Week 9 - How to Jack a Galaxy Drive without Breaking a Sweat?

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Week 9 - How to Jack a Galaxy Drive without Breaking a Sweat?

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"Lt. Mal, tell all available ships in this sector, to form a defenensive firing line between us and the AOD." Rol'aye'ahn said to the stunned Lieutant.

The Lt. answered back after finally realizing what happened, "Yes, sir."

"Admiral, send a message to our allies in this sector that we will be holding a defensive firing line until they decide to mobilize." Rol looked over at the admiral as he is waiting for orders.

"Yes, commander," The Admiral glanced over at Rol with an evil grin.

Hundreds of Starfighters began to form up in lines like infantry, cutting their thrust and firing upon the Estrain Bloom Ships. It was the first time that Rol's fleet had really seen Estrain up close and the ship looked like a barnacle covered organic ship grown around an I.R. Starcrusier.

Beyond the oncoming Bloom ship was a sprawling Galaxy Drive. A space station that used planets connected by miles of organic connectors known as World Worms. It looked like an artifical solar system.

Rol's Starfighters slowly cut into the hull of the Bloom ship but every few moments its cutting beams would fire. Those cutting beams seared through flesh and metal with ease, and cut many starfighters in half.

"Ok," thought Ragman, "time to get to work."

Sending a messge to the allied forces present, "Ok everybody, we need to stop the AOD from completing their plan. otherwise, they will have a weapon of unimaginable power. the Aegelis have volunteered to attack the hub. so i am ordering 400 Piranhas and 100 Limpets to aid them and make sure they get there. Another 3600 Pirahnas and 700 Limpets are bieng tasked with nuetralizing the Bloom Ships. There are 1000 Pirahnas and 200 Limpets being held as a reserve forces to aid and act as a defense force for the Angel's Descent."

As those Pirahna Biostarfighters streaked into combat, Rol's line was able to hold. The thousands of biostarfighters began cutting through the hulls of the Estrain Bloom Ships. They pushed a huge hole in the Estrain defenses.

Zil8118 sat in her co-pilots seat as the fleet readied itself. She had gotten transmissions from the rest of the fleet and had even convinced her pilot to put her uniform back on. Including her own ship were 49 GELPORS and 5 Echinae. Not to say that the odds were not in their favor but she didn't want to lie to herself.

With the last transmission "Fly smart" They begun to fly off.

They moved through the hole in the defenses and the diamond was swallowed by the lead Echinae. It also swallowed the starfighter towing the diamond and the AOD Terrrorist Pilot, a vile Estrain Braincrab named Terrence the Crab. Terrence the Crab found himself in a tiny prison chamber with water and facilities, but em fields which prevented him from hacking anything.
The Diamond was shunted into a storage chamber inside the ship and it turned and ran.

V'ric opened communications to the rest of Lily's fleet. "V'zon, take the Rosethorn and it's fighters to aid the Aegelis in destroying the hub. V'lpec I want you and the Willowwhip to go after the bloomships. The Chameleon's Grace will aid the Angel's Descent."

He closed the com and turned to tactical. "President Ragman hasn't requested it, but I want that NESA programmed for the specs of a space station and locked in to target the galaxy drive. The rest of our weapons and fighters are to defend the AD."

Lakura of the Aegelis commed to her people "Attention all, I know that you are confused, I know that you were suprised to wake up in space and inside strange vehicles surrounded by odd creatures. These people have helped us when we needed assistance and I know, I know they are mortal frail creatures but we will not be indebted to them. We have been freed from Quall control and we will not allow ourselves to be indebted to others so we repay them now and then go. Here is the plan, that hub of giant stations is our target, I am told that it can devastate more then we could ever imagine, and looking at it, i do not doubt that. So you all know the plan, follow me and lets torch those vermin and go home. Our people await and there are Quall N"Drone to kill!"

Together the small fleets of the Aegelis in modified Neo-flayer Starfighters, and those of Lil'aye'ahn moved forward to engage the Bloom Ships as they pushed back to try and regain the diamond. Cutting beams left pieces of a single Neo Flayers floating dead in space, as the Bloom Ships began a concerted attack. But then the Neo Flayers used their mono whips to grab hold of nearby debris from the battle, and began artificing energy bridges to Kyrpos on their surface. They were effectively diverting enemy attacks into another dimension, and the carnage would be significant on the inhabitants of that other dimension, but the Neoflayer starfighters were safe.

They and the Angel's Descent raced for the station that controlled the Galaxy Drive's wormhole creation. The Angel's Descent had sent out a spec ops team that made it to the Galaxy Drive faster than both starships due to the cloud of Bloomships that still defended it. Once inside and the room cleared of Estrain they were ready to jack the entire galaxy drive.

The planets began to move and a small wormhole appeared swallowing the entire Galaxy Drive and the remaining Bloom Ships.

With fifty Bloom Ships remaining the Galaxy Drive arrived near the Uloh Galaxy Drive. The EEF Reinforcements began to scramble.
And the Bloom Ships fled, jumping away as quick as possible.


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Re: Week 9 - How to Jack a Galaxy Drive without Breaking a Sweat?

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All Players gain +2 Heavy Capital Ships of Their choice (Ft. Lendill and Banking Guild Only),
please redeem in the construction threads

Mor'aye'ahn gains the Diamond and a P.O.W.

Ragman Gains +1 Galaxy Drive must be cleaned out or converted. Every planet is full of AOD loyal E-strain.


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