Pregame Space Battle 1

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Pregame Space Battle 1

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Peace has settled in many parts of Known Space. Even the turbulent Polar Expanse had grown quiet for a few months.
The EEF Armada were running tactical exercises, they received a warning from an EEF Science vessel that was taking readings on one of the Temporal Wormholes. A Kasanthian Federation convoy carrying the tranquilized body of End of Worlds, the ancient doomwyrm dragon that was the jailer of the Ancient Evil known as Warmonger, is spotted on its way to the Temporal Wormhole. EEF High Command has scrambled all nearby forces, and Field Marshall Strykker is called to direct command aboard his current flagship.

The Kasanthian Convoy

40 Unknown Starfighters hiding either at the moon of Druzi 1, or at its twin satellite, Druzi 2.
Both are lifeless planets with deep trenches and many natural ravines. Their goals are unknown and their weapons are unknown but definitely Kasanthian technology.

They have hidden the vessel dragging the Dragon from your scanners.

What is your plan?

What ships will you send?
Please provide Actual number + tactics

Use this thread to provide your tactical discussions in-character. Then post your actual action (one post per player ONLY)
in the thread in the Weekly Missions labelled PreGame Space Battle 1.


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