The Rescue at Volostoko

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The Rescue at Volostoko

Post  AdmiralLayneYr on Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:12 am

Layne Yr adjusted her dress uniform. A black armband marked her as being in mourning. Her subordinate, Capitain Kelper, with whom she started a relationship had died.

Before his death he had been a morose, pale, Vampyr Captain who only smiled when he was hurting someone. Now he was going to rise as a Greater Vampire, a being who could turn others into Vampires.

On her new world of Volostoko Layne had gathered 400 Million citizens. All living. It was four fifths of the sentient life on the planet. Captain Kelper would rise the following sunset. When he did his body would be attached to a Necrotech chair. The chair has plastic tubes which extend away. Each ends in a needle.

Once all 400 Million are hooked up across main settlement with miles of tubes they will be hooked up to the chair.

Kelper will feed on the people of the world turning them into Thralls. Then using the power of her Nightmare Lord Symbiote she would consume Kelper the Vampire and the thralls in one moment of pleasure. 400 Million corrupted and brought to final death in a moment.

Layne Yr even had a Unity Shadow Satellite ready and Brave Ulysses to teleport her away if anyone tried to attack her.

The Grand Admiral was ready and a feast would happen.

An Uth Seer rose from her meditating stance lowering her axe in a smooth motion beheading the innocent animal sacrifice. It was sacrificed for her curse not for the benefit of her visions. The Uth Seer called to the nearby soldier, "Send a messenger to all. The dreams of Layne Yr and the Hunger of her Nightmare Lord will consume the people of Volostoko."

From his offices, if you can call them offices, at Lost Hope Station the mysterious man, a Maehl Holdings employee reads the report he has just been given. As he chuckled upon finishing the report, his bright blue eyes sparkled. He combed his jet black, extra full hair, with his hands. His pearly white teeth glowed through his lips as he pondered his next course of action. He stood up after taking a few extra moments to ponder his actions, and stood up to grab his well worn military-style coat. He checked the mirror, vainly, to ensure his hair was in place and admire his well built physique. Oh, the perks of being gainfully employed!

Several days later, the day of the religious ritual had arrived. Making its way to the planet were 3000 merchant, non-militarized, Maehl Holdings vessels. Vespidae, Antares, and Zeus Freighters made their way to the blockade, unaware of what lay below. The ships were a part of over one thousand independent contracts, all with the same destination. Their cargo was varied, 100 million boxes of cake mix, one billion boxes of napkins, 300 million noisemakers, 200 million easy bake mini ovens, billions of paper plates, disposable cutlery, streamers, millions upon millions of pounds of confetti, and hundreds upon hundreds of party foods, finger foods, novelty lighting, light dispersals, and profelactics. A majority of the goods were labelled UMart, with the occasional other territory nation represented.

"Are you fucking kidding me," said one captain as he approached the blockade, "we're going to be here all fucking week! I'm not even supposed to be flying this week! I have a hockey game in two days! I better not miss it. I'm going to bitch smack my regional manager if I'm late."

The mysterious man grinned as he saw the most perfect distraction begin to occupy the attention of the blockade. Meanwhile, he and 200 unmarked Tridents and 100 unmarked Albatrosses made their way to the planet. Their, hidden, coding was Free Systems, but not Maehl Holdings or official Free Systems Armadas. They were pirates, using Unity technology to hide their signatures for as long as possible.
"I sure hope Prime isn't at this party, otherwise, we're proper fucked." thought the mysterious man.

Layne Yr had made sure Prime wasn't at the party. The Necromancer Admirals of the Kasanthian Federation knew how to focus life energy, and Prime was busy with his own life force experiments.

As Grand Admiral Layne Yr stepped up to the podium she wore a severe looking military uniform and her admiral's hat.

She said, "People of Volostoko. I want to thank you for inviting me here to oversee your celebratory day. Did everyone make sure to say goodbye to the sun this morning?"

"Yes!!" came the resounding voices of the crowd who were already hooked up to the tubes.

"Then its time for you to embrace the unlife you have chosen. Appreciate your time enjoying one of the many cursed blessings the priests of the Kasanthian faith offer," said Layne Yr, watching the first few people begin to turn into Vampire Thralls. At this rate it would take at least fifteen minutes. Stepping away from the podium, Layne Yr began to hear chatter over her commcrystal.

Something about party favors from the Unity.

Damn, she thought, they were early.

Then a set of flashes and the entire structure of the bleed room, the tubes, and everything restraining the new thralls disappeared. The rest didn't turn, but hundreds of civilians were slaughtered by blood-hungry thralls. Screams filled the air, and fear filled the air and Layne Yr's armor fed happily.

When the podium began to disappear from the nanoplague, she leapt into Brave Ulysses' arms and teleported away. Luckily she escaped before the Killswitch hit Brave Ulysses and caused his reactor to go into meltdown killing everyone in a few mile radius with toxic, toxic, radiation.

A few weeks later she got a message.

"Grand Admiral Layne Yr, you sure know how to throw a party. Throughout the history of humanity people have always sought out ways to prevent death. They came together for the purpose of mutual protection and common interest. Civilization began because community realized that when you stop killing each other over game and created what we now consider order, everyone's quality of life improved. Great strides were made in health, science, and the arts. At the same time, humanity also discovered ambition, and with ambition came government; and the desire for the few to rule over the many. It was this ambition that created wealth, poverty, power, and slavery. Then came war, oppression, economics, corporations…evil. And, as always, humanity must fight itself. The righteous must fight against the petulant and self-serving, and those who refuse to allow the needs of a few outweigh the needs of everyone must stand up for what’s right. That, my dear, is brings us to present events.

You see, I oppose the oppression and slavery imposed by governments on their people. I loathe the Iron Republic, and everything they stand for. I have spent a lifetime opposing them. I fight for the disenfranchised, I oppose the mighty who feel they have no limits to their power, and, most importantly, I look good doing so. But sometimes, you break your mold. Especially when someone pays you one billion credits to do so. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy ruining your parade; especially since you were wearing that chic outfit that you looked absolutely stunning in. Those shoes were to die for, no pun intended. If it weren’t for the fact that I had just been paid to ruin your party I would have gotten out of my ship and asked you out to dinner, or maybe dessert. That’s how awe-inspiringly beautiful you were. And, Grand Admiral, I hate to disappoint a beautiful woman, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. But I refuse to allow business to interfere with things, so one day I hope to casually cross paths with you, walk up to you, and say, “hello.” So please, don’t be offended by my actions. Best of luck with things, and keep that outfit, just in case. You never know. Ciao. <pause> Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the cake deliveries, they’re the best in the universe. Be seeing you.”

Layne smiled a bit, then turned and blew the head off the nearest nightmare with an acid-gland pistol.
She placed the pistol on the table and stood up and walked towards her window. The feeding of her armor had occurred enough to take the edge off but only a few hundred people are not the same as 400 Million. She didn't like being beaten, but this unknown "fighter for the disenfranchised" had beaten her fair and square.
This just meant she needed to find him. And make him suffer.
Layne smiled and signalled for a nightmare to pop the top on a new bottle of Distilled Fear and Binber wine. Perhaps a hunt was on...

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Re: The Rescue at Volostoko

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:02 am


Rewards are

Layne Yr gains a new nemesis

Maehl gains rescue succeeds!!!

Both gain a +25 moral boost


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