Encrypted Message to Admiral Layne: The Tsogari Safari

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Encrypted Message to Admiral Layne: The Tsogari Safari

Post  OrleosSacrenine on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:54 am

Dearest Layne,

Regarding the upcoming expedition, as such I would like to advise on how to follow through with this. The Tsogari Priests are always accompanied by the Tsoga from which they take their name, this is no unknown detail, neither is the fact that the Tsogari hunt and kill dark creatures, mainly Vampyrs, Nightmares, and Bandits. Given that I have in my possession Instilled Fear, we will use it to our advantage to bait the trap further.

Find whichever desperate men/women and promise them their hearts desires should they do one teensy tiny little favor for you, become a Vampyr and terrorize the set routes. If possible, I would like some of your more, 'less-known' associates to spread some rumors of them in the Northern Kingdoms along certain routes, that will certainly draw the Cults attention, especially when it's in their own back yard, and we do not want to meet any adventurous hacks who are out for mere glory.

If the Cults attention has been drawn, then it is simple, we will set up the trap by having the Vampyrs stalk the countryside, when the Vampyr is being hunted by the Tsogari, have them head towards us, a 'Trade Caravan' off the road which is then attacked by the Vampyrs we have placed in the countryside, when the Cult comes to the aide of the innocents and engages the Vampyrs, that is when we strike, in whichever manner we deem necessary. I would prefer to take them alive, but seeing as how they are not immutables, dead works just as well, we just need someone with Hold Life on standby to ensure our efforts don't go to waste.

What say you Layne? Any thoughts?


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