WEEK 8 - The Evacuation and Rebirth of Hener 12

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WEEK 8 - The Evacuation and Rebirth of Hener 12

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:47 pm

The planet of Hener 12 is one of the jewels in the crown of Beacon City's offworld colonies. Run by Flag Staff Inc. It directly contributes to the network of Judges that keep an eye on events in the Polar Expanse. Using Hener 12 as a hub, Flag Staff has also made significant inroads towards tunneling a respectable amount of profit to the coffers of Beacon City.

It was a normal day on Hener 12 when Henry Dillinger reported in to work. He sat at his desk and turned around to watch the cityscape around him.

It was so beautiful.

Then the rumbling started. A full shaking earthquake hit the city.
As the earthquakes got worse the intercom on Henry Dillinger's
desk ringed.

"Sir, it's a full scale planetquake, something has tunneled through the crust of the planet. We need to initiate a full scale evacuation!!"

Dillinger calmed down the voice on the other end of the comm.
"It's allright, send the message to Judge Grandis, we may be under attack."

The full evacuation began. Out in the fields beyond the main city centers of Hener 12 the evacuation was the hardest.

The populations of the planet made their way to underground bunkers. They were assured when they were built that they would help them in emergencies. There they could find stocks of food, water, blankets, and medical supplies. Communication networks in each bunker would keep each one of them in touch with the latest events. They were originally designed for an invasion, but this was different. No body expected the planet to implode on itself.

In a small town far north of the city of Hesdren, a place called Dalvin's Ford, a young boy named Biff was dashing with his parents for the nearby bunker. Their appointed bunker was miles away from where they lived. His mother and father desperately wondered if they would make it in time to catch the escorts. With the bunker in sight they could see off-world officials and local police scurrying around the parameter. Perhaps they had made it, perhaps they wouldn't be left behind?

Biff stopped as the ground quaked again and he wondered at a newly forming fissure in the ground. He felt the rise of heat that radiated from it and was agape with awe. At that instant a brave police office leaped onto Biff who was about to fall into the fissure. The brave man hurried the boy to his hysterical mother's arms and the family dashed into the shelter. The door closed behind them with the rumble of smoke and then all was quite once again. Inside many worried faces of huddled families awaited inside. Biff's father turned around and checked the door, it was locked. Locked? Panic overtook him and felt as if he had been deceived. Biff, began to get scared as his father smashed his fists against the iron.

From out of the corner an off-worlder with a very short stocky build and stout look told Biff's father to calm down. He gave a glance over to the young boy and Biff could see a smile come across the man's face. "Don't you worry," said the man, "well get you out of here safe and sound." His voice was old and soothing. At that instant a crack of metal sounded and the sensation of being lifted overtook the whole bunker.

As they flew upward they were towed away safely by Antares-Class star freighters.
And a space station awaited to help process the refugees.

While the people were trying to evacuate, some of the Judges of Beacon City were hidden as citizens.
They took time to try and stop the Earthquakes. In the City centers they were successful, but many of them burned out trying to control the power of an Earth quake using Earth Leyas. The waves were so powerful, the deep connection that a potential Adept feels to the Leyas were snapped under the strain.
Their Leyas sight automatically dropped, and most passed out from shock.
Out in the fields, great ravines ripped through the ground.

Henry Dillinger saw the ritual outside in the middle of the city street in front of his building.
It was shocking to see the backlash as it struck the Judges. One after another fell until finally only three remained out of a team of ten. The worst part was the knowledge that even if all fifty had been deployed only here, the quakes were too powerful. Instead they had been spread around to the high population centers.

At a request from PEETR-TP 100,000 Brethren arrived on Hener 12 to keep the peace and help with evacuation and be on their best behavior.

Standard Quarantine proceedures including taking a quick biosample and testing it for know diseases and pathogens while helping them leave the planet. Two IR Motherships with IR Raptors carrying evacuation pods will ferry the citizens offworld to the Flag Staff Ltd. Model-T the Hener 12 government wanted them sent to.

Deer's ships announced "We are here to help. No violence will occur under our watchful eye. The Iron Republic supports small mom and pop colonies like Hener 12. Your safety is our only concern."

While the Citizens of Hener 12 were happy to be saved they didn't trust the Iron Republic, and were shocked when they were treated with extreme respect. They quickly processed them, allowing families to stay together, and delivered them safely to the Beacon City Model-T.

Below on the surface of Hener 12, the City Centers became plateaus above seas of shifting Volcanic movements.

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Evacuation and Rebirth of Hener 12

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The groundbreaking ceremony had just concluded when Oleifera became aware that a distress signal was being sent from a colony in the Free Systems. Apparently a particularly violent planetwide earthquake was underway, and evacuations were ongoing.

The Oleifera immediately dispatched a freighter to the Continent of Dead Quall. The 50 Aegelis warriors stationed near the training grounds were alerted and quickly boarded the transport. The ship sped to Hener 12, and landed near the most seismically active area.

The 50 Aegelis attempted to control the magma underneath the planet's crust to staunch the earthquakes.
They swam deep into the planet's crust, immune to the heat and enjoying how like their home dimension it was.
They found there had been a three week set of work done by a drilling ship to every dormant volcano on the planet. They were all slaved to the same power to allow it to be activated as a weapon of total distruction of anything standing on the surface or hiding below it.
The Aegelis were shocked at the speed at which the Quall had activated this. A whole planet in under three weeks without tripping a single sensor. It was a terrifying concept to many of them.
They began healing the closest breaks saving some of the most verdant farmland, and the nearby Sea of Capari.
Most of the Oleifera allied Aegelis were able to save many of the most beautiful architecture and art houses of the Colony at the insistence and guidance of Maehl Holding logisticians.

Blackheart Security send 6 Antares frieghters, 3 with doctors, medical and emergency supplies, 3 with Lionguard teams and nighthawks. The Doctors and medical supplies would link up with the field hospital in the Class T stations. The lionguard teams would scramble in all six Antares to the planets surface. Due to the threat of catastrophic quakes the Antares would never land.

Instead they would pick up a low altitude circling pattern around the hardest hit/most populated areas. The night hawks would deploy from the ships and return to them to drop off survivors. They would work very hard with the local emergency services, and Deer's brethren.They deployed to gather critically wounded and those stranded in extreme danger zones and get them to the space port. Once loaded to capacity the Antares left the Nighthawks and ferry the wounded to the Model-T along with IR forces before returning to take on more survivors. It was a rinse and repeat procedure, and Blackheart excelled at it.

An Uthvelor they saved told them he had seen the memories of the attackers.
He told the Blackheart security agents and Maehl and Flag Staff BCLC the following:
The orders were finally given, the soldiers began to burrow down into the core of Henar 12, soon they would activate all dormant volcanoes sending earthquakes and lava throughout the planet. That had been nearly three weeks before, this planet had a lot of dormant volcanoes.
However it was only after their work had started and the planet had begun the process that would end it when a new message came in.

The orders were to cease the seismic activity and return home. The Warriors were confused they didn't know why, they had waited so long for this chance, but they weren't about to disobey their queen.

"Don't worry" the Queens voice said to them, "the time is almost ready, a new dawn is coming, one where everything will change. They will understand then."

So the warriors ceased the attack, energy bridges were opened and the Obsidian piercer with all its 100 crew members withdrew. The planet while damaged would survive.

Then the Uthvelor had to be restrained because it was so emotionally painful to remember the thoughts.

"A New Dawn?" thought Henry Dillinger when he heard the news in his office.
He now had a salt and pepper hair due to the stress of the day.
Then his intercom sounded
"Sir I think the cavalry just arrived."

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Evacuation and Rebirth of Hener 12

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:22 pm

"Get moving!" She yelled at the flight crew. "We need these ships gassed up and ready to go, should the order come in that we're heading to Hener 12!"

A string of "Yes Ma'am!" followed, and she sighed. Hearing footsteps behind her, she turned and was about to start barking orders again, but stopped when she seen who it was. Quickly she snapped to salute. "Good afternoon, sir!"

"Good to see you're so... enthusiastic. Exactly what's needed to make sure things get done in a timely manner." Damien stretched his wings out behind him as he approached her. "I knew you were a good choice to lead the fleet, Lanaedra."

"Sir, i have a request."

"Hmm. What's that?"

Lanaedra looked to her boots for a second, and then turned her face to look at Damien. "When i'm working, refer to me as 'Admiral Lanaedra', please. It's only right that you have to address my by rank in front of the others."

"I really didn't think it'd bother you that much, but i suppose i could do that, Admiral," he replied as he turned out to look at the ships. She smiled, only briefly, before moving to stand next to him. "How are the preparations coming along?" he asked.

"The ships will be ready to go in minutes, sir," she replied. "Once we have the order, we will be on our way to Hener 12."

He paused, and watched men and women rushing back and forth in an effort to get the 10 Starfrieghters ready to go. "Did you ever think that we'd ever be in the position that we are now?" he asked.

"What? You mean when we were on Refuge?" When he nodded, Lanaedra looked out at the ships again. "No. I really didn't."

"Well, here we are," he said. "About to go on a rescue mission for the first time."

"Sir?" she asked curiously.

Damien turned to face the woman, suddenly all business. "Admiral Lanaedra, as soon as the ships are ready to go, you are to take them to Hener 12 and assist in the evacuation of it's people. As unfortunate as it is, i will not be able to accompany you on this mission. So, while you are there, you are to follow the instructions of one General Garmin Fe. If he issues you an order, you are to follow it as though it was given by me."

Lanaedra snapped to attention. "Yes sir!" she shouted as he turned to leave.

As she turned, he started to speak again. "And, Lanae." she turned back to face him. "Before you come back, make sure you thank him for me, for accepting our assistance," he stated, before walking out of the hangar.

She arrived as the first of a wave of support ships coming in to help save the planet of Hener 12.

Soon after the 10 Freighters that made up a portion of Sacrenine's Fleet appeared in orbit around Hener 12, prepared to receive orders from General Garmin Fe's men. They were purely civilians with a few Blackheart Security guards on the ships, not all that helpful if a fight broke out, but reliable enough to help get the populace off the surface of the planet.

Head Capt. Burmaeda Jones looked out at the planet from his station and saw that there were already multiple ships there from other factions, descending to the surface or suspended in orbit for some purpose he did not know. He walked to the comm-station and broadcasted a signal on the channels designated for the Evacuation Fleets, "This is Head Capt. Burmaeda Jones of the A Midsummer Nights Dream, from Director Sacrenine's company, if the men of General Garmin Fe are out there, respond."

He was met with a few seconds of static before hearing a response, "Sacrenine is anything but punctual. Regardless, get your men planet side on the double. We have evacuation centers set up, you'll be receiving the coordinates now. Get your asses down there and start saving lives, and when you're done, tell your Director that it would be better to send help before people started dying." With that the communication cut and all that could be heard was static.

Capt. Jones wasn't sure whether to laugh his ass off or call the man back up and ask for his personal information, but now was not the time. If he ever found out who that man was, he would be sure to buy them a round of the best stuff he could afford, even if all he could afford was dirt cheap beer. Pressing a button on the panel that opened communications between the 10 Freighters, "Alright, you heard the man. We've been assigned to these 10 stations, get your asses down there and move it!"

With that the 10 Freighters dipped the noses of their ships towards the planets surface and descended into the turmoil of Hener 12.

As the Freighters of Terrovea and the Freighters of Sacrenine Fine Arts began ferrying those in the most dangerous zones off to the safety of the Model-T which was now filled way past capacity.

The flotilla of EEF freighters shuddered as their shadow drives cut off and they dropped into their home dimension over Hener 12. Local space was a crowded jumble of large freighters and warship that lumbered in and out of the atmosphere and smaller shuttles and fighters flitted back and forth. Captain Amanda Thatcher mused that the planet looked rather peaceful despite all the activity in orbit. You'd never know it was dying from all the way up here.

"Coms," Said Captain Thatcher "Start a general hail I want everyone to know we're here and why. There are probably plenty of itchy trigger fingers out there. Then make contact with whoever is in charge of this mess and find out where they want us."
'Aye, Sir. All ships have checked in." Came the reply. Thatcher nodded. "Good, Helm bring us into a holding pattern for now and someone make sure that the landing parties are ready to go."

They were greeted as all other ships who had arrived were greeted. And employed instead to help ferry people from the Flag Staff BCLC Model-T after quarantine clearance to the refugee camps on Maxa Provo 9.

The EEF were an independent party and could be trusted to safely help ferry the many people from Hener 12 to the refugee camps.

Meanwhile more allies attempted to cure the problem across the entire surface.
The Unity moved as one. Allies needed assistance, and there was a puzzle to uncover. How could an entire planet be disrupted? They would find out quickly.

Unity coders landed at command centers across the planet in their silver drop pods. They quickly interfaced with local command and control systems, gliding from terminal to terminal with disturbing calm. It was as if, to them, there was no earthquake. There was only the puzzle.

The coders would interface with emergency broadcast systems on the ground. The locations of huge evacuation portals would be broadcast to the populace. 3 Dreadnaughts were in orbit of the planet, and were acting as foci for Unity Extension 3. At designated times and places, huge portals would open on the planet's surface. These portals would lead to huge receiving areas on the Unity extensions. These armored bulkheads could potentially hold millions. Long trays filled with delicious biscuits, hot coco, and coffee were available to refugees. Large video terminals would show some of the Unity's most popular newscasters giving them live updates on the state of their homes.

Importantly, the bulkheads are heavily armored and isolated from the rest of the station. Attempts to sneak into the station will be discouraged by electric shocks. Continued attempts to breach security will be met with force.

On the planet's surface, 1000 Harvesters will burrow into the soil and use their sophisticated surface arrays in order to determine the source of the trouble. Once they discover the cause, they will either destroy it, or advise the Unity as to the concern if it is something they cannot handle.

When the Aegelis reports and Uth Refugees words gave them the key to the puzzle. And it was going to take months to fix. In the mean time the destruction was still catastrophic.

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Evacuation and Rebirth of Hener 12

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:29 pm

Kendara Kai, President of Henner 12 Operations (PH12O), was in the middle of a busy day at Maehl Holdings' operations. The University was in full swing and the art gallery was debuting a new exhibit on a study of Tzira in a few days. Emissaries from all over the Free Systems would be visiting Henner 12 to view the exhibit. Su Maehl indicated that he was proud of Kendara's work on the exhibit, and was pleased with the exponential growth of the planet. She and Dillinger were making a fine duo indeed. Granted, most people only saw Flag Staff's leadership as the source of the planet's development, but it didn't mean Kendara wasn't active either.

And then the ground started shaking. This is weird, the middle-aged woman thought to herself, Henner 12 isn't a planet known for having volcanic activity. Kendara's first action was to activate art safety protocols to ensure that in the event of disaster, all the precious pieces of art were saved. Upon initiating the protocols, she held on to her desk and chair as the ground started shaking more violently. Her breathing increased rapidly as the tremors did not stop. Her bookshelves quaked, her desk rumbled, and her chest heaved uncomfortably. While trying to stabalize herself, she broke a heel. "Fuck! Damn business wear!" Kendara took the impractical but sexy shoe off and threw it across the room as the room continued to tremble. After several moments, the President had a full on panic attack. She quickly sent a message to Su, just in case, advising him of the situation and the seemingly unnatural length of the quake. And then she waited another 5 minutes for the quakes to abate, which they did not. She then heard the klaxons alarm go off, which was the universal signal agreed upon between Henry and her to indicate that an evacuation was required, for whatever reason. Panic really set in, especially since Dillinger hadn't spoken to her about any of this. She sent a follow-up message, requesting the assistance of the 13th Armada, per Maehl Holdings' protocol, for any evacuation and/or incursion of Henner 12.

She then sent a message to Dillinger:
Pardon the lack of propriety here, but I'm freaking the fuck out. What the hell is going on here? The groud is fucking shaking and it won't stop. I've forwarded the full report to Su Maehl, but in the mean time I need info to help.

How many more freighters do we need to evacuate? What's your plan? I have a Model T in orbit, and the Free systems 13th Armada is en route. There are a few hundred Aegis on planet, as well as striders. I'll let you coordinate the defense as you see fit, in the event this is an invasion or something.

Let me know. How much time do we have?

As a final note, I know the Unity has interesting teleportation technology
Any chance we have enough time to use it?

-Kendara Kai, PDH1"

It was short and to the point. Panicked, but it was to be expected. And then she waited 10 minutes, with no response from Henry. Come on, Henry, you're all good and smiles when you're around me when we're doing "business", always answering my calls and taking me out to lunch, and now that there's an actual fucking emergency you give me the cold shoulder. She breathed hard, trying to control herself. She quickly enabled all the protocols for staff, advising them of possible incursion, but primarily to ensure they assisted in all evacuation orders for general population. She then sent a follow-up message to Dillinger, requesting an update. Another 10 minutes passed with no word from Dillinger. Great, so this asshole thinks I'm not worth a simple phone call in response. Even worse, his big-tits assistant ain't responding to me either. What the fuck?! Is he pissed at me that I haven't acted more positively, and less professionally, in response to his genial behaviors?? If I had gotten down on my knees and sucked his cock at his office yesterday after the debriefing on this week's events would he have given me the professional fucking courtesy of a call to tell me what's going on. I'm going to fucking kill him if we get out of this that fucking cocksucker! She was fuming when 20 seconds later she heard the distress call go across the Polar Expanse for assistance. She was flabberghasted.

"We are so fucking fucked." Gee, thanks Su, for the vote of fucking confidence. "Don't worry, Kenny, this gig will be easy. It's an art colony, nobody will want to attack it. It'll be the best gig of your life. No ducking and dodging mach cannons, no stress of helming a frigate, and the perfect way to segue into corporate life." Well fuck you very much, Su. Easy my ass! Kendara starting to bark orders out across all Maehl Holding's employees, advising them of the situation.

"To all staff, were are in the midst of a full scale evac of H12. Standard Protocols are effective immediately. This place is about to become a mad house and if we're going to survive this, we're going to have to work together. It is our responsibility to manage this right, and the faster we evac the planet, the faster you all to get off this rock. We're the last to go people. This is what we signed up for, and we will fulfill our promise. Let's make Su proud. More instructions forthcoming. Everyone knows their jobs, so let's get to it. Medical team, be on full alert, ground vehicle transport teams, mobilize, and everyone else, empty out our offices and coordinate with Flag Staff to make sure we do this right and orderly. I will update in 15 minutes or so. Be safe and stay out of harms' way. I have a really bad feeling about this, so be alert people." Kendara sighed, hearing Su's mocking laugh in the back of her head, for she just proved why he put her in this position to begin with.

"It's just like manning the helm of a capital ship. Everyone knows what their functions are under all circumstances. It's your job to make sure they are up to snuff, review the logs, and keep order. I'll take care of the politics, you take care of the people. You ooze charisma, and people will flock to you. It's why I'm promoting you. Besides, you look great in a business suit and heels." Kendara smirked, for she had hit punched him in the gut for having said that to her. And he was right, the smug jerk that he was. There's a reason she, and everyone else, followed him with passion and conviction.

Her comm went off. It was Su. She ran over to her comm and said, "Su, you fucking asshole of a boss, the ground is fucking shaking non-stop and the shit has hit the fan. Dillinger has ordered a full evacuation and we're shitting bricks. Give me good news." Su replied, "Breathe, Kenny, breathe. The 13th Armada is en route. Problem is, it seems like half the universe is too. I'm going to need you to coordinate everything because I'm not sure Dillinger can. It's your job to make sure Dillinger's plan is successful, our people are safe, and to coordinate on the ground in case, as Dillinger says, those quakes are being caused by sentient beings. Keep your wits up, Kenny. You'll be fine."

Kendara took a deep breath, "Su, we need enough ships to evac about 100,000 people. Is that what's on it's way?"
Su replied, "The armada going your way should have plenty. I've just sent enough ships to transport double that. But you'll need to coordinate what goes where on the ground, because there may not be enough ground vehicles and space on the planet to accommodate everyone."
Kendara responded, "Roger that, Captain. I'll do what I must."
Su replied, "Kenny, I'm your boss, not your captain. Take care of yourself. Be safe."
Amidst a groundswell of shaking, Kai responded, "I will." With those final words, she went along with the evacuation plans.

The next day Kendara Kai was looking out across the damaged city, happy they had saved it without a single loss of life. It was work as usual, and repairs would take a few days at most. Even the Earthquakes had stopped.

Of course she never saw the spy satellites that watched the colonys every move.

Sector General Deer walked along the hallway of a space station in an isolate system, floating around the planet.
The Quick grown clones and production methods of the Iron Republic quickly built him the start of Reneh 21.
This project would be an insight into the rebel mind, thought Sector General Deer as he looked down at the colony that had been constructed overnight.
It had children of the Falosini, Earthers and Tzira all working together.
Completely unaware they were being viewed by the Iron Republic.
The actual members of Flag Staff and Maehl's business leaders were quick to take their own upper management so Deer had to insert sleepers instead. But even sleepers had to believe they were part of the community.

Fleetmaster Deer would be pleased


This final part is only known to players not to their characters.

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Evacuation and Rebirth of Hener 12

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Sector General Deer

1 Planet Reneh 21 which will always parrallel Hener 12's growth rates and stats.
Nothing creepy about that at all.

Leaders of Hener 12 get
Enourmous aid- they each get an influx of 10 Million ghaz in donations in addition to enough to repair the city centers.

Saved the Planet!!!!

Those who aided the evacuation gain
2 Million Ghaz in aid payments in the form of certified Banking Guild certificates (can be used in the Banking Guilds or the Independent Corporations or most Free Systems companies.)

Ar'yay HiveQueen gets Vengeance from the Grave!!!
Industry on Hener 12 is reduced by Half for 2 weeks GT.
Hener 12 Population is halved.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Evacuation and Rebirth of Hener 12

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