Open Play Week 5 Investment Mission: Bleeding Money from a Stone

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Open Play Week 5 Investment Mission: Bleeding Money from a Stone

Post  UnityPrime on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:34 pm

As per the treaty, the worlds on E-strain space that the Unity has sterilized now have no Unity presence to speak of. They are barren wastelands where all life has been extinguished. The plants have withered to dust, the wildlife are mere bones. Even local bacteria have been forever wiped from these worlds. The scale of destruction is immense, and some claim that the worlds will forever be haunted by their own ghosts.

The Iron Republic, forever driven by profit, has considered what to do with the planets. Some of the more resource-rich worlds have already been claimed by the Iron Republic with boarder colonies, but it has been found that a number of the planets have been stripped of all resources by the prolific E-strain. Stockholders are at somewhat of a loss as to use these stripped planets which lack any resources to justify the massive investment of traditional dome-colonies. They have reached out to other nations/corps for proposals.

What would you do to make these planets profitable?

This investment mission is open to all players. The stockholders will take the best ideas and use them to develop the new worlds. Keep in mind that the 14 stripped worlds have no natural metal resources or life. They are in Iron Republic space, and subject to Iron Republic laws...though as border worlds enforcement can be a little lax...
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Re: Open Play Week 5 Investment Mission: Bleeding Money from a Stone

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:02 am


Please set end date at 11 pm EST on 04 November.


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