Week 10 - The Beginning of the Seige of V'crios

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Week 10 - The Beginning of the Seige of V'crios

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:49 am

It all began due to a small arguement in an isolated office of EEF Covert Intelligence Analysis complex on the Barris Islands. General Giffords had just finished a relaxing stay and recouperation (under EEF Surviellance). The old war hero had been in Da'uhnb hands for an unknown amount of time, and that warranted a bit of suspicion. Once he got the green light to return to duty he stopped off at the complex to say goodbye to Colonel Dobson an old mutual friend of his. Dobson had been one of the men to train up both Field Marshall Strykker many years before when both men had been simple Special Forces soldiers working in urban environments. Giffords had been Dobson's CO a decade before that, so there was a certain amount of humor between the men on the heights they had achieved in the service.

As they passed the time, trading jabs, and wife jokes, Col. Dobson and General Giffords were walking towards the records room when they heard fighting in one of the least used offices in the Planar Intelligence and Surviellance department. It was the office of V'Crios Management. V'Crios was considered one of the least militarily active dimensions of the Primordial dimensions. Despite an exctinction event brought on centuries before by the introduction of Manslayers to the snowy ice fields of the Styx, little had changed on the dimension made up of many different oceanic conditions.
This meant the V'Crios Management Office was considered a dead end job. Two ne'er do well EEF Intelligence Analysts, Ross and Goldstein, were assigned to the task.

The window of their office shattered and a white mug went careening inches from General Giffords face.
Col Dobson was already in motion kicking the door open ready to strip the skin with the tongue lashing he had prepared. But he stopped when he saw the images on the screen.

Ross, a pudgy Analyst who, topped out at an six foot five was already handing him the scans saying, "Sir, sorry about that, we were arguing about who to bring this to first."

"I said we should bring it straight to you," said Goldstein, a gawky beanpole at an even six foot, in a kiss-ass tone of voice, "But Ross here wanted to wait until tomorrow to show it to Captain Wythe our direct supervisor."

"What is that?" asked Giffords jamming his finger at the holographic display which showed a giant continent floating in the shadow beyond the shallows of a tropical Island chain, "That looks like mobile set of Sea Domes on some sort of hardened landmass."

"Kraken Division 01 is stationed on V'Crios and this report came in. They are saying it is a submersible continent with technology reminiscent of Beacon City," answered Goldstein, "But other than protect the Llandreu, the natives of V'Crios, from attacks by alien Manslayers, they haven't made any overtly aggressive actions."

"Attempting to conquer a primordial dimension is always an act of war in my view," said General Giffords, "This must be brought to the attention of the Colony General Malthus."

"Not Strykker?" asked Col. Dobson.

"The Field Marshall has all of space to worry about," replied Giffords, "Colony General Malthus hasn't asked Jeremiah to take over all the dimensions too...yet."

"I will send for an AAV to take you to Chooru immediatly," said Col. Dobson, "I just finished debreifing a Kraken who served in Operation:GTS on Kyr'pos, and would probably love to act as your eyes on ears on the ground. Man has ambition and has been looking for an opportunity to lead his own unit."

"Spc. John Winters," replied Col.Dobson, "I'll have his file sent to you General."

The two men saluted each other. And then General Giffords was off to meet with the EEF Colony General and Col. Dobson was left to chew out Ross and Goldstein.

General Giffords finally arrived in the Colony General's office in Chooru, and had worked himself into a fury. The Leyas surged around him and smoke was literally rolling off his shoulders.

"Scramble all allied submersible starfighters," said General Giffords, "We just got word of a new submersible continent of the TRILAT moving out into the Dream Seas of V'Crios. Now sending men to a distant dimension is dangerous enough, but there are known time distortion issues with that dimension. I want men who can handle a quick assault in and out."

He slammed the file folder on the Colony General's Desk. It was quite out of the old campaigner's normal set of behaviors.

Colony General Malthus had to ask, "Did they do anything to deserve being attacked?"

"Sir with all due respect," said Giffords, getting very angry for an older man, and flames danced around him, "Send your diplomats, but we need to know whats really going on sir. First they build that Continent of Dead Quall and work the Quall like a stick on the side of a bee hive. Now they are moving to the opposite element's primordial dimension?"

"I guess that is suspicious, fine," said the EEF Colony General, "Send in some mixed units, use VLAD to hire some free ships to run cover work. Mission is to keep an eye on this new continent as its built. If it is a threat, take it out. Remember one week here is equal to two months on that dimension, so make sure to plan accordingly. Give them good supplies, and regular deliveries."

General Giffords needed more, a concrete promise of direct EEF Intervention, "Sir I have been told about a Specialist in the Kraken Division with the appropriate security clearances. Spc. John Winters. I request that he acts as my direct subordinant and on his behalf I requisition a budget to purchase Manta Submersible Starfighters on the Blackmarket, and requisition a Dusk Frigate, altered for submersible as well as space travel."

"Thats quite a lot of responsibility to drop on the shoulders of a Specialist," said Malthus now eyeing his subordinate with suspicion, "Who is this soldier to you?"

"I don't know him and never met him," replied Giffords calming down a bit, "But Dobson vouches for him."

"Dobson?" asked the Colony General, "Col. Dobson?"

"One and the same," replied Giffords.

"He was a loyal soldier during the Glomhammer Coup de'etat," said Mathus, "If Dobson vouches for the man, I will sign off on your requisitions. Try not to start an interdimensional incident here, General."

"Sir, I know we are doing the right thing..."

"Famous last words," Malthus said as he sent in the order.

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Re: Week 10 - The Beginning of the Seige of V'crios

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Onboard the EEF Bucklew

Spc. Winters looked over the situation report with his command staff and made notes on a small pad of paper. Having finalized his plans he picked up his com crystal and set it to address the whole fleet. “Attention this is specialist Winters head of EEF Kraken operations and I am calling a general briefing assemble”. Having finished John shut off the crystal and picked up his notes and headed for the briefing room that was located near the bridge.

John waited for the troops to assemble few of them were in their armor as the Kraken fleet had yet to be engaged in the conflict so most of his men were sporting their EEF navy uniforms. When the crew was all present and the broadcasting system was ready to transmit the briefing to the Burrfish John began the briefing: “Men, today we will be embarking on our first mission since I was assigned to this command”. He waited for the murmuring among the troops to die down before continuing “the operation will be one of recon and possible sabotage, We have been asked by EEF command to investigate a new floating TRILAT colony located in the Dream Seas of V'Crios.The current plan will be to deploy 50 of our Manta fighters and the EEF Burrfish into the mission area the taskforce will move to just outside of the detection area of the colony and it is then that Kraken teams will begin the long haul towards the target”.

Some of the troops were looking uneasy at these prospects “The Burrfish will be carrying supplies so there wont be any risk on that end and the Mantas will be waiting to rescue the teams should they run into trouble” John reassured them. “to continue the teams will begin a extended reconnaissance of the colony. should it be determined by our diplomats that it is a risk we will use demo charges to cause grievous damage to the colony. if anything goes wrong the Burrfish is to pickup and evacuate our troops and remember time moves faster in the operation zone so plan accordingly”.

And with this John dismissed them.

Once John returned to his quarters, he saw a message was waiting for him. John activated the holographic display, allowing the computer to take a blood sample to confirm his security clearance. It began showing classified information from forward spotters.

Submerged within the deep is a continent, fused together from space rock and reinforced with an iron network, that shines with brilliant reflection as ice clings to it from all sides. The solid water shines with light radiating from the continent itself.

Scattered across the surface are a multitude of tiny metropolises. The buildings themselves are formed from ice. Bubbles of air surround the beautiful skyscrapers of frozen matter. The crystal like spires are frosted and shine even brighter toward the center of each little haven. Going about their day are a teeming mass of the Children of Falosini. Many go about their day making improvements to the cities, fortifying its defenses, and adjusting for various unexpected difficulties. They go about doing what they can to ready each cove, each building, and each park to be a place its new occupants can appreciate. The waters surrounding it are strangely not cold, they are instead warm and inviting. The walls of each tower takes only what it needs and sheds no icy chill further. The crafters of each frost generator have been keen in their art and have surely taken their time to impress. Yet the most wondrous of all, within the pockets of air, one can still swim. As each citizen makes their way down the gaps and allies between each structure, you will find them swimming in mid air rather then walking about.

Still, this wonder of art and craft is not without a sword and shield to protect it. Two hundred Jotun fighters, modified to withstand the pressures of the water, stand in guard. Some fly about in patrols while others hide within the belly of the land mass, awaiting the call to arms. Awaiting with them are a host of ten thousand trained Recognized and five thousand Nephilim Giants at the ready.

At all times it appears that several Jotun are off, making ventures further into the deep. Throughout the course of the day envoys of pilots escorting judges embark on journeys, only to return hours later. What their purpose is at this time, one can only guess.

And Spc. John Winters was not a betting man when it came to his soldiers lives.
The Burrfish made the transition from our dimension to the distant shores of V'Crios within moments.
It was at that moment that John realized quite the task he had taken over.

They had arrived in the warmer seas where the dimension bordered Kotrice. Here V'Crios was inviting tropical islands of lush native vegitation surrounded by shallow seas where one could walk from island to island in water barely taller than a short man. There were wide basins much deeper where the water was full of larger fish, and other primordial aquatic creatures.
Here the Llandreu made their homes in coral castles under the waves. They were living structures below the lapping waves, and tended by the Llandreu who lived inside them.
The basins were also home to Armored intelligent V'Criosian Dolphins. They hunted in packs and had a symbiotic relationship with communities of Llandreu.

Much of what John had learned from the files seemed to be true as they flew above the shallow seas of the islands. Standing on the Bridge of the Burrfish, he stood to the ship's captain's right.

Ahead of them was the "Great Drop Off" where the land fully disappeared. They arced ahead. Here there were islands but under the water they were like tiny towers of coral and life in a deep and endless primordial ocean.

John remembered that the intel had called this area, the Grottos of the Leviathians, before their extinction.
John heard the ship's captain call the order to begin submersion as was the plan. The Dusk first glided into the water, allowing its propulsion systems to switch over gently. Once the submersible drives were fully engaged the ship slipped beneath the waves, with fifty manta submersible starfighters following closely behind.

The Burrfish and its crew traversed the deep blue and with the drives on full they finally reached the border between the Dream Seas and the Styx. The waters here were not polluted by the waters of Styx at this distance and dilution. It did make the water much colder than the Land of the Llandreu. Not to say the mer-species did not have outposts on the frosty outcroppings that dotted these icy seas. And John could see the
Continent of Dead Manslayers was already in action, fighting off Manslayers who swam at them in the hundreds trying to bash their way inside the outpost.

The Captain was about to move in when John remembered his orders, "Captain, please order a general withdrawl to observation length where stealth operations can be maintained."

"And let them get hacked apart by Manslayers?" asked the Captain incredulously.

"Sir, They seem to have the situation well at hand," said John.

"Specialist I know your orders are carrying the weight of EEF General Giffords," said the Captain, "But to stand aside while Manslayers are killing people...it doesn't seem human."

"Its not," replied John, "Just like those Beacon City soldiers. They are Leyas powered cyborgs with crystalline implants. Our orders are to observe."

"Yes, I suppose they are," said the captain, "Withdraw and signal to the Mantas to follow and form up a defensive perimeter when we find a good drift point."

John was right at the end of the day, the forces of Beacon City held back this Manslayer attack, and the next, but these were natural manslayers. Threatening yes, dangerous yes, but not the hacking, regenerating Estrain who had conquered thousands of worlds.

These were just protecting what they viewed as their Nest's territory. The Jotuns quickly dispatched most of these Manslayers, chumming the water which unexpectedly drew giant shark-like predators that rivalled the Uloh Megalodon StarCruiser in size.

They stayed only until the first of Angel D's Estrain arrived. When one of those technomantic monstrosities entered the water of V'Crios even mighty primordial killers like these fled leaving the Continent of Dead Manslayers to the thousands of Estrain which now stalked the frozen edge of the Dream Seas.

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Re: Week 10 - The Beginning of the Seige of V'crios

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The Dream sea spread out as far as the eye could see as the tramp frieghter crewed by under cover VLAD agents slowly apporached the unusual TRILAT consctruction. As Bella Hanson watched the ships, two escorting Fenris class crusiers slowed to a stop along with the three suppy ships that made up the rest of the surface task force. The two Hydra class subs kept pace with the ambassador's ship.
"Begin broadcasting diplomatic hail." The Captain ordred he glanced at Bella.
"Well now we wait." she said with an easy grin.

The message played its first loop over the ships intercomm "Unidentified TRILAT construct. This is EEF diplomatic taskgroup one. Please allow us to appoarch we wish to discuss your presences and intentions here." After that is switched to radio broadcast only.

A radio response was returned from the Continent of Dead Manslayers. "We are a simple Beacon City Banner State wishing to help defend the Llandreu against the Manslayers. If you wish to have diplomatic communications you may enter Docking bay 94. We have lit up the way. Please beware of Manslayer attacks."

Bella Hanson smiled, "See a little dialogue helps everyone."

The following day.

Father Inido smiled as his freighter entered the dimension of V'Crios, he was a bit nervous about the time difference but he only planned on staying a short time. He hailed the Beacon City forces and let them scan him showing that his ship was unarmed. Landing on the new island he was escorted by armed guards to a minor officer.

"Greetings, I am Father Inido of the Church of Dawn' New Light. I heard that you all were building a new island here on V'Crios. I see the rumors were true, might I ask what you current endeavor is? I do not know of any inter dimensional army here, are you hunting a new threat?"

And so began the weeks of study of Father Inido as the seige Continued.

The day after that.

Isidris Eldalish of the Warcouncil of V'Crios stood on the bridge of his Airship, Leviathan Hunter. He was a proud K'iorn Dra'koon sent by his Zaodonai to greet the arrival of the Dra'khan Garmin Fe. Yet when he arrived there was no place to land as the continent was deep under water. He had no technological methods to signal, and the water was churning from the numbers of Estrain which infested the water.

By day three of the Seige there was no going in and out, and both Father Inido and Bella Hanson were stuck and used their time to learn of the people of the continent.

By day four Isidris Eldalish was forced to give up and return to his Zaodonai without making contact with the continent due to weapons fire by Estrain Maulers. There was no shame in this, for he left him a message in a bottle.

By day ten of the Seige the EEF vessels were holding off their own swarms of Estrain and reports were coming in of insane numbers of Estrain being spotted. When the number 1 Billion was reported many scoffed in disbelief. But as time went on there seemed no end of them.

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Re: Week 10 - The Beginning of the Seige of V'crios

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"Day 19,

The siege continues. The beasts have overtaken several of the havens, but the underground network remains well defended. The food stocks of the cavern plantations seem to holding up just fine. Several of the larger havens have been the target of some large offensives. Luckily for us most of the infrastructure is still intact. I have to hand it to those crafters, every time a building falls or a side of a wall is torn down, the building becomes whole again, after a day or so, with a fresh new layer of ice and the old stuff just melts away.

The commander thinks we can push our way out through the south and strike a significant blow to their forces. The captain advises that its foolish to do so until help arrives. We've sent out hails to anyone out in the deep, though some of us are afraid its only attracting more of them. A lot of the soldiers are starting to lose moral. There is talk about leaving this place and going home. No talk of mutiny yet, but I think it will be on people's lips given another week of this.

The Supply ships ought to be arriving any day now. Hard to tell exactly given the time variance. I hope they make it through. I hope they'll make it in time. And I hope there is someone else out their that can help us stave off these manslayer hordes."

A day later...

"Day 20,

Magnificent news today. The supply ships came and with force. It was glorious to see those Arcturus Warships tearing up the enemy forces with lance strikes.
Behind them came Antares Starfreighters bearing gifts of food and other supplies from the Uloh Free Confederacy and from the EEF. With the help of the 50 Manta Starfighters led by EEF Spc. Winters, they kept the Estrain off us long enough to allow us to build our Surge platforms and join them with Jotun to create safe havens around the Bubble Cities.
I've never been so happy to see a fleet of those ships before. On top of supplies we got furnished a new batch of troops. We've started using Field-Lite Surge Platforms to stave off some of the smaller advances. We could still use some help out here, but things are certainly looking up."

"Day 30

There is word of more relief coming, and support troops. The Estrain have been pushed back but there are still 4.5 Billion of them out there in the frozen wastes surrounding the Styx and in the waters around us.
Every Jotun that is seperated from a squad is set upon by hundreds of Estrain. There are now ambassadors from the EEF, the Uloh, the Dawn's New Light, working with the government to coordinate ICBM strikes from the EEF Ballistic Missile subs at targets on the ice. It has been keeping the attacks down to a minimum.

We may just hold this position."


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Re: Week 10 - The Beginning of the Seige of V'crios

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