Week 10 - The Unity Broadcasting Station Transmits and is Quiet

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Week 10 - The Unity Broadcasting Station Transmits and is Quiet

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Three years ago, at the height of Unity production, the technomagi of the Unity had built the perfect production facility. It was a citystation hidden on a shadow dimension, a demi-plane which held the Unity Core and nothing else.
Two years ago it was corrupted by the power of the Devil Bishop Kasanth, and its demonic powers ran rampant. At that time the Unity Knight of Justice rose up and began a civil war which culminating in her sealing away all of the worst of the Unity demons inside the Unity Core.
Now the station sits alone in the darkness of its demi-dimension, waiting for the power of the Metatrons of Fate to arrive.
Even now in the darkness of the demi-dimension a second city station moves to align itself with the Unity Core. Floating above Unity Core now hangs the legendary Morning Star Station, heart of the Horror Nexus, and coiling from its lowest levels was the Dragon of Unity.
The threshing legs of the Dragon of Unity cut the air as it finally reached the highest point of the crystal shaped Unity Core. It acted as the antennae linking the Morning Star Station and Unity Core. It was prepared to convert the entire Universe.
But this was still in the darkness of the demi-dimension of Unity Core and would need the Metatrons of Fate.
There were only two entraces to the demi-dimension of Unity Core. One was protected by an order of powerful uplinked Knights on the penal colony of Refuge. That entrance cannot be entered and is truly barred. And standing in front of it, preventing any extradimensional demolition work was Lady Lindsay, 1st Knight of Justice, and her Quantum Knights. Standing by her side was Captain Raven and a battallion of EEF Exorcists who would hold back the Corrupt Demonic Choir of Fate members who had infiltraited the Core.

The other entrance to the Unity Core however is an Energy Bridge. A single energy bridge which swirls open deep in the Polar Expanse of Space.
It is firmly defended by a pair of Iron Republic Motherships and five I.R. Interdictors. Onboard the lead Mothership was Toring Ygnar HiveLord sent by the HiveQueen's council to aid the Iron Republic.
They sent a HiveLord to prevent the FoF from hacking a Queen's brain. Already rumors had spread of battle within the signal of the Hives. Something beyond their conscious thoughts. All the Queens had strange dreams leading up to the battle, nightmares deep in the collective hive subconsiousness.
Those loyal to the Hives and the Quall Horde dreamed of the First Host demanding their aid against the Ancient Evils including the Metatrons of Fate. Those corrupted by Ardana HiveQueen's Quall Warmonger Cult and their whispers, dreamed of the end of the Iron Republic. And when they gathered to argue to send the Horde in to defeat the FoF they were countered at every turn, despite Ardana's own disappearance.
So it was finally decided that someone they hated anyone would be sent, and like all HiveLords, Toring Ygnar was secretly hated by the HiveQueen Council.
His hive of 200,000 Quall Warriors were sent to Unity Core to begin the assault while Toring Ygnar led the crews of the defensive Ships. On each was an elite cadre of Quall Warriors trained in Iron Republic Ship Operations who would keep the ships on manual in an attempt to prevent FoF hacking. Toring Ygnar had dreamed of the First Host, and it raised many philosophical questions for the four hundred year old Quall N'drone HiveLord. He had first questioned their existence during the few seconds the Neliff HiveKing had possessed his own formidable mind.
Now the threat of a Unity Broadcast turning all beings on a dimension into their servants including Quall N'drone, and the idea of the Invincibility of the Quall Horde was now a myth.
Toring Ygnar turned to his command crew, all Brethren soldiers, and Red Fist Commandos.
"We are ignoring our official orders," said the Quall HiveLord, "Inside this demi-dimension is a Broadcasting Station being assembled that could reprogram all life in this galaxy. We are going to destroy it. Does any here wish to declare mutiny or lodge a complaint."
A single Brethren raised a hand to be grabbed by the neck and lifted by the Quall HiveLord. In one hand Toring Ygnar held the Brethren aloft, and snapped the clone's neck in his red fist. "Your complaint has been registered."

The lead Blockade ship turned and flew through the rip in reality.
The remaining held the line, as a trio of FoF Motherships approached.
The FoF Motherships opened their bay doors and out flew sixty thousand warframes. The lights that marked their hulls made them seem like predatory fish in the darkness of deep space.

"HiveLord, we have recieved a strange message from the Unity," said one of Toring Ygnar's Red Fists aboard one of the remaining Blockade vessels, "Purifier incoming?"

"Draw back inside the demi-dimension and allow the Purifier to do its thing," said the Quall HiveLord, "We have a dragon to slay."

As the Purifier appeared in between the three FoF Motherships, it opened its many bays. Voracious satellites streamed from the purifier and began to consume the Warframes and the Motherships. Cloaking fields across the battlefield failed. Another ten FoF Motherships appeared, and their own warframes joined the attack. FoF Minions, altered Quall ripped apart the outer hull of the Purifier.

10 Chill Shielded Void Lords were escorting the Purifier, providing coding support, sowing confusion amongst attackers, and keeping the Fleets of Fate from focus-firing the Purifier. Further, they attempted to destroy any shields protecting the ships from Screamer drones.

The FoF were equals to the Unity in dealing with multiple threats at the same time, quickly delivered quick shots from their own Cutting beams which disabled the sources of the chill. Both Adept and Artifact and technology seared away by the FoF Motherships. Once their chill was disabled, the Screamer drones turned on their allies and began consuming them instead. The Void Lords could not stand against the Purifier and were ripped apart by their allies. Truly the dangers of the Purifier were apparent.

The FoF normal combat Warframes were also ripped apart by the Purifier's drones, but the Minions and Enslaved Fiends of the FoF survived the many satellites that bit into their flesh. FoF Missiles in the thousands struck the Purifier and was joined by the cutting beams of the FoF Motherships.

There was a horrific explosion, and the Purifier was utterly destroyed. However its sacrifice had cost the 13 FoF Motherships their entire warframe compliment and left the FoF Motherships badly damaged. Repairs immediatly began as was the FoF talent. Among them flitted 1000 Unity Senechals in Wingsuits who sabotaged the repairs, but they were struggling to keep up with the speed of the FoF repairs.

And across the galaxy allied fleets who had prepared for days, launched their own assault compliments to turn back the FoF.

At secret launch point A012, Childeen Blackheart watched the footage of the Purifier's battle against the FoF.

As the operators and pilots prepared themselves for the battle to end all battles for the universe Childeen BLackheart got onto the radio.
"This is our Universes darkest hour our very existence hangs in the balance. Every living thing should quake with fear for all hope has been lost.

This will be our brightest hour though. Each one of us are warriors who have proven ourselves time and time again. If death claims us all so be it, it will not find us cowering, in the trapped in the sharks eye we will never falter. What we do today will ring through the eons. Each one of us will turn the tide, and if we die we will wake up on Druzi, on refuge, on Cypress, on Conflagros, on Nilos, on Wylanda, and on Vitracite we will know that it we were the heroes. Each one of us will have one the war, our stories will be unique, but together we will be a force the connected cannot fathom!"

A Massive starforce began their flanking maneuvers. Blackheart had mobilized everything, Tzira technicians had worked for days to shield the fighters and ships systems as much as possible from hacking. Hundreds of Aegis fighters had stayed out of range of the purifiers attack.

They were not alone.

The Main Iron Republic Starforce mobilized, realizing the blockade could not defend the gate while the purifier was in action.

A strange symbol appeared on all Iron Republic screens at mission command. It said the cryptic words:Operation TRUTH. Then the screen went black, then red. With a cgi image of an IR Flag, the screen showed Deer in the full uniform of a Fleetmaster.

Fleetmaster Deer said, "Stockholder Maehl, Sector General Palomedes, Directors listening in to our communications, I am Fleetmaster Deer, not to be confused with Sector General Deer of the Polar Expanse. I control the entire IR Starforce located at Mars in accordance with the wishes of the Board of Directors. My mission involving Unity Core is simple and bold. Fifty Cloaked Trident Missile ships have been upgunned with Alioth Soil Mega Dispersal Weapons. After we have confirmed that the Unity Purifier is no longer in battle we will launch a salvo of MDWs against all FoF Motherships. These weapons will shut down all Nanites, so we got to pull any ship with Nanite shields out of combat before that bombardment begins. Once the entire area outside and inside Unity Core is dusted with Alioth soil we got the advantage."

As he spoke the Cloaked Tridents decloaked and fired their Mega Dispersal Weapons. The Missiles struck the repairing FoF Motherships and from inside they detonated filling them with enough Alioth soil that it flowed out like sugar grains sparkling in the light of distant suns. Where it passed repairs aboard the FoF vessels ended. The few FoF Drones who survived the purifier atatcks were now on the floor choking as their systems shut down by integrating a few crystals of alioth soil.

A smaller wing of I.R. Trident Missile ships launched past the field of fire, and into the energy bridge to Unity Core. Arriving in the darkness they saw the I.R. Mothership of the Quall HiveLord firing its domebusters at the Horror Nexus, the station designated in Unity Databases as Morning Star Station which was connected by the Dragon of Unity to the Unity Core. The huge domebuster rounds were slowed by an unknown force, crashing and scoring but not deeply penetrating the Morning Star Station.

The Tridents fired their MDWs and their salvo coated Unity Core and the Dragon and the Horror Nexus with Alioth Soil. Across their surfaces, Demonic Unity members fell ill, and the Dragon began to slow down its internal processess.

Fleet Master Deer continued
"Then five Motherships will be outside the Energy Bridge blockading with their own Starfighters andd an additional 1000 IR Chaos Starfighters. they will be backed up by twenty three Horn Class starcruisers who will snipe using their cannons any capital ships not yet affected by Alioth soil. Their goal will be to open a hole to let the soil inside.

Meanwhile I am sending 5 Century Class Frigates to deliver their drop troopers onto the Unity Core. Every team of drop troopers will be armed with TDW grenades to get as much Alioth Soil into those technodemons wounds. They got to be backed up by 100 Omega Brethren snipers with Alioth Sniper rounds to headshot any Sanguine Lords or Metatrons of Fate.

Supporting them delivered by 100 Raptors will be 200 AntLion mekanoids who will also be firing the Alioth Soil dispersal weapons. I will make Unity Core uninhabitable for technomagi from now on.

After dropping off their teams on Unity Core the five Century Frigates will use their domebusters on the "antenna" of the Dragon of Unity and Morning Star station.

A team of five IR Motherships will back up the outside blockade if needed.

Do not warn the Unity about the Alioth soil, it must be a secret if it is gonna take the FoF by surprise"

As the announcement ended the rest of the IR Starforce began to move, preparing for an important battle. A battle so important that Fleetmaster Deer himself would command the force from his new Mothership "Beautiful Andara".

In a stasis tube behind him on the bridge was the preserved body of his former CO and the love of his life Andara HiveQueen. She would witness either his greatest success or his greatest failure.

Deer wondered if this was the courtly love that old daft crumpler Palomedes was always jabbering about.

He watched as blue allied dots moved across his command console, "Who are those?"

"They are friendlies sir," said the tactical assessment officer, "Blackheart Security Solutions."

Stilletos in Blackheart colors followed the S-Crow through the small zero point drive wormhole, and dived down into the clouds of dead warframes and Alioth Soil. At the lead of the Blackheart forces were the aces of the Steel Falcons. Bombs erupted across the already damaged FoF Motherships and killed thousands of newly produced Warframes. Their rush caught the FoF after they were disabled, and after they were full of Alioth Soil, making it the perfect time to attack.
Seven FoF Motherships were completely destroyed. Their fleet of Warframes were being consumed by the Piranha Bioships of the Uloh Free Confederacy which swarmed upon the disabled and partially consumed warframes. They were eating so quickly only bits of metallic shards and plastics were left in their wake.

It seemed an easy win, within moments the attack force would be destroyed, and few losses except for the Purifier and its defenders.

Then the outer ring of the attack began, 4 FoF Motherships had been cloaked and deployed Cloaked Warframes. They had assumed a position outside the purifier's range, and now they turned their cutting beams and deathrays inward. The Allied fleets came under attack from the coordinated attack of over one hundred thousand beam weapons and semi-sentient missiles.

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Re: Week 10 - The Unity Broadcasting Station Transmits and is Quiet

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Black-Gamma: "So, this is the big mission. End of world kind of stuff."
Red-Alpha: "Yeah..."
Black-Gamma: "I don't suppose many of us will be coming back from this, if we come back at all."
Red-Alpha: "Heavy stuff."
Black-Gamma: "I just want you to know dude, its been an honor to fly with you."
Red-Alpha: "Its been an honor to fly with you as well. Hopefully we'll both get through this. If we do, I'm going to buy you several rounds of drinks. On me."
Black-Gamma: "Thanks man. I've got a few cigars I'm saving up as well."
Red-Alpha: "Looking forward to that."
Black-Gamma: "Can I ask you something?"
Red-Alpha: "Anything, you know that."
Black-Gamma: "If I don't make it back and you do, can you look after my mom for me?"
Red-Alpha: "You can count on it."
Black-Gamma: "And Greger?"
Red-Alpha: "Yeah."
Black-Gamma: "If I make it and you don't... I'll promise to marry your sister and keep her safe."
Red-Alpha: "Carl, I'm going to kick your face in!"
Black-Gamma: "What, she's hot!"
The fleet of Garmin Fe began to arrive, trying to surround the outer FoF ambush ring.
The six remaining FoF Motherships that had been damaged but not destroyed in the initial attack used this moment to retreat, to join with the outer FoF ring.

Something approached the damaged FoF motherships, seeming to be nothing more than a glimmering pool of spacedust. Streaking towards its target, the cloud was targeted and newely produced Warframes changed course to deal with the unknown threat. Silvery forms peeled away from the mass, latching onto approaching fighters and disabling them with sonic prowess.

Within the swarm of Troubadours, Marianette rode the largest. She had thickened her bark and added a protective coating to survive raw spaceflight. She encouraged her companions with gentle words as they neared an FoF ship. Upon closing the entire swarm broke apart and smashed into the side of the hull, hundreds of mouths latching onto the ship. They gnawed viciously, emboldened by their master’s cues. Once an opening was obtained, Marianette slipped inside, along with as many Troubadours as could fit.

The eyes of many saw the Troubadours gnaw their way into the FoF ships. None were as near as the Redeemer Starfighter of Father Jerico of the Dawn's New Light Church.

Father Jerico, was placed in charge of his first battle, he was nervous, he had a mixed force and he wasn't quite familiar with the new craft, he was studying the new Redeemer fighters and he was given the first batch of 250, he was very pleased to be using them. This fight was one of the most important of the entire conflict of the last few years. He would do his best to protect the free people of this dimension, he couldn't match the numbers of the enemy but the allied force seemed to match the enemy, his force might only be a small addition but they would do their part. They would protect their families and show the galaxy that the Church of Dawn's New Light fought for freedom.

But watching seemingly living ships each robotic vessels was alot for even the bravest man to face. The threat of war made its mark on his soul.

He had been seperated from the forces who were behind friendly lines. If he could just link back up with them he knew he had 100 Aegis Starfighters, 100 Model 212 Starfighters, 250 of the new Redeemer Starfighters, 5 IR Starships and 5 Banking Guild Heavy Frigates. From where he was flying he could contact them, and command their attack, but Father Jerico of the DNL was personally between the lines of fire.

It was only the timely attack of Garmin Fe's Fleet that gave him time to rejoin his forces.

As hundreds of Grex Starfighter formed floating barracades against the Beams of the FoF, the inner and outer defensive lines of the allies formed up against the FoF. The Alioth soil disabled all the nanites used by the Grex, but its wall technique still worked to absorb the death rays of the FoF using the disabled nanites as dead weight.

The north blockade of the outer ring of FoF forces found themselves under attack by Jotuns, Sagittae, and Jotun Jarls. Majesty Core weapons projected by the Jotun Jarls caused FoF Warframes to explode and flooded the battlefield with wild Leyas as it did so.
One of the FoF Motherships was struck by 10 Unity Prophets, but as they entered the cloud of Alioth Soil, the Prophets shut off. Instead of being able to convert the FoF Mothership, they careened into it like inert missiles. They pierced the FoF Mothership's outer structure, allowing hundred of Praetorians in excruciating discomfort from the Alioth Soil, to storm the floors of this Mothership. When one of the Praetorians put his sword through the chest of the FoF uplinked Grey piloting the vessel, they were finally able to disable the vessel enough to conquer it. The FoF Uplinked Aegelis in its Drive went critical sacrificing itself to counter the Prophets. It exploded killing all onboard.

So far they had kept the battle from getting inside...hadn't they.

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Re: Week 10 - The Unity Broadcasting Station Transmits and is Quiet

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Broadacasting to all of the Uloh Free Confederacy, he stated "To all members of the UFC, we will be going to help defend the Unity Core. While I admit that we have had problems with the Trilat in the past, we can not allow the Fleets of Fate to take over the universe. To this end, we will be deploying forces to aid the allied fleets defending the energy bridge to the unity core. We ask that those of you that will not be going with us, Pray to whatever dieties you worship for our safe return."

Then sending a message to the AOD forces on AOD galaxy drive 1, " to the forces of the AOD, just to let you know, we are taking this Galaxy Drive into combat versus the Fleets of Fate working with the Ancient Evil known as the Dragon of Unity. While you may not like me and probably want to kill me, this enemy is attempting to force the entire universe including you into thier hivemind. I know that you work for the Ancient Evil the Creeping Darkness, so we will see if you fight to stop them."

Then turning to his comms officer, he said " All ships, Take the Fleet to the Staging point. As soon as the All clear signal comes in from the unity, we will be taking the fleet in. this is a 'Do or Die' situation. either we stop them or we will die trying."

He then sent a secure message to Captain Axis, "Captain, I will be coming to the fight. If you have any plans that will help, please let us work together."

Next, he sent a message to Lady Ja'celyn, "good luck, my daughter. After you close the wormholes, bring your forces to the battle."

The EEF fleet gathered above the North pole of Refuge. Jeremiah watched the plotting screens as the sensor traces and IFF beacons gathered and milled about. It was an impressive fleting considering most of it hadn'
t existed a year ago and all of it had been built by the EEF. He knew it was much smaller than many of the fleets it would fighting along side but he liked to think they made up the numbers in quality and determination.

He was risking much on this mission a huge investment in ships and men. His first instinct had been to leave part of the fleet behind to protect Refuge in case the worst happened, but then it had occured to him that if it did they'd all be pulled into the Fleet of Fate's network so it wouldn't matter anyway.

"All ships have called in and are ready for jump, Sir" informed the comms officer. "No word from Stockholder Meahl yet." He nodded and wondered if just once a year could go by were reality didn't need saving. Oh well maybe next year he chuckled to himself remembering when he'd thought that last year when Warmonger had almost come through the portal over Refuge.

"Sir, signal recieved." Reported the comms officer, the bridge went silent at her words.
"Good," He answered. "Patch me into the fleet."
"All ships this is Field Marshall Strykker. We have recieved the call from our allies. It's time for us to play our part in this fight. You know I'm not one for speeches and I'm not going to make one now. You all know your jobs and you know what is expected of you. The only thing I want to say is that it is an honor to lead you into this. I know that when it's over we will still be here and the Fleets of Fate, whatevers left of them, will regret the day they decided to wander back out of that wormhole. Good hunting. Admiral move the fleet out."

Energy bridges burst open as ships got under way and the EEF fleet went to the fight of its life.

The spies of Temporal Empire reported back all to only one man. Su Maehl.
Su Maehl, former Pirate Captain, current I.R. Stockholder, and Director of the most profitable Free Systems company in the history of the Free systems, reviewed his plans one last time. There were so many small details. While his plan was as good as it could be, it lacked his usual guile. It was a fact that msde him rather uncomfortable.

Su began planning this type of battle months ago. Granted, he presumed it would have be against the Creeping Darkness and not the Fleets of Fate, but sadly the tactics weren't all that different. Thankfully, he was a stockholder now, which meant he could bring together the Universe in a way that he may not have been able to in the past. It was an advantage he was going to take advantage of.

All of the battle forces had created two sets of rings. One in the center which was I.R., Unity and Beacon city, all able to be countered by the Fleet of Fate. But around that inner ring of FoF is a ring of starfighters of Blackheart, supported by the President Ragman, whose bone spur of the Fate Metatron keeps him from their power. They will keep the FoF harried and confused.

The outer ring of FoF blockades now had a hole in the upper curve. On its outer ring was an allied pincer attack.There they faced the EEF, Maehl and the Free Systems Armada.

Hundreds of thousands of Free Systems Starfighters attacked at the week points pushing the outer ring back further until it was fully enveloped. It was point blank firing of Disabler cannons across the hulls of FoF capital ships in between the firepower of the Iron Republic's sniper Horn-class domebusters.

The FoF Warframes were easily shut down by the disablers. In the end it was the weapons developed by the Angels of Desolation that shut down most of the FoF without more losses on the allied side.

In that moment the inner ring of Ar'Yeserai Redeemers and Beacon City Jotuns pushed up to meet with the EEF forces which began a bombardment of Anti-Nanite Nanites hidden inside mekanoid drones that slammed into the side of the inner ring of FoF Motherships. The Anti-Nanite Nanite was perhaps the most insidious weapon designed in the age of nanite technology. These Nanites were aggresive only towards sentient or mobile and motile forms of Nanites. It killed the microscopic robotics and used them to create more Anti-Nanite Nanites. Unluckily a few allied Beacon City Nano-Fusion sages were struck by the spread of the Anti-Nanite Nanites and they died in their pilot chairs and their ships crashed.

Aboard one of the attacked FoF Motherships, the Senechals in Wing Suits soon found their gear malfunctioning due to Anti-nanite Nanites and were killed by Fiends of Fate. A few held their positions, but it was bloody fighting, Zela Sword to the Demonic Claws of the Fiends of the FoF.
There was horrific fighting on the bridge of that ship.

As the fighting continued the EEF pushed harder, with they were shocked to see they were met by the fleet of Le-a HiveQueen. One hundred Heavy Frigates followed her banner and were carving into the FoF assault force. They linked up with the other forces

Captain Rynaeta was one of the many Free Systems Captains who came to call of freedom from the FoF and their plan of forced implantation. Her fleet was huge and ready to pincer the FoF from the other side linking a line now straight across the rings of battle.

The Captain found it hard to believe that earlier that day she had simply been waiting for a contract job from her boss Damien, Director of Terrovea. She never expected the privateer contract of the millenia.

Earlier that day

"Hey, wait up!" Damien yelled as he ran down the hall, trying to catch up to Lanaedra. She was walking down the hall with another woman, a Captain who's name he couldn't remember.

Lanaedra and the Captain turned back to look for who yelled and, upon seeing it was Damien, stopped and saluted. "Well, there's the plan, Captain Rynaeta. Go on ahead and give the order. Get the fleet ready to go."

"Yes ,ma'am," she said as she saluted again, and turned to walk away.

"Hey, i said wait!" Damien said as he caught up. "That includes you," he added, gesturing to Captain Rynaeta.


"Captain Rynaeta, huh? First name's Elarissa, right?" he asked as her name came to him. She nodded. "Ok." He looked at the tablet he was holding, pressed a few buttons to pull up the document he wanted, and handed it to Lanaedra. "New orders. We're in command of more ships."

"But your first orders were to send all the ships we had," she responded, looking at the tablet with a confused look on her face. "How do we have command of more?"

"Su Maehl sent us a hell of alot of ships that we're going to be in charge of. He also sent an outline for the plan he wishes us to implement while in battle," he answered as she handed the tablet to Elarissa. "It seems sound, so just go with it." He turned to take the tablet back from Captain Rynaeta, and to talk to her directly. "When you get there, send a message to this Captain Sora Fleshstealer, and one to Su Maehl, and let them know that our forces have arrived and will be operating according to Su's plan. Also, inform Su that you're to follow his order's as though they were given by me. Su know's his plan better than i do, so if something goes wrong, he's the one who's better suited to adjust the plan accordingly."

Captain Rynaeta saluted again. "Yes, sir!" she said, and turned to head toward the hangar.

"Also!" Damien yelled after her.

She turned back. "Yes?"

"Our entire fleet isn't going. Only send 80 of our Cudgel's and all 25 of the Stilleto's. Take Ceylintheos, but don't engage it in battle. That'll be the ship you stay on. Su will issue his orders to you, and you'll issue Su's orders to the rest of the ships under you're command. Do you understand?"

"Under my command? But, i've never commanded a fleet of this size before. I don't think i should be the one to do this," she replied.

Damien walked up to Elarissa and put a hand on her shoulder. "You'll do fine. Trust me. You're more than qualified for this job. Now get going. That fleet's not going to command itself."

"Yes, sir," she responded, and began walking towards the hangar.

"Do you really think she'll be alright, sir?" Lanaedra asked as they watched Elarissa walk away.

He looked down at her. "Oh yeah. She'll be fine."

Now she wondered as if she was fine. One hundred thousand starfighters with different fighting styles facing Cherubs of Fate and Minions of Fate, and even the Fiends of Fate. targets their pilots had never faced before. The warframes seemed to anticipate their actions and blasted ships apart with missile swarms and death rays.

Captain Rynaeta heard the comms officer behind her yell, "Captain we have reports of squadrons B-M suffering heavy casualties. Our disablers are having an immediate effect. Their numbers are steadily falling and the Piranha of President Ragman and the Kamikazes of Captain Axis have begun cutting their remains apart."

"We just need to hold the line," said Captain Rynaeta, "See those EEF Dusk Destroyers, hail them and move into defensive positions. Keep the enemy bisected."

The Pirate Fleets of Sora Fleshstealer joined the fray and together the allied fleet finally overwhelmed the sheer numbers of the FoF closing off their attack on the outside of the demi-dimension of Unity Core.

But Inside, a war of its own had been going.

The Unity Core and the Dragon and the Morning Star Station had joined and it would soon be ready to transmit.

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Re: Week 10 - The Unity Broadcasting Station Transmits and is Quiet

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The ships of Toring Ygnar HiveLord watched the destruction of the dreaded Purifier. Their own fire power was currently focused on the Dragon of Unity which was using fluccuiating electromagnetic fields to slow down the projectiles before they struck. It was still a master of Em fields despite the Alioth soil working its way through the Dragon's system like a kernals of toxin.

The HiveLord demanded his Quall attack again and again. The Domebusters on their vessels never stopping sounding. Behind them Unity Shadow Satellites activated and the Unity Apostles appeared into position. A perfect ambush on the Fleet of Fate, instead launched on the rogue IR Vessels.

Eight enormous Apostles now ringed the swirling energy bridge to Unity Core, and they arrived as the Purifier did. Fifteen Dreadnaughts and 1000 Saggitae were spread between the Apostles forming an inner blockade. The fight will be largely a holding action and a measured retreat to prevent the Fleets of Fate from bum-rushing the core. They never expected an FoF turned Cherub of Fate to deliver a small parcel through the shadow satellite's gate. It drifted out a seeming bit of spacejunk, but the parcel slowly began to unwrap and as it did it revealed a huge canvas that had been carefully folded. It its shadowy depths pulsed an artificing to another location and from its shadows flew two remaining FoF motherships and fifty thousand warframes completely unharmed by the warfare outside.
The Apostles fired their beams of energy and cut deep rents in the FoF Motherships.

Prime stood on his personal skiff, jet black sword in hand. Behind him stood seven Sanguine Lords, beautiful and terrible. They were his companions, and so would join him as a most honored vanguard. The skiff ducked and wove through the chaotic battle, tearing through the battle with unnatural grace.

Prime could feel the pull of the dragon as the Sword’s ichor pumped through his veins. His will was strong, but he almost did not survive his last joining with the dragon. There was no time to doubt, not any more.

The front of the skiff opened, and Prime was revealed in his dark splendor. His heavy armor was black, faceless, and imposing. The layers of metal were covered in glowing dark red runes that hurt the eye to gaze upon. His four wings of black power unfurled, and he streaked towards the Dragon with the Sword of Prime in hand and with the Sanguine Lords behind him. They would win their way to the Dragon, use it to disable the Morning Star Station and either flee or fight those who would take Unity Core from those to whom it belonged. And he was not alone. As his air support consisted of his new friend Orleso Sacrenine, and his ground support were his often enemies the Da'uhnb of the Temporal Enemies.

Ever since Orleos Sacrenine had seen the FoF on the screens at Casablanca Station a cloud seemed to loom above the heads of all the people gathered. Stand together or be put into submission by something you couldn't fight, the choice was obvious to all those with half a brain, the only option was to fight.

Using the money that his company had been able to acquire in the time Orleos had been an IRLC, he purchased whatever he could to aid in the coming catastrophe. After the Purifier threat was gone, 300 Stilettos and 300 Aegis Fighters had been ordered to assist Prime and his allies in whatever manner they deemed necessary, all in the hopes of keeping the FoF away from the Unity Core. The fighters would protect Prime as he tried to control the Dragon of Unity, should he be attacked, they would interfere, to buy him time. "Prime was the 'King' piece in all this, if he fell, then we all would" thought Orleos, but he would not risk himself on this battlefield.

The Da'uhnb had a more selfish reason for joining the battle. Every Cherub, Fiend and Throne the Da'uhnb consumed was a demonic meal of the highest quality. And there were rumors of the Metatrons of Fate coming in to begin the transmission.

Down below, Raven of the EEF slammed his sword down into the spinning gears of an FoF Throne. It was the first Daemonsbane sword, granted to him by the knight Sir Rogarth Des Daemon. And Raven used its power to feed on demons to give it a smorgasboard on Unity Core. As the sword seethed with Energy, Raven focused it into the mighty Morning Star Station. Levitating with all his might, and all the energy generated by the Daemonsbane sword, and Raven crushed the Dragon of Unity once, twice, and finally three times between Unity Core and the Morning Star Station. Cracks adorned its form, which it could not heal due to the Alioth Soil but the Dragon of Unity would not let go. It had been born from Morning Star Station for this purpose and it would not fail.

The transmission was ready but then one hundred EEF Gunpod Starfighters dragging massive booms behind them in staggered formation moved into position at the Dragon's back. They strafed its back, and the arc-light booms hammered the Dragon with EMP which confused it and prevented it from transmitting.

Prime charged forward and was met in battle by Cherubs of Fate. Hundreds had been hiding deep in the core, growing in power in the hum of the Unity Core. The arrival of the Morning Star station had awoken them.

Prime watched in shock as the top of the Morning Star Station opened. Its dome-like top showed the body of the original Metatron Prime, partially cybernetically linked to the Morning Star Station. The Demonic Lord had held onto life this entire time, using the Dragon of Unity as an unbilicious to create havok, and the Horror Nexus as a powersource to restore Metatron Prime's own power.

It had its own message it wanted to transmit without the permission of the concensus.
Prime of Unity was prepared to kill the beings with whom he shared genetic material because of its demonic nature.

He watched Da'uhnb appear along the back of the now disoriented and wounded Dragon of Unity. They began to claw away at the Dragon of Unity, and biting deep into its robotic form. Demonic flesh was rended along with infernal metals.

Prime and Maehl (a clone of the man) ran towards the Dragon's mouth where it gripped the tip of Unity Core. Prime prepared to drive his sword into the neck of the Dragon of Unity. To link with its port and wrestle control of its chaotic power.

"Prime, I know you have the best of intentions, but it's a really bad idea for you to do this. By using the sword the Ancient Evil will use you as its avatar and will once again rule the Unity. You will cease to be. It has been forseen. I like you too much to let that happen to you and the Unity. Please stop!"

Prime lifted his blade back, ready to strike.

Maehl yelled, drawing his pistol in a smooth motion, "Prime, please don't do this! I can't let you."

Maehl was about to fire, when one of the Sanguine Lords stepped in the way of the pistol.
Believing their stockholder to be in trouble, programming deep in the Brethren soldiers minds activated.

Omegas turned their sniper rifles toward the technically allied Sanguine Lords and began to fire. Alioth rounds hit the Sanguine Lord's head and in a moment ten Sanguine Lords had been killed. The Soil round had dispersed deep in their logic centers and the Sanguine Lords fell dead as grey goo on the floor.
This further incesed the other Sanguine Lords, but it bought Prime time to bring his sword down.

Instead of driving it into the port on the neck of the Dragon, he drove it into the dragon's head. The killing blow caused energy to flow through him up and into the transmission tower of its spine and up to the top of Morning Star Station where three Metatrons of Fate dueled with The original Unity Metatron Prime. Its evil intellect was an equal to them, but they could predict its actions.

Kasanthian Giant Nightmares landed on the far side of Unity Core, carrying with them more Sanguine Lords. At first, the I.R. soldiers thought they were facing reinforcements then one of them pointed out it was Lt. Ryuk's pennants hung from the WarGiants.
The I.R. began firing back in earnest, they would not let them advance.

"We are here to take the Dragon into Custody," shouted Ryuk's soldiers.

Prime twisted the sword into the brain in the head of the Dragon and another pulse went up his spine. Deep in his body, Prime felt pain. But when the pulse struck the Morning Star Station, the Metatron Prime faltered for a moment and the three Metatrons of Fate drove their swords into the Metatron Prime's cybernetic sections.

"We have much to transmit," said the FoF metatrons to their former kin from this dimension.

"Your desires mean nothing to the Unity," said the Metatron Prime.

Fully know that to defeat an enemy this strong, would take the combined forces of multiple armies, and the former apprentices of "He who has been disgraced and will not be named" the Kasathian will counter. Amongst Viggo's former fleet were a Nightmare Lord vessel and one of the unique fairly new Chrysalis ships. This is a load out meant to take out the Dragon of Unity. The Chyrsalis Starship approached the Unity Core floating behind Ryuk's forces. Then a Nightmare lord vessel teleported in and activated the reality warp weapon over the dragon. It stunned Prime of Unity, as well as defenders on both sides lond enough for the Chyrsalis to unload a the planetary seed into the dragon.
The Dragon's head was pierced and its writhed as the plantary seed began to grow. It extended down setting roots into the Unity Core and spreading and cracking its pristine crystal appearance. The seed rippled out upward spreading up to the Horror Nexus where it fed on the finest of collected fear and pain from every battle the Unity had faced in two years. It had not been intended for the nightmare seed, it had been intended as food for the Metatron Prime as he recovered so he could retake his role as demonic avatar of the Unity, instead of just a demon lord rent asunder. But to regain all his power he still needed the sword of the Prime.
The Dragon of Unity died for now, a part of the Nightmare Tree that had grown between the two stations.
The Dragon's body could not repair the damage thanks to the Alioth Soil and Anti-nanite nanites floating around the battlefield. And the tree had grown through it, linking all by its body.

Above them in the now vine filled tower dome of the Morning Star Station, the battle was slowing between the FoF Metatrons and the Metatron Prime.

Prime of Unity climbed up the Nightmare tree to where they fought. Climbing in a hole broken by the growing Nightmare seed, Prime saw his cybernetic demonic twin with a lower half joined to the Horror Nexus and recoiled.

The Metatron Prime blasted one of the FoF Metatrons with his power, but then ten thousand Da'uhnb stormed the Horror Nexus at the command of Su Maehl. Metatron prime was cut down and ripped from his connection to the horror nexus. Prime of Unity noticed the exact same port he had seen on the neck of the Dragon of Unity on the floor from where the Metatron Prime's dead body had been ripped.

The Metatrons of Fate fled only for two of them to be cut down by Da'uhnb with the help of starfighter support from Rol'aye'ahn and the Sabretooth Pirates. The Third Metatron of Fate was to be cut down by Raven and the Daemonsbane sword as it tried to breach to Quantum Gate. At his side fought, Major T.J. of the EEF and V.L.A.D. Agent Candy, a veritable demigod.

10 New Vorik Shuttles landed and EEF Exorcists secured the Morning Star station and the horror network. The I.R., EEF and other allied nations could spend lifetimes studying the technology aboard Morning Star Station.

Meanwhile the remaining two FoF motherships had been cut apart and struggled to repair themselves. Schools of Limpet Bioships hit them with disabler rounds while AntLion Mekanoids who had landed on the nearby Unity Core attacked the FoF and the remaining warframes with their Alioth Soil grenades.
It culminated in Void Bombs placed by Captain Axis' crew aboard the FoF Motherships destroying the last of the attacking FoF Motherships. All save one which never made its appearance on the battlefield, only watching and waiting.

It saw the huge cloud of hidden Agoh who enveloped both the allies and the FoF ships outside the Unity Core entrance.

It witnessed the moment when the Agoh turned their cutting beams on the allied vessels and began boarding all non-TRILAT vessels present. The FoF was defeated but a grave betrayal came from the space jellyfish at the moment the allied fleet should have rejoiced.

Part 4 of ?


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Re: Week 10 - The Unity Broadcasting Station Transmits and is Quiet

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Antares Starfreighters serving the Free Systems were the first to register the breach. Moments before their crew had been celebrating the defeat of the FoF and the defense of Unity Core. Now their crew were being cut in half by the beams of the Agoh which had snuck up on all forces.
Their tactics were simple. Cut a hole a board a vessel. They did not bother with dogfighting, using the shell of enemy vessels as their own defense.
The Free Systems crew had no chance against the Agoh and were killed where they sat at their stations aboard many vessels. The EEF C.O.G. Class Capital Ships quickly moved to engage. Eleven Dual domebusters killed hundreds of Agoh as they cut through their schools.
But it was too late. As more and more ships were deployed, more and more ships were boarded and used as living shields for the Agoh as they killed. Hundreds of thousands of Free Systems ships were destroyed by the unknown AOD force. No one had every faced Agoh and Agohleth, and their ambush came at the most unexpected time.
The death toll rised among the Free Systems and the Iron Republic ships. Cloaked Tridents found themselves boarded simply found by feel by the clouds of Agoh. Their crew faced nematacytic tentacles, and a death by poisons or being cut up by biologically powered cutting beams.

Each faction had sent backup troops and these tried to aid the battle, but were equally stymied.
Disablers had little effect on the Agoh, and ships which were disabled just had their crews massacred quicker.

The fighting did not end till the following morning. How many Agoh were killed was uncounted, but the allied loss of life had been unacceptably high. More than half of all Free Systems and I.R. Fleets had their numbers cut in half by the battle with the Agoh. Five EEF Duskan Destroyers were killed by the Agoh, and the C.O.G.s were badly damaged but not destroyed.

To this day, none except the Uthvelor know the source of the final attack. Nor does any know where the Agoh that survived had fled to.

Prime stood in the center of the horror nexus, his presence unknown by ally and enemy.
His eyes were focused only on the small port in the center of the horror nexus.
In his hand the energy flowed down the sword of prime.
He drove the sword down, and whether he wanted it or not the Liberation Choir channeled through him into the one and only broadcast of the station.

For a moment, the hope of freedom was planted in the hearts of all sentients across the Universe.
Prime withdrew the sword, as the leftover virus code of the Quiet burned out the transmitting capability of the stations.

In his home on Quanalithi, Orleos Sacrenine watched with sinister delight as the crystalline Soul Harvesters were unloaded from vessels that had returned from the battle of Unity Core. In each of the Soul Harvesters screamed the demonic power of the Fiends of the FoF. Orloes rubbed his hands with glee, as he heard their psychic screams. It was only too bad the Metatrons had escaped his grasp.

For the rest, it was a day of mourning the dead, and a day of rejoicing for being yet among the living.


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Re: Week 10 - The Unity Broadcasting Station Transmits and is Quiet

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