Week 10 - Leftenant Ryuk and Jorvin Dulk vs the Supplicants!!!

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Week 10 - Leftenant Ryuk and Jorvin Dulk vs the Supplicants!!!

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The closest of the Rabble was a greesy looking guy with a black suit and an arm that was quickly shapeshifting into a gauss rifle.
Looking out past the Rabble in the room, Ryuk knew he would also have to make it through an entire hallway of them.
The numbers kept growing. So far it was only the ones in his immediate presence who changed.

Luckily Jorvin Dulk had five of his boys with him. Then the Gauss Rifle fired and the head was torn off one of Dulk's boys.

So Jorvin and his four remaining boys drew their weapons. If they were getting out, they'd have to work together.

Ryuk looked around and realized they would need more firepower. The weapons had been handed out.
"The plan is to disable the unity uplinks by using chill, if possible. If not, you are to take out, but not final death, the rabble that are affected by the Unity Cyborg Hunter's Supplication Trojan," said Ryuk.
Measures to hinder the hacking, by limiting the rabble to the army only part of the uplink. Hopefully this will buy us some time, throught Ryuk.

"Alright boys Mr. Ryuk wants us to try to disable these fellers without killin them, yeah I know that just makes it harder especially with Tom here without no head but we will try it the boss' way. We will use our leyas to try to surround the infected Rabble with as much moisture as possible, a thick fog using our Air Leyas. Then Pete, your job, well besides not getting dead is to change that fog into ice in an attempt to freeze them boys. In addition I want yall to use those artifacts the boss gave us to entangle them in vines and if all else fails shoot them with these magi cannons the boss gave us.
Follow Mr. Ryuk's instructions and do your jobs, we are here to show him what we disconnected can do, we can get the job done and not get mind controlled by them cyborg hunters. Lets show those hunters what it is like to be hunted!" growled Jorvin Dulk at his remaining boys.

Then the first hail of gauss guns went off next to them, and they took cover.

They didn't know the cavalry was on the way.

The Prisoner had learned he was just a clone. A distraction designed to help the AOD plans.

In upset he decided to go to the only place the Prisoner had really been accepted. Armed with a pair of sawed off shotguns with riot shells he steps out into the casino of his only friend Ryuk. Even now it was obvious something was going down.

Mutated technobeings had Ryuk pinned down with gauss rifle fire. The Prisoner wasn't going to stand for that.

He just hoped the riot shells would take down the affected Rabble without killing them.

No longer a magnavore the Prisoner wasn't as tough. But he was going to run in shooting Rabble and leaping over a table to join up with Ryuk. When he got to Ryuks side he would say, "Hey Ryuk looks like you could use a hand. You probably don't recognize me. I'm Fred Cal Marx and you used to know me as DP2."

The only problem was after that incredibly badass assault through ground and air and tabletop, and successfully stunning four of the Supplicants, their response of Gauss fire struck him in the stomach and chest and he landed on the other side of the tabletop.

"So what is the escape plan?" asked Ryuk.

"This is it," said Fred Cal Marx, "I forgot about Armor didn't I. That shell did have its uses. So before I bleed out what is the plan?"

Using Primes instructions, they are trying to find one of the Unity Hunters for capture, and questioning later as they escaped, or so Ryuk hoped. "We need to find one of those Unity Cyborg Hunters."

There was suddenly the sound of fighting down on the Casino floor.

It had been a normal day shift with the consultation team. Timothy-12, Fran, and Piolo, their Tziran guard, were doing a spot check for computer systems. It was dreary, and Timothy-12 wasn't happy with the delay in the amount of time required to do everything.
It was kinda funny to Piolo, but he felt Timothy-12's frustration.

As they were walking from one location to another, a small alert went off, and security protocols were put into place. A small lockdown.

Piolo checked his systems, and nothing was coming from the outside. He set off running to the security beacon (he sure was happy Timothy-12 already installed them), he encountered a locked door. He hoped Timothy would be able to hack it.

Timothy-12 touched the door and it unlocked and slid open. Beyond them was the main casino floor where a pack of Warmonger's Dead had started cutting down one of the Supplicants. The other Supplicants were ineffectually firing upon the Dead who ignored the rounds which passed right through them and impacted on a set of Slot Machines which dinged. A nearby near-blind, half-deaf old woman reached down hoping it was money that fell down, and instead cut her finger on one of the spikes.

Timothy-12 drew his sword he could sense the taint of the Supplicants on the network nearby. He was old enough to remember the Night of the Obscenus disaster, and the Supplicants going mad. He did not accord them the same mercy as TRILAT Lt. Ryuk. Let the concesus and the TRILAT council argue it out after the fact.

Fran felt a little dirty that he was fighting alongside a Warmonger's Dead but then he learned they were free agents, so he felt a little better about it. Supplication and other forced cyberization technologies were high frowned upon in Beacon City as well.

They watched as Ryuk and Jorvin Dulk and four of his boys escaped the private room. Ryuk took out one of the Supplicants at the door with a doomwrym blade that severed his brainstem and annihilated a section of the spine. Ryuk also cut a sample to resurrect him, if they needed to flee back to Refuge.
Jorvin Dulk blasted the nearest Supplicant on his side of the door with a pair of head shots that dropped the Supplicant like a sack of bricks.

Two of the Boys were on either side of the Prisoner who had forgotten to pick up armor on the way over. Fran ran over, checked an ambient Leyas tester connected by a belt loop and opened a case of standard nanite syringes and plunged one into the Prisoner's chest. The Nanites consumed the bullets and healed the wounds.

The wounds were healed and the Prisoner felt great, but Fran warned, "You may be a little outgunned here."

Timothy-12 saw a shadow garbed figure dart away from the battle. Timothy-12 charged swinging the harmonic blade at neck level. Instead of the sound of flesh he was stunned by the sound of metal.
A head rolled across the ground, a Zela-alloy skull with a crystal capped organic brain inside. Timothy 12 grinned, wiping his blade clean. Life with his friend the stockholder never would be dull. He reached to hack the door...but it opened on its own accord. He could sense the activity of Prime as it screamed through the networks here.

The Quiet was in the Unity but they had been largely immunized since his last visit. Instead they were all linked through the psychic sword of Prime into the HiveKing and through him into the dying FoF in the seconds before the Quiet silenced the connection.
Timothy-12 fell to the ground and the Cyborg Hunters stared mockingly at him, "We do what we do little programmer for the Unity."

"If these events I witnessed were any part your plan, then you are truly devils in the mechanical shells of men. Does the soul that once was tied to those last vestiges of brain scream in your ears for your evil?" asked Timothy-12.

"I am CH Model-3," said the head, "Take me to your Prime and learn that your masters live a lie. Or allow me peace if you think I am so horrific."

Ryuk approached putting his boot over the Cyborg Hunter's mouth, "Stop sniveling, I am going to hand you over to Prime myself. You worm."

The Quiet's power seemed to cure the Rabble of their "sickness" and the head of Cyborg Hunter Model-3 was captured. A win by any standard, and the fact that the casino had been unharmed.


Ryuk gains, head of Cyborg Hunter Model -03 which he can trade to Prime for an undisclosed Prize

AryayHiveQueen gains, Jorvin Dulk finally finds a place he can call home, Praise the New Dawn's Light.

The DPrisoner00200 and Maehl Holdings and Unity Prime get the Friends in Need Award which includes a free room at Ryuk's Casino, and one free drink every night.

The Footage from the battle can be sold to President Ragman for his Battle City program.
Street value: 50,000 ghaz


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