Open Play Week 5 Space Battle: Purification of E-Strain Space

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Open Play Week 5 Space Battle: Purification of E-Strain Space

Post  UnityPrime on Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:53 pm

Prime's hulking figure stood before a pedestal in an unmarked black chamber. It was brought to his attention that the next extermination fleets were ready for launch. The seven red eyes on his face-plate glowed with hunger as he pierced the perfect surface of his command pillar with a single claw.

---Uploading high priority communication to Iron Republic Central Command

--User: Prime

-Extermination Fleet Briefing...Access Granted...Video-Briefing to Begin...

An image of Prime in his dress Uniform appeared in a well-lit tactical theater. Behind him there was a map of E-strain space, a huge expanse once owned by the Iron Republic a scant few years ago. The view alone was enough to enrage many of the Iron Republic Stockholders and Generals. Prime spoke in his usual crisp and efficient manner.

"Ladies and gentlemen. In accordance with our treaty, I am pleased to introduce the next phase of our extermination. Our extermination fleets have been prepared, and we now have the capacity to sterilize 58 additional worlds simultaneously. If we act at maximum operational efficiency, in one weeks time, the number of planets we can sterilize at the same time will become 116."

Prime paused for a moment. A portion of the E-strain space which bordered the Iron Republic was highlighted in light red. This was the incursion zone which had already been taken. The commanders felt a swell of pride over the large space which had been taken. They saw then multiple red lines streak into E-strain space, landing at planets throughout the entire sector of E-strain space.

"We propose to exterminate what our scouts have determined to be primary command sites of E-strain tribes. Comm traffic recovered by our scouts suggests that the planets we have designated are critical for the command operations of the E-strain tribes. Some of these planets have also been shown to have massive off-world production facilities or breeding centers that must be eliminated. The warring tribes are beginning to modernize. This operation and the one to follow will set them back significantly; such that we can eliminate them planet by planet at our leisure."

"We humbly suggest an attack in two waves. The first wave will draw defenders to the capitals of these tribes: there are 3 such planets. As the defenders move to attack those fleets, our second wave of prophets will begin extermination of their other production centers. Unity fleets will be held in reserve, and our agents will act in a saboteur capacity; we will be relying on your massive numbers to protect our ordinance. The reserve fleet will involve 6 Apostles, 10 Dreadnoughts, 1000 Saggitae, and 6 Unity Extensions. You are welcome to dispense with them as you wish, if you have a particular need."

"Regarding the disposition of Enemy forces; Each of the 3 Capitals is defended by 4 Battle Stations and 500 Bloom Ships. Each of the nations seems to have approximately 3000 bloom ships as a standing fleet. At the time of our attack, they will be in council at the station of Tribe 01, and so their response time will be delayed by jamming if you can sneak operatives on the station."

The image of Prime waited for the discussion to begin among the Iron Republic command structure, and he smiled.


Meanwhile, Prime sent a quick heavily encrypted message to his two counterparts of the Trilat.

"My dear friends, the rouge E-strain seek to organize. The Unity and the Iron Republic will be attacking these 38 planets, turning three of the greatest E-strain tribes into rabble. Capitalize on this chaos as you wish and feed on those who would resist our inexorable strength."

This mission is open to all Iron Republic commanders, Angel D, Admiral Layne Yr, and those that they (and Prime) invite. A defense mission will be posted for those who think the E-strain should have a chance at survival. Once/if this is approved, threads will be made for discussion. Only actions posted in the mission thread will be locked in.
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Re: Open Play Week 5 Space Battle: Purification of E-Strain Space

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:53 am


Please post to Approved mission section. Set end date for Friday November 4th at 11 pm E.S.T.


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