Open Play Week 5 Recovery Mission: Salvation and Corruption of the E-Strain

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Open Play Week 5 Recovery Mission: Salvation and Corruption of the E-Strain

Post  UnityPrime on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:20 pm

Three Magnavores stood in the center of an ornate meeting hall. The time came to negotiate for the future of the E-strain people. Negotiations were going poorly.

The largest of the three Magnavores was massive, and slammed his metal claws into the table as he shouted in a beautiful voice.

"NO. We will not join the confederacy. They have simply become slaves to a different out of species master. We are superior, and should not spend our days sniffing flowers like the prey we hunt!"

The second clan chief slammed the but his staff of Quall bone to the hard floor, interrupting his peer's racist tirade.

"It is not so simple. Development of new types of ships takes TIME, and the prey fleets are at our very doorsteps. We have detected spy-vessels deep in our space, and it is only a matter of time until they attack!"

The third Magnavore was the most human-looking of the three. If not for the fangs that showed when he spoke, it would be impossible to differentiate it from a flesh and blood prey-thing. Many had made this mistake in Tribe 01, none lived to make it twice. He spoke with a quiet voice which carried the force of his incredible will.

"Honored guests. The pattern we have seen suggests another attack comes soon. I have already reached out to the EEF for an alliance. All that remains is for us to decide if we negotiate with the strength of three nations or one when the attack is repelled."

Shouts filled the room, but 01 knew he would win in time. They would be a nation which could negotiate with others as equals with the EEF, or they would fall.

One of the five guards outside of the meeting again whispered his undying devotion to his true mistress, the Angel of Desolation. The heretics he was surrounded by had forgotten that they owed existence to her, but he would NEVER forget. The E-strain on countless worlds were preparing to either defend or evacuate, but those who were loyal knew no fear of death that matched fear of failure. They knew the planets that would be attacked, and would soon receive orders from their Mistress. The nations would soon fall under her perfect shadow, and then would all space.

...Earlier that day...

01 Prepared his last communication to the EEF. It would be some time before the meeting was done, and he could not afford to wait for the squabbles to end. The Iron Republic and their Unity underlings would attack again soon.

"Commanders of the EEF. I am leader of Tribe 01. We will soon lead an alliance of 300 worlds, and seek alliance with your nation. The Iron Republic commits genocide against us, but we lack the technology to push back their forces. We seek your assistance, or at least your rescue of our citizens. We will not be subsumed into your governments and will only negotiate in good faith as equals."

This mission is open to all EEF commanders and those they invite. The opposing force is whatever the Unity and Iron Republic send as extermination fleets, if this is treated as a space battle. If this is an evacuation, the EEF has the opportunity to affect the formation of an E-strain nation, improve defenses, and buy time for an evacuation.

This mission is also open to the Angels of Desolation and those she invites. Her operatives can corrupt the nation, bring assassins to play, or lay traps for the Unity/Iron Republic space battle.
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Re: Open Play Week 5 Recovery Mission: Salvation and Corruption of the E-Strain

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:59 am


But Open accessbility to All Fort Lendill Players as well
Please set end date at 11 pm EST on 04 November.


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