Open Play Week 2- Investment Mission- What world will they build? PT I

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Open Play Week 2- Investment Mission- What world will they build? PT I

Post  Lief_of_FortLendill on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:59 pm

In secret circles that bound all borders a discussion has begun in whispers. Talk of a world, a new beginning. Over a decade small amounts of money and supplies have disappeared. Some times surveillance showed middle managers pilfering the money (A charge always denied), sometimes even more oddly the culprit would have a perfect alibi of being some where else. Whether white collar crime, or actual theft the losses by themselves are barely worth notice for each factions government. But taken together they amount to an unlimited fortune.

As the Eden class planet Tapestry slips from common memory it blazes bright in the thoughts of the imposters. What would the kias utopia/dystopia look like?

This mission is open to all kias, the temporal empire, Sora, and any "Unknown" that wants to pretend to be cool. If there are less than ten posts in the final 4 hours before the mission locks it becomes open mission for anyone.

Each player gets one post (Please include a unique name for it) describing the kias society they would want to see (This can be an in character vision for the future, or an OOC twisted dystopia). All posts for this mission will be voted on by the forum community as a whole in a Week 3 poll mission.

I don't think there are more than ten kias players on the forum, but if there are please note only the first ten posts will count towards the poll.


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The Neo-K'ias Starforce is a terrible idea

Post  sectorgeneralstark on Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:57 am

Sector General Stark oozed into a puddle on the floor of his command quarters. He had no real need of a bed, even though he spent most hours of the day in a physical form.
For so long he had to hide his true form, and live amoung the corporate drones of the Iron Republic. But now as Commander of the I.R. Joint Tarrisian Task-force after the signing of the Peace of Falos, he was a free K'ias. It had taken every bit of his machiavellian nature, every sly trick in the diplomatic book, even acting like he didn't also want to kill the Quall Queen at the table negotiating with them. But he got the only thing he ever wanted. To not be hunted and killed on sight like some sort of monster.

And in the end it had been that peace treaty that saved his people, not all the power in the universe offered by Warmonger. In the end, Stark had refused Warmonger's temptation and refused to ascend so Warmonger couldn't use him to finally capture the other ascended beings.

Yet it had been others who fought that battle, and Stark was happy about that.
He had more important tasks, didn't he?
His own kill teams hunted Quall moving across the distant shores. Stark worked hand in hand with the Lions of Earth and the Sons of Yantuk to execute every
He had even given up the Black Godsword so it could once again roam the distant shores.

But dreams of the K'ias Empire given to him by Mar'un'ga still haunted Stark. It had been when the ancient K'ias had returned from the Prison dimension cleansed of the taint of Warmonger through the Krato General Tharr's strange machinations throughout time.
Mar'un'ga said, "I too once bore the Crystals of the Bladed Sun of Falos. They allowed me to ascend and I saw our past our future, our death and our rebirth, but beyond that, it is in the hands of every single K'ias who interacts with another species. Can our species be redeemed?"

Since that time Stark had seen the technological marvels of unassuming brilliance done by K'ias Scientist-Commander Mor'aye'ahn. Stark had watched the kind little S.U.A.R.M. spread from empty planet to empty planet like children in eden. He had even seen the wonders of botony created by his kin Lil'ye'ahn.
But for every kind hearted hero and heroine there seemed to be a warcriminal like Captain Axis or General Vulfrym.

Perhaps Lord Falos was right in tasking the K'ias as Balancers. To spy and collect data. To strike but only to prevent oppression. Never as soldiers, never as Generals, never as servants of Warmonger.

The K'ias must forever be limited in number. A closenit community that handles its own. The examples set forth by the A'taru Asylum on Refuge gave good hints but it needed to go further.
An Alien Regulatory Agency needed to be created, and it would be staffed by K'ias for the sake of bringing rogue K'ias to justice. The K'ias ARA would be the only government they could be trusted to control. They had already proven too corruptable a species to be trusted to govern others.

Stark wondered if he could be trusted in his own position. He bubbled and sighed. Changing from Goo form back into the spit shined I.R. Officer he rose and walked over the computer at his desk.
Stark waved his hand over it to wake it up, and the holographic display showed a handsome young asexual male.
The A.I.'s voice said, "Former Sector General, what can I do for you?"
"I understand there is a K'ias settlement on the free planet of Tapestry. Overtly it bears the banner of Fort Lendill. But it is a K'ias Hub. I wish to send them plans for an internal security brotherhood & sisterhood for their people so they don't threaten our mutual employers. Please prepare to burst transmit this information. I only hope Mor'aye'ahn and Lil'ye'ahn and their S.U.A.R.M. will be willing help me shoulder this burden."

"Burden sir?" asked the A.I.

"Never mind that," said the Stark, "A burden is sometimes best suffered in silence. But the message still needs to be sent."

"Sir yes sir," replied the A.I.

"Wipe your vocal programming, next time I want to speak to you, I want a female A.I." said Stark.

"A.I. do not have sexual characteristics sir," countered the A.I.

"You may not have sexual characteristics but I know what gender i prefer running my ship," said Stark.

"Duly Noted Sir," said the sultry voice of the now attractive and female A.I. hologram.

"Nope turn back," said Stark, "Way too distracting."


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The Council of V

Post  Lions of Earth on Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:28 am

General Vulfrym pondered the situation. Kias from all walks were closing in on Tapestry. It would be a Utopia, the resurgence his species deserved.

A council of the the kias leaders would convene. They would ban the doppleganging of hive minds and entities associated with Ancient Evils. Specifically banned would be molestation of the dahumb Queen.

The Council would be made from the most influential, however after they began to grow in numbers votes would be held every score unless a council member were found guilty of crimes befitting de-seating. Elections would happen mid term with the successor understudying the council member he will replace for a decade.

To enforce the nations laws the Immutable Lions of Earth will act as a police force to maintain order and enforce the wishes of the Council. Olhmite Monks from refuge would act as magistrates judging criminal and civil cases.

General Vulfrym leaned back in the command chair of the Lions Pride as he day dreamed and schemed it. And if it all really goes wrong he thinks, I can press the reset button and we can try again.

Lions of Earth

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A tale of two cities

Post  blackheartsecurity on Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:54 am

(OOC: Last four hours and only two posts can I throw in my two cents?)

The Kias world would become like the Kias themselves both terrible and beautiful at the same time.

By day the Sprawling Kias cities would look like a cross between a circus and a bazaar. Kias in the form of fantastic creatures would mingle in the large open streets, vendors both kias and of any species would sell everything the universe has to offer. All are welcomed, including pirates so long as they don't attack anyone in FL space.

Kias actors and mimes would put on fantastic one man shows as well as troupes of kias street performers vying for the crowds attention.

Large cafes would sell every drink known to man with the patrons speaking freely with no boundaries, a unity builder could discuss architecture with a SUARM architect. A brethren could trade war story with a Kasanthian nightmare slaver.

When night falls though the cities long dark shadows become the stage for thousands of schemes and millions of plans as quick silver slips through the sewers and ducting to rob patrons of their identities. Others plot to overthrow governments meeting in shadowy spaces. A cacophony of whispers fills the streets as travelers visit the bright lights of the club and theater district. Shops open their doors to those in the know, selling quick clones of anyone whose memory scans can be acquired. Kias infiltrators spread out across the universe doppleganging people just to sell these pilfered memories to these night vendors.

Above it all the tallest tower is lit with soft pious light. On its roof Blessed Khazga teach those who have taken the strictest of oathes. Below the stockades of the most destructive, dangerous, and maniacal of the kias. These kias become gunmonks of legendary proportion. They only seek to weed out the most corrupt of their kind. Their oathes forbid them from doppelganging or mimic others, and they prefer to fight at range to resist the temptation to become another.

The kias Monks are the only thing the mercurial population of Tapestry fears, they are the only thing holding the kias back from attempting total conquest.


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Re: Open Play Week 2- Investment Mission- What world will they build? PT I

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