Open Play Week 1 Recovery Mission - Saving the E-Stained Worlds of Iyo (EEF, Fort Lendill, Temporal Empire, and Friends)

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Open Play Week 1 Recovery Mission - Saving the E-Stained Worlds of Iyo (EEF, Fort Lendill, Temporal Empire, and Friends)

Post  GeneralGarminFe on Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:54 pm

Negotiations aboard the Monreth Delight seemed like they were about to break down. A long silence in the chamber room seemed to indicate that neither the Iron Republic Sector General nor the Choir of the Unity Task Force were about to take the suggestions of General Fe seriously. It had become obvious at this point that the Task Force would attempt to stall the negotiations and hinder the generals attempts at compromise. For what reasons only the consensus knew, or perhaps Prime of Unity had compromised the Task Force. Perhaps they no longer served the consensus proper. If such treachery were to run this deep, then perhaps the rift forming between Beacon City and The Unity could not be bridged...

While the discussions continue, General Garmin Fe has sent out a call to the EEF, Fort Lendill, the Temporal Empire. The request:

"Hinder the purges of the Unity and Iron Republic long enough to recover the free-thinking E-Strain from the targeted worlds of the Iyo system, 20 planets each with billions of E-Strain. Garmin Fe's plan is to capture as much of the populace as possible into shard hearts or recorded brain scans. Allied forces are also free to assist with the rescue effort before the Unity Prophet Fleets and Iron Republic Planetary Conquest Vehicles touchdown. Peaceful cooperation from the E-Strain is contingent upon the alternative of extinction."

A fleet of a dozen capitol ships and a space station await the arrival of billions of souls on the edge of the system. Getting them off the planets and to the station unharmed and willingly is the key challenge.

If there are any genetic traces of E-Strain left after the conflict, or if a direct confrontation occurs between the Allied Fleet and the Unity-IR Fleet, the mission will threaten galactic peace with the Iron Republic and perhaps the Unity as well. Allied ships who attack the Unity or Iron Republic endanger the mission and may be open to allied attacks.

This mission is open to EEF, Fort Lendill, Temporal Empire, and Friends.

Post your plan to this mission on either the defenders or attacker's side here on this thread only. First person to post gets a single extra repost later to launch secret attacks, ambushes etc. All other players get one post only. This thread will be locked at 11 pm E.S.T. on Friday Month? and Day?.

Be very specific about the troops and ships you bring, and what you intend to accomplish. This is a timed mission, each day that passes represents hours of time as the extermination fleets draw closer and closer.

Only actions listed on this mission thread will count as locked in for player actions.

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Re: Open Play Week 1 Recovery Mission - Saving the E-Stained Worlds of Iyo (EEF, Fort Lendill, Temporal Empire, and Friends)

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:16 pm

Perfectly Done.

No questions or complaints logged so far.


Please post in the OP Approved Missions with a mission end/lock date of September 2 at 11PM E.S.T.

Very Happy


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