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Post  Ar'yayhivequeen on Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:46 pm

A recording of Prelate Ye'seren is sent to the leadership of all factions

This is a message to all, this infighting amongst peoples must end, while we are all slapping ourselves on the back in regards to the recent “victories” against the Fleets of Fate and Warmonger major demonic entities are continuing to corrupt people and bind them to their service. As we fight those who retain their souls we simply empower those who serve the ancient evils. They feed upon carnage and chaos and use all who use violence to achieve their ends. We are all the unwitting servants of Warmonger and his ilk, we have all used violence to expand our influence and to achieve our goals. We justify our violence and even when we mean well it strengthens our true enemies.

We need to limit our violence to the ancient evils and not against those whom we simply dislike, while we cannot hope to have violence vanish overnight if we limit our violence we weaken the enemies of those who live and we enhance the hope of all life.

We have all spread frivolous violence and Warmonger has benefited from these murderous rampages, we must now all join together and purge the demonic taint from this dimension. We will all see that once all demonic influence is removed that we have little to no reason to fight each other.

We beg you all, put your petty differences aside and stop all offensive actions until we can learn who the true enemies are. Let us all join together and save all of our souls and the souls of future generations.


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