Week 2- Investment mission-What world will they build?

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Week 2- Investment mission-What world will they build?

Post  Lief_of_FortLendill on Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:38 pm

In secret circles that bound all borders a discussion has begun in whispers. Talk of a world, a new beginning. Over a decade small amounts of money and supplies have disappeared. Some times surveillance showed middle managers pilfering the money (A charge always denied), sometimes even more oddly the culprit would have a perfect alibi of being some where else. Whether white collar crime, or actual theft the losses by themselves are barely worth notice for each factions government. But taken together they amount to an unlimited fortune.

As the Eden class planet Tapestry slips from common memory it blazes bright in the thoughts of the imposters. What would the kias utopia/dystopia look like?

This mission is open to all kias, the temporal empire, Sora, and any "Unknown" that wants to pretend to be cool. If there are less than ten posts in the final 4 hours before the mission locks it becomes open mission for anyone.

Each player gets one post (Please include a unique name for it) describing the kias society they would want to see (This can be an in character vision for the future, or an OOC twisted dystopia). All posts for this mission will be voted on by the forum community as a whole in a Week 3 poll mission.

I don't think there are more than ten kias players on the forum, but if there are please note only the first ten posts will count towards the poll.

Narrators faction bonus: I have no idea, but on a personal note I get to usher in a new era of paranoia

Antagonists: haters


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Re: Week 2- Investment mission-What world will they build?

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 09, 2011 4:59 pm

this is approved. Please set end date at Friday 16 September at 11pm est.

Please post to the approved section before 10pm this friday.

All players involved must follow rules regarding fleet limits on this mission.


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