Week 10 - To Catch a Time Shredder

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Week 10 - To Catch a Time Shredder

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Captain Jak'hal knew it was coming, just as inevitable as his betrayal at the hands of Mor'aye'ahn.
Just as his line had been betrayed by the line of Mar'un'ga throughout time.
He prepared himself. Jak'hal's fleet was hidden throughout time, ready to return when the time was right. The Trio of Rogue Brethren were already ready and done with breaking him out of prison once he was in the Temporal Prison.
Now he just had to get himself trapped in the Temporal Prison in the first place, setting up the ultimate temporal gambit on the Da'uhnb and their Queen.

Jak'hal appeared in a flash of blue light, using a fresh time shredder for this trip. He suddenly felt very heavy, and his divination flashed onto the strange Cabinet on the far end of the laboratory. His steps sagged thickly, and he felt like he was moving through molasses.

Suddenly Jak'hal felt the Da'uhnb step out beside him, and went for the Silenced Micro-Uzi that the time traveling pirate had smuggled back from the past. Jak'hal just raised his hands politely, "Other than hoping to prevent my species from going extinct what crime am I comitting?"

Captain Orig snapped his arms above his head into a heavy restraining cuff that clasped both his hands, and sunk zela spikes in deeply.

"Thank you for that further reminder of my state as a species with a kill on sight order," said Jak'hal.

"No worries about that," said Captain Orig with a toothy smile, "I also am familiar with that feeling, so I will not kill you. We are simply going to transport you to the Gallery."

"The Gallery?"

"The place where all true Temporal Criminals are taken," replied Orig, "The Gallery holds all the true Temporal Criminals and the complicated promblems are held in the library. The Library holds the books that are written on the flesh of countless throughout time. The Library is a walk in the park compared to the Gallery. Enjoy your new home."

An empty frame of alien metal was brought over and placed over the bound Jak'hal's head. It was lowered and suddenly sucked the K'ias into a Taunt seemingly 2-D form. On the floor lay the armored gauntlet-cuffs which had bound Jak'hal's hands. Inside them still dripped a little bit of the K'ias' blood.

This frame was quickly carted off to the ship leaving for the Gallery. It was so secret, no one was allowed to teleport to it.

Captain Orig turned towards both General Vulfrym and Mor'aye'ahn, saying, "Thank you gentlemen. You show your honor as sentients."

The cabinet flowed up into General Vulfrym and Mor'aye'ahn looked at him curiously.

"Is that it?" asked Vulfrym, "I was kind of expecting a fight."

Captain Orig pinned a shiny pin to their chest clothing, which was their flesh simply shapeshifted. Each had a pin that said , "Special Deputy T.E.A."

Orig said, "We may call on you again. And you now may safely travel once again through the Free Systems."



T.E.A. gains traps the Perp = New Heroic Space Station Acquired!
Avalon Station (stats on next update). Holds "The Gallery"

Mor and Vulfrym gain Junior Deputy = All bounties on their heads are removed (except the kick his ass on sight bounty set by T.J. on Vulfrym). They can travel safely into and across the Free Systems.

Mor gains Promises Kept = At the time the Temporal Empire releases the cure, Lil is offered the first dosage.

Trio of Rogue Brethren = This loveable comic trio are the current crew of Jak'hal, and get Honorable Mention


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