Week 9 - The Hives of Every World are Sterilized Live!

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Week 9 - The Hives of Every World are Sterilized Live!

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:10 am

This is Elliot Gharret with Holonet Business Reports. HBR news has the latest updates in corporate sponsorship and interplanetary commerce.
Available on some planets in Ultra-vision.
HBR is the first to report on the Estrain outbreak on multiple planets across multiple different domains of Known Space in the past week. The outbreak was quick with hundreds of Estrain attacking and disrupting all construction sites and facilities. There has been a significant armed response. And the culprits behind this blow to commerce and industry have been discovered. The I.R. Board of Directors has delivered swift justice and Director Kal Marx of Astarte 7 has announced the following:

"Honored Citizens of the Iron Republic,

For months I have seen your suffering. Your struggle to breath free.

Now after months of prison reforms I have discovered a deep seated threat to all our people. Political terrorists, like those serving the Angels of Desolation, have been trying to infiltraite our society. Hiding as religious leaders in faiths like the the Church of the Horned Dog, and the Church of the New Dawn Light.
Most disparate religious organizations are fighting for the poor and the needy. Unknown to them, some of their clergy has been replaced by AOD Terrorists.
These AOD Terrorists have hijacked shipments of Dos Marx Select and a variety of other household products.
Dos Marx Breweries are beginning an immediate recall of all bottles of Dos Marx Select. As you recieve this, Brethren Tactical squads are escorting the captured terrorists, who have already been interrogated, into execution chambers across Known space.

To make it clear Dos Marx products are safe, except for certain bottles and kegs of Dos Marx Select. That is why as a responsible company we are recalling all Dos Marx Select and discontinuing the Select label.

Other products believed to be contaminated by these AOD Terrorists are soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, skin lotion, canned tuna product, canned dog food, canned cat food, canned cat-dog food, canned cloned beluga caviar, canned corn, canned cans, vacuum sealed passionfruit, Android oil, Multi-vitamins containing vitamin E, adult diapers, automatic carrot peelers, and any food that comes in pill form. Please avoid all these products, no matter what brand. Do not touch them, use them or imbibe them. Any touch can result in infection by biological agents. If you believe you are infected please do the honorable thing and prevent your infection from spreading.

Any planet dealing with Estrain Manslayer outbreaks should quarantine the affected area under standard Quarantine procedures.
Have your Planetary Governor contact your Sector General for deployment of AntLion Mekanoids and Brethren Kill Teams.

The Iron Republic loves you, our brave citizens, and we know that no silly space crabs are going to push you off your planet."

Reports have also flooded in of armed and biological attacks aimed at wiping out the new Estrain Hives and in all cases were quite successful.

Reports from the Uloh Confederacy and from the planet Zahaz actually show Estrain Magnavores exhibiting shockingly human behaviors.
Those groups have succeeded in domensticating these often violent alien monsters.

This Reporter remains unconvinced.

This is Elliot Gharret with Holonet Business Reports. Signing off.


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