first conversations -op wk 2 (rol'aye'ahn)

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first conversations -op wk 2 (rol'aye'ahn) Empty first conversations -op wk 2 (rol'aye'ahn)

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Dear Rol'aye'ahn,

First and foremost, let me apologize for the delay in welcoming you to the Free Systems. In the recent attacks against the Fleets of Fate we lost about a million men, and we've been grieving ever since. I shall not delay in your proper welcoming any longer.

Welcome to the Free Systems! There are a few basic rules we follow here:
1) Fair days wage for a fair days work. We are not the Iron Republic, we do not engage in slave labor.
2) Independence of spirit: we are nationalisitic in our freedom from the oppression from the Iron Republic. We will do nothing to hinder that. This includes larval implantations. All cloned creatures are to have free will and be allowed to live in accordance to rule 1.
3) We peacefully coexist with each other. No in-fighting, selling each other out, no inflitrating. Tear actions define the Iron Republic and we refuse their ways.
4) We are the home of the Pirates. Pirates are not crimelords. The crimelords have no honor and are not tolerated by the Free Systems. For more information about the difference between the two, ask the Temporal Empire. If they don't respond, let me know.
5) We defer to the Temporal Empire. We exist because they protect us. We are free to make most lesser decisions, even with other territories. However, most other territories don't understand our symbiotic relationships and tend, in my experience, to not respect our sovreignty. As such, diplomacy is best left to them.
6) Defer to the Temporal Empire. Their bounty is great, as is their patronage. I don't say this at all lightly. It sounds archaic, and somewhat insulting to us as individuals. And it may even appear counter-intuitive based on the above statements, however, they have ensured the existence of the free systems since year one. Standing as a lone sector of space not under Iron Republic control during the height of its power is nothing to be trifled with. We would be exterminated in less than 5 minutes were it not for their protection. The best part: they don't rub it in our faces and very rarely pull rank. Most citizens don't even feel their presence. They prefer it that way, which is why it works.
Cool Defer to the Temporal Empire, as in make attempts to interact with them. They are...distinctive, but good people and their Queen and their captains are people worthy of the distinction their positions afford them.

Once again, welcome to the Free Systems. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Yours sincerely,
Su Maehl


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