Week 9 - The Auction Ends

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Week 9 - The Auction Ends

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The Banking Guild finished the auction, and it held steady at 500 billion ghaz. When the auction computer finished calculating the end of the auction down to the milisecond, it spat out a laminated ID which dropped into a tube that sucked it down to a special mekanoid whose only job and task was this.

Exactly five hours later there was a hail to Su Maehl's shuttlecraft.
As the crew watched in horror, ten I.R. Starcruisers surrounded the small vessel.
A single mekanoid diplomat boarded Su's vessel. In its hand it held the ID card which it officially pinned to Su Maehl's chest.
It said Iron Republic Stockholder Su Maehl.

The Mekanoid clicked a few promotional pictures, took Mr. Maehl's official DNA sample and left him with the command keycards to the fleet of Starcruisers.

As the former pirate captain's crew clapped, Su Maehl just stood there quietly watching his new fleet as it bobbed in space.

One of his ensigns asked, "Excuse me sir? Does this mean we are the bad guys now?"

Su Maehl gave him a cunning smile and said, "It means we are now in the position to make some REAL money."


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