Week 9 Reward for the Hive of Every World

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Week 9 Reward for the Hive of Every World

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:22 am

All IC Players involved in this mission may choose 1 of the following rewards.

Option 1- A Population Surge: +10 Million Population to a Planet of your choice


Option 2- A Call for Reinforcements: +250 Starfighters of your choice (within faction)

Post your choice here (if option 1 list what planet number.)


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Re: Week 9 Reward for the Hive of Every World

Post  blackheartsecurity on Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:24 pm

I will be taking Option 1. Despite the fact its going to bite me in the ass repeatedly, I would kinda rather have the new hive.

If they are the new magnavores and their hives:
Planet 4:
The Blackheart tribal council convened. The magnavores talked at length with Childeen and instead of spreading out through Uloh space the decision was made to stay together. Where they had gathered on Wylanda was the natural choice. The Uloh their could advise and mentor them, Childeen committed 10million ghaz to expand the understanding center, the museum portion was restored to its original purpose but excavations were also made deeper to make room for the new hive.

The magnavores began to teach their hives their old specialties, The magnavores who were security operators began training with the Uloh. President Ragman proved it was possible for manslayers and the noble races to co exist, Childeen hoped he could follow the same model.

If it is regular people:
Planet 6: Conflagros
Due to Blackheart being able to quickly control the outbreak its worlds became known places of refuge. The refugees were met with aid. As the outbreak subsided many decided to apply for employment. Blackhearts complete tolerance of different species and cultures and its commitment to providing for its workers made it naturally desirable.

Most found themselves living in Conflagros. The industrial world had numerous educational facilities and it was not unheard of for assignment elsewhere based on merit. The IR refugees were shocked to see that after humanity training even the Delta Brethren given to Blackheart were granted full citizen ship and even allowed to have possessions.


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