Assassins Ball Week 1

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Assassins Ball Week 1

Post  Rol'aye'ahn on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:58 am

The announcement of the Assassins Ball was being spread threw out the galaxy. The announcement of the 2 week event had Rol'aye'ahn thinking alot more participants would show up.

During week 1, Admiral Layne Yr and Sector General Stark had shown up with multiple members of there army and announced they would choose there representative the day that the brawl would start.

Damien had shown up only to sit back and relax, gamble and watch death unfold in front of his eyes for amusement.

At the end of the week an announcement was made about the changes to the Assassins Ball for those that have shown up, "Attention, this Assassins Ball will now become an Assassins Squad Ball. They will consist of 4 man squads and will now become a triple threat between my own squad, Admiral Layne Yr's squad and Sector General Stark's squad, good luck to all once again. Thank you for those that have shown up to participate." Rol made the announcement to everyone.

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