Open Play Week 1 Hunt Mission "Part 1: Secrets on Quanalithi"

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Open Play Week 1 Hunt Mission "Part 1: Secrets on Quanalithi"

Post  OrleosSacrenine on Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:49 pm

Ever since the capture of three Tsogari and six Tsoga, Orleos Sacrenine has been looking over his shoulders and has never been seen outside of Chateau du Sacrenine, which is at odds with his normal appearances and flair for dramatic shindigs on Quanalithi. Some would say that he is dead, while others say that he is holed up in his estate preforming terrible unspeakable things, but what has been certain is that he confirms via message through Eante Vandoslit, his personal assistant, that he is indeed alive and has merely taken ill.

What has been strange as the residents have noted, is that there are new procedures in place regarding the security to get into Quanalithi and getting out. New arrivals and departures are 'wanded' with some strange grey stick after passing through an odd machine reminiscent of a metal detector, and there has been a complete cutoff of residents allowed anywhere near the main gate of the Sacrenine estate on the Eastern Outskirts.

Reports are inconclusive regarding the state of the Tsogari that have been captured as noted by the two on recon duty before they had to leave prior to the new security measures that would have revealed their presence. Aside from the blunder regarding the message sent out from Sacrenine's estate which did reveal where the Tsogari initially were via message received through the EEF satellite network.

Prior to bugging out from Quanalithi, all that has been seen is Eante Vandoslit leaving the estate under heavy guard, her normal on schedule routine effectively mapped out. A private hangar connected to Sacrenine's estate on the outer rim of the moon base and how many had been captured before all transmissions stopped, and the arrival of a Unity presence which has made all evidence of the message origin faulty.

However, the EEF knows what they heard, they are hardly convinced when the evidence is staring them in the face, along with reliable intel from the Tsogari themselves, they know there has been a breach in their patrols. They have begun to plan how to act in regards to the delicacy of the mission. However little aside from the obvious is known about the new security measures and there is no definite location of Orleos Sacrenine and the mentioned Tsogari.

*Every day that passes is a day Orleos grows more paranoid and beefs up security, and every day Orleos is not moved against he grows more accustomed to the idea of moving to the new research facility promised to him by Unity Prime and should he reach it, his research and most likely himself will become untouchable. Will gain the 'Reward' 'Shadows in the Corner' every 3 Days nothing happens 1 'stack' will grant him -1 on Fear and Temper Tests but a +1 to Vision tests, Max #2*

*This mission is open to EEF and Zaodonai Celyse along with anyone they invite. Sequel missions will branch out depending on the outcome of events. Players are encouraged to make threads in their respective forums to discuss plans regarding the operations and what they believe to be the best options.*

*What will you do? Will you gather hard evidence to expose Sacrenine and destroy his company, will you go in guns blazing and explosions going off to make Michael Bay piss his pants in sheer awe, or will you capture the King and/or Queen of this proverbial Chess-Board? Food for Thought. This is a Hunt/Search&Rescue Mission*


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Re: Open Play Week 1 Hunt Mission "Part 1: Secrets on Quanalithi"

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:17 pm

No questions or complaints logged so far.


Please post in the OP Approved Missions with a mission end/lock date of September 2 at 11PM E.S.T.


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