Week 10 - And Quiet was brought to the Fleet of Fate

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Week 10 - And Quiet was brought to the Fleet of Fate

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:05 pm

The Hive King created by the Neliff is the most powerful creature in the entire Unity database. Its ability to tap directly into the minds of the Unity, the Estrain and the Quall at once allows it feats of reality manipulation that will quickly allow it to destroy the heroes who hope to rescue everyone from Warmonger's Engine Dimension.

Now only Ar'yay HiveQueen's brain which has linked itself with the First Host has any hope of shattering the Hive King's connection to the rest of the Hives. Using it as a weapon Unity Prime and Michael Herbert Gilmour have hacked the collective unconscious of the Quall and used it attack the Hive King psychically.

Only by working as a team can the three of them hope to defeat the willful mind of the Hive King.

They are still in the Temple of the Rogue HiveQueen. At the moment the Engine Dimension appears on Rynn Lac and Draco Epsilon 7 the Hive King appears in the center of the Temple. It has been drawn here by the First Host, which is acting as a transmitter deep in space in the form of the Red Man.

The Hive King designed by the Neliff to steal the power of all Hiveminds. It grew in power with the power it drew from the Hiveminds. As it linked up with the Estrain and nearby Quall Hives it began to gain power growing in size until it shattered the ceiling of the temple revealing an island covered in the bones of dead quall queens. Their minds still remembered and now in a state of death on this island in the Quall unconscious.

As Prime looked up the HiveKing now towered over them.

Meanwhile in the free systems Prime's body was trying to rescue the Quiet, and Maehl lead him to his office which held the computer which the Temporal Empire warned him not to use.

Prime lifted it up, "Its highly encrypted."

As Prime began to unlock the computer prison to trap Quiet, his spirit trapped on the Temple of the Rogue HiveQueens saw the HiveKing as a WarGiant.

Ar'yay looked upon the Hive King as he appeared in front of her, his twisted visage did little to impress her, she felt the anger within her grow as she thought about what this creature was and what it planned on doing. Her anger grew looking upon her "allies". Prime who lied and promoted the death of her people while claiming to want to aid her. Gilmore who thought of only his own pet plants and never about the others who suffered for it. His greed and continued attempts to twist all statements into ways to justify his lies and greed disgusted her. She thought upon their friends and allies, Garmen Fe who couldn't understand that different Quall act differently and like all races some where guilty and some were not. He blindly lashed out at her hive blaming them for evils committed by others, none of them could see the hypocrisy that they were draped in. Then there was the Temporal Empire who loved to condemn others but refused to take any responsibility themselves, at least she admitted that she had done wrong in the past, she never denied her past and felt that others should do the same. She thought of the Olifera who she went out of her way to speak to, to acknowledge her previous actions against them, to wish them well and to promise not to repeat the same offenses to them. They responded with accepting words then struck at her when her back was turned. Claiming peace while planning treachery and Ar'Yay was the evil one? She was evil? These hypocrites were steeped in arrogance and lies and viciousness but they deluded themselves that it was alright because their new crimes were against Quall N'Drone. After all, Quall aren't living creatures with feelings they are monsters and when one commits and evil act well the species is guilty then. She might as well start herding Kiorn women and children and butchering them and say that it is ok, Garmen Fe's forces have killed billions of Quall, thus it is ok to kill these people. They were all as bad as the ones they condemned, they killed without concerns, at least when Ar'Yay took lives to birth her children their memory remained, she loved all of the hosts for her children, they were always treated well, given kindness and love. She remembered all of them, with love in her heart, not hatred, not anger. Her anger was reserved for those who killed with anger those who were consumed by hate.

This creature before her, he was even worse then the fiends who committed so many crimes against her.

"You may call yourself a King, but all i see is a slave, a slave to a coward who dares not show his face. You are nothing more then a tool for a demon whose only power are his lies and promises. You are pathetic, unworthy of my time and effort, yet your filth cannot be allowed to exist. What makes things even worse is that because of you I am not being forced to work along side these two lying murderous worms, their very presence fills me with rage, though not as much rage as I feel when looking upon your worthless hide. You want to take away the freedom of the Quall, they don't deserve any less, you want to enslave the Unity, their existence is an affront to all that is good, you want to enslave the E Strain, they are animals and should be in chains. None of them matter, none of them are worthy of being saved. However you also want to take my children, my Ar'Yeseri, they have committed no crimes and are dedicated to protecting others from your vile demonic masters. Sadly I cannot save my children without saving those other shit species, and even if I could, you would use them to drown the dimensions in darkness, take countless lives all in sacrifice to your cowardly vermin of a master. This cannot be allowed, the Darkness shall not prevail. BY THE LIGHT OF THE NEW DAWN YOU SHALL DIE HERE TODAY. NO ONE SHALL BE ENSLAVED, NO ONE SHALL SERVE THE WARMONGER, BY YOUR DEATH WE SHALL SHOW HIM THAT DAWN HAS COME TO WIPE AWAY HIS DARKNESS. BEGONE FOUL FIEND, FEEL MY BURNING RAGE AND BE EXTINGUISHED!!!!"

With that being said Ar"yay channels all of her anger and rage, built up upon months of frustration and death, lies and betrayals. She focuses all of it into the Hive King, her burning fury everything that is left within her, her very essence into destroying this thing that would enslave her children making them puppets of demons. Ar'Yay's life didn't matter as long as this Hive King died and her Ar'Yeseri were safe, the universe won't mourn her, but she didn't care, she knew what she had done and was doing was right, for the future......for the new dawn..

The beam of rage of the Quall struck the Hive King and he tried to retreat, but was stopped in place by the Psychic walls of Dr. Gilmour's Green Man.

It seemed as if Ar'yay wouldn't have to take them anywhere, the Green Man thought, the Hive King was brought to them.

Michael's goal in this 'combat' will be exactly as Prime of Unity had outlined- this should come as no surprise, as Prime knew The Scientist's preferred strategies well. His knowledge of neural networks and thought-processes, not the mention the fact he could be considered a mental construct, should give him a significant advantage in resisting whatever attacks the Hive King is capable of generating. Furthermore, it may also provide him with some measure of predictive power as to the nature of the Hive King's attacks. He would be careful to watch for patterns, and provide warnings wherever he thought he could.

While he is away from the full body of the Network, the defenses Michael had designed still reside within the core of The Green Man, providing him with incredible safeguards against mental intrusion. His goal is to interpose himself between any attempts to influence Ar'yay, as well as pry apart any mental connections the Hive-King attempts to generate. His mind is like water; homogeneous, amorphous, and difficult to discern. There are no pieces for the Hive King to control, no handholds to get a grip on, and no way to ascertain his thoughts. Much like an assault on The Network, any attack to destroy him will simply pass through, unable to find a critical point, and brute force will only disrupt.

And it worked true, because the Hive King had never felt a fungal psychic presence before and could not adapt its form. At the end of the day the Estrain the Quall and the Unity shared certain psychic frequencies based on the Quall Larval's telepathic hivemind. But Gilmour's fungal networks worked under and entirely different language that thwarted the Hive Kings attempts to break out.

The Hive King wrapped his tentacles around the Green Man, Ar'yay and Prime of Unity in this psychic landscape.

The Hive King was being scored by Ar'yay's psychic rage, but then Ryn Lac was struck by the wormhole weapon and was delivered to the FoF Timeline. The Psychic forms of Prime, Dr. Gilmour and Ar'yay were dragged into the FoF timeline.

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Re: Week 10 - And Quiet was brought to the Fleet of Fate

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Prime watched the Hive King respond to its opponents. It was not expecting three; it, like Prime, did not think they could work together. How wrong it was. None worked better than those who had studied the weaknesses of their partners. As such, this team was neigh invincible.

There was a sword in Prime's hand. Perhaps there had always been one. He used it to cut himself, Ar'yay and the Green Man free of the Hive King's tentacles.

Once the battle was joined, Prime used the speed of his mind, the intensity of his soul, his practice in being everywhere at once. He harried the Hive King, never staying still, never being in just one place. Prime's blade was as a thousand blades; nicking, cutting, distracting. Whenever the Hive King seemed to be focusing too long on one target, Prime would punish it with a barrage of deadly cuts that could not be ignored. When the Hive King turned to make Prime the threat, Prime was gone.

As its tentacles spasmed, the Hive King tried to block or deflect the suicidal rage of the Hive Queen Ar'yay at what she thought was the death of her entire Hive. Yet inside the HiveKing's mind she could feel the single pulsing life of the Champion of her Hive who had been trapped on Warmonger's Engine Dimension.

It made her even angrier trying and failing to reach him where he was held inside the bubble. Her rage became a beam of pure hate, and it battered down the Hive King's defenses for a moment.

Prime was breathing heavily. He did not know how long the fight had been going on, but he knew they were close. They must win soon. The Green man was bleeding ichor, yet still standing straight. Ar'Yay was burning with rage, but the flame began to flicker. With the last of his strength, Prime yelled and four wings erupted from his back. He flew at the Hive King with blinding speed as its back was turned, digging the sword of his will into the head of his foe. This was not a being to eat, but one to disperse. It would be obliterated, with no trace left behind. Prime's sword, his malicious code, his WILL, would inexorably destroy the Hive Kind, and the method of its production.

Unknown to him, the other Prime, the one walking around had finally unlocked the computer prison constructed by the Da'uhnb to hold the Quiet. The ancient Sephir energy being leapt from the computer into Prime, and Prime eagerly consumed it, believing he might gain some power from this.

In a way he was right because it did not stop him as all the rest of the Unity was momentarily stopped by the Hive King's psychic intrusion. The Sephir linked both versions of Prime diving down the psychic teather between them, and when it reached the one in the Temple of the Rogue HiveQueens, it dived down the tip of that blade, transferring from our timeline into the timeline of the FoF. And along with the malicious code of Prime and the psychic hatred of Ar'yay it killed the Hive King but Quiet did not stop there diving down the Hive King's connection into the Fleet of Fate, turning off the entire FoF Time line in one moment of judgement.

The death of the Hive King prevented them from reversing it, and an entire timeline suddenly went into horrible spasms. They had never been removed from the VR uplink environemental perks of being FoF connected. Without its constant comforting presence the entire FoF in their own timeline were seemingly disabled.

All at the tip of Prime's Psychic sword

And much to Ardana's chagrin it was the same moment her own horn struck the HiveKing as he had seemingly been meditating on the battle of Warmonger's Engine dimension. The Quiet also connected to her and from her horn, the dying body of the Hiveking and the Quiet, came a new being in the head of the corpse, which still fell dead to the ground.

Ardana stumbled back, unable to hear her hive, and thinking she failed she fled back to the side connected to Draco Epsilon 7.

The Quiet had never felt such power as when he ended the FoF on their own timeline, and single handedly he had won the war, without killing a single being and feeding the Warmonger.

With them trapped in time, Warmonger and his Avatar had been defeated.

Celyse finally disabled her granddaughter with the aid of Ara'nia and her paramour who was still weilding the paradox copy of the Daemonsbane sword. They dragged the Saint of Devils from the battlefield, as the meditating beings followed them back through the side on Draco Epsilon 7 and escaped the bubble using the pieces of the crown. When the last of the Liberation Choir exited the bubble, the bubble popped and closed, leaving the Quiet on the otherside.

The joy of the Unity Liberation Choir's song filled the hearts of all present and even the three enemies who still stood panting in the psychic landscape of the Temple of the Rogue HiveQueens. The roof was still shattered, and the bones of Quall HiveQueens littered the sandy expanse.

At Ar'yay's side was Gilmour's Green Man, but Prime had been exhised from the Temple and returned to his own body.

She could feel her Captain who had returned from the Warmonger's Engine Dimension whose love and devotion and faith had prevented her from being consumed in her attacks on the Hive King.

And that Quall Captain, the last survivor of her Hive knew where he could save her head from. A lab and the exact coordinates.
He was allowed to leave the battlefield. None, even the Ancient Evils, felt much like fighting after being part of Warmonger's experiment on Dimension creation.


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