: The Adventure Game. If you are so new you don't know what DR is then you should come to our website at www.darkrefuge.net.

This online campaign is based on characters, classes, and gear from the Dark Refuge:The Adventure Game corebook, The EEF Guide sourcebook, and the Free Campaign downloads available at Dark Refuge.net.

If you want to join and actually play you have to contact us at Group2@darkrefuge.net. Put Space Campaign in the subject line

We will help you create a character and join a faction. If you are not part of a faction, and posting in their faction section a moderator will remove their posts. You can post your questions here in this section. The faction section is for internal tactics and planning. Most conversation considered in-game must happen in the faction specific sections.
At a few appropriate times you can private message other players, but these will only count in-game if they are CC:d to the Admin as well. This prevents people sharing info their characters wouldn't actually know. The Dark Refuge Team reserves the right to revise or change any private message facts within 48hrs of the communication if the player uses information their character wouldn't know.

Each player's ship list will be set by the DR team and can be used for the bi-weekly missions. After each two week period a player's ships list will be altered into one of three categories. All ship-types and stats come from our game books or the website.

Battle Ready- Ready for combat
Damaged- Must be fixed but can be repaired. Speed of repair depends on faction and species.
Destroyed- This is a list of total number of ships that you've lost for the game.

Each player will be informed of their planets of interest during their initial communication with the Dark Refuge Team.

Ready for adventure?

The Dark Refuge Team


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