WEEK 8 - The Networked Galaxy Drives

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WEEK 8 - The Networked Galaxy Drives

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:23 pm

Before landing on Tapestry the scanners in the command room of the Sabretooth start beeping like crazy.

"master Rol'aye'ahn, our scanners are picking up a fleet about to pass our moon and it looks like there heavy frigate is carrying something valuable the size of a comet." Lt. Mal says in a very rushy voice.

Rol started to get a very evil looking grin and looked back to the Lt. Mal "whats there fighting strength?"

"Looks like a total of 100 mining starfighters, 20 star frieghters and there is a heavy frigate transporting the valuable." the Lt. says directly back.

"Admiral, turn the ship around, have all available fighters and frigates detach from the ship and all fighters not on the ship once we reach orbit that all weapons are free. Have all starfighters engage there fighters and they destroy them to target the heavy frigates engines on the back of the ship and to take out the cannons on the outside of the ship."

"Yes --" admiral starts to say back.

"Order the light frigates and our cannons focus fire on the 20 frigates. once they are all destroyed or disabled have all cannons open fire at the heavy frigate to help the star fighters. once the ship is disabled order the boarding parties to board and hijack the ship and the valuable." Rol roared back at the admiral.

"yes sir" Admiral Jayne says back.

"Lt. Mal, send a message to our cousins Mor and Lil that we would like assistance, please." looking down at mal.

"yes sir." lt. Mal replied right away.

These ships moved into position to ambush a fleet known to be working for the Angels of Desolation.
It was rumored to be carrying an asteroid sized diamond.

Once aboard the Gelpors craft, Mor'aye'ahn sat and began to hum. Not any particular tune, just one long note as he attempted to get a string of thoughts together.

Whilst attempting the art of meditation as it was called around the children of the Falosini and the Earthers his hum was interrupted by a beeping coming from the bridge. He trusted the pilot to handle it but ultimately the call of "Sir" was inevitable.

With a groan the Earther shifted K'ias walked to the cockpit and the sight of Rol'aye'ahn's fleet moving away from tapestry caught his eyes "What is that old fool doing now?"
"That's why I called you up sir, your relatives fleet is headed to a location further out. They are asking for assistance as they want to steal a rather large jewel."
He was about to call the ancestor a petty thief, but the urge was suppressed as he would need of a thief if things indeed did not go as well as planned. "Signal the other Gelpors Craft. Priority message, they are to travel along with Rol's fleet in a spread formation at the head and when the objective just reaches sensor range launch their payload of asteroids and then break formation and return to Tapestry, that should give enough of a first punch to get Rol'aye'ahn started... I will signal the rest of the fleet once we land... I want to focus on the meeting ahead."

The Gelpors launched their payloads towards the fleet believed to belong to the Angels of Desolation.
Asteroids, bits of hull, were like grapeshot smashing AOD Starfighters.

Master Vanguard Lil'ye'ahn was also moving her fleet into action.
V'ric looked over the helmsman's shoulder as the com message came through from Lil'ye'ahn, who had ridden to the surface with her brother.
"Grace you are to remain in orbit of Tapestry. Rosethorn and Willowwhip will deploy their fighters in support for Rol'aye'ahn's fleet, but they are to hold their postions midpoint between the engagment and Tapestry itself. Catskinner squad Bravo will run point. "

The Catskinners came in a vee formation as they made an attack run on the starfighters.

The Light Frigates were torn apart by the second Bombardment by Rol's starforce, and Mor's Gelpors.

The Heavy Frigate fired back, destroying five catskinners and damaging Rol's flagship before the Heavy Frigate itself was disabled.

At that moments starfighters with the markings of the Uloh Free Confederacy Appeared.

When Ragman heard the rumors, he knew that he couldn't chance the AOD getting their hands on such weapons. He decided that he would have to risk travel to the system. He wasn't sure if it was Fort Lendill controlled or part of the Free Systems. In fact it was firmly in Iron Republic space even if the planet itself hadnt been claimed.

Heading into the Volans system, he thought about how this would be the first time he had taken the Angel's Descent into the actual combat zone of a conflict. "This should be entertaining," he thought.

He stood on the bridge of the Saragosa Bombardier, cloaked and following the Angel's Descent, as they entered the system and took up position near the Moon of Tapestry.

From the surface of the larger ship swarmed 1000 Limpet assault shuttles and 2000 Pirahna biofighters.
The Limpets were leading the attack, firing disabler rounds at the ships in the convoy. Their main target was to disable the Heavy Frigate and the Kingfishers. Any fighters that made it out of the barrage would be engaged by the Pirahnas. Any forces that approached the Angel's Descent would be engaged by the Pirahnas.

And as this dog fight played out a swirling wormhole appeared sucking in all ships and drawing them across the universe to the location of AOD Galaxy Drive 1. It was an entire solar system integrated by AOD World Worms into a Faster than Light Jump Drive that could tear apart known space.

In the center of it was an array that was obviously an organic crystalline computer array according to all scanners.

Ragman made a startling realization. If the Hedgeburg diamond was used for this device it could link all three AOD Galaxy Drives and use them to steal an entire sector of space.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Networked Galaxy Drives

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:28 pm


All players involved in this mission would discover new worlds as a result of this mission choose one new world below and name it.
Make sure to notate on Housekeeping thread to redeem


Planet Very Rich 70% Industry
Population bonus 1 million colonists ready to go
(S.U.A.R.M. for Ft. Lendill
Manslayers for Uloh
Earthers for others)
Yellow defense force


Moon Base Highly Industrialized
80% Industry
2 Million
Blue Defense force


Floating Island in an asteroid belt.

Research 75%
Pop 100,000
Elite defense

Put choice in your own planet thread with description of the place you found (within reason) and what you are doing with it.
Then reference in Housekeeping.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Networked Galaxy Drives

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:30 pm

They would also have the units used locked in for part 2 of this mission which will be Week 9 Recovery Mission- AOD Galaxy Drive 1.
Also Aryay HiveQueen and Blackheart will have access to that mission.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Networked Galaxy Drives

Post  Mor'aye'ahn on Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:30 pm

ZIL-8115 to the time to note the exact expression on pilot Ramirez's face as they were sucked down the wormhole. It was an expression that she dreaded most in her experience working along side the female K'iorn. Eyes wide and toothy smile, the expression of manic glee that often foreshadowed hours of repairs for either herself or the other SUARM was a warning that Zil was not going to like this.

Ramirez though was enjoying the ride IMMENSLY! Normally when she piloted a GELPORS she only fought gravity fields or dodged debris. This was something completely different, it was out of control of both hers and her robotic companion Zil, and it was in her opinion 'Freaking SWEET!'. The only downside was that it was over shortly, like a child's amusement when they first flushed a toilet it was over almost after it began, a blessing to the little robot who voiced her complaints constantly. Annoying as it was Ramirez had to admit that without the chirpy little voice saying how dangerous things were, the experience wouldn't be as enjoyable.

Upon being flushed out of the wormhole the task at hand for Zil was to assess any damage sustained during the dog-fighting or the unexpected trip, a task quickly achieved by plugging herself directly into the the ship. Ramirez however had other ideas. Unstrapping her harness she quickly went to the back of the cockpit and removed her duct-taped duffel bag from off of the wall and stripped out of her flight suit, no longer being in the full fleet meant time for comfort, at least for her.
"That was INTENSE!" Spoke Ramirez as the Grey and gold flight suit slumped to the floor.
"I would have to agree with your assessment." Spoke the synthetic chirpy voice that normally came from the chassis still strapped down in the co-pilots chair. Instead it was piped through the cabin speakers as the mind of the SUARM roamed about the ship feeling for any damage. "The sudden jump scrambled systems just a little bit but I am working out the bugs. Reports from the rest of our fleet is basically the same. We are withdrawing to a safer location and getting our bearings."
"So we don't know where we are and are flying off?!" A rather confused and annoyed Ramirez said as she pulled out her favorite pair of shorts, roll of electrical tape, and sparkly pink nail polish.
"Correct, consider it a tactical advance to the rear." The same chirpy voice said over the sound of electrical tape being pulled off the roll. "We do not know where we are or how to get back protocol states that in a new system we find a safe location and reconnoiter."

Ramirez though saw no fault in the engineer's logic, other than the fact that it was boring strapped herself back in and began her own check of systems before taking the flight stick. "Any specific direction?"
"As far from the other ships as po--" Zil's voice said before she went back to her body and flipped on the comms. She fiddled with switches and nobs trying to clear out the signal. It was faint, and it was more than a possibility that their radio was still not working properly from the wormhole interference but a voice was beginning to come through. "I think that... that's the voice of the President of the Uloh Free Confederacy." Said Zil as she unstrapped herself from her seat and opened up the radio console, if they wanted to get back to the fleet then they would more than likely need the help of the Uloh hive and their commander.

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Networked Galaxy Drives

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