WEEK 8 - The Grand Plot of Ardana HiveQueen

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WEEK 8 - The Grand Plot of Ardana HiveQueen

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:54 pm

Foreman Alnica Zornic could only regard the 'guests' that had arrived at her facility with what could be considered thinly veiled annoyance. The prisoner transfer has been one thing, it caused a scene that made the employees become dumbstruck with awe at the foreign men from Garmin Fe's ships and the Quall from Hive Queen Le-a's. While she could stand having the spectacle in her front yard, she could not stand the invasive inspection that occurred afterwards. To think that she would run operations of treachery and deception was laughable, she ran a tight ship as per the Directors orders, and her wrath upon slackers was near legendary.

If the inspection was considered annoying, then Alnica didn't have a word for the conflict that followed. She looked out upon the chaos that was looming upon the facilities doorstep and took two pills to calm the migraine that was currently raging in her head. Orders had already been received from the Director concerning evacuation procedures. The Generals and Le-a's men had already been evacuated and she'd be lying if she said she didn't envy them, but she had her orders. The men unladen with equipment were to be sent via Energy Brides to a safe location provided by Ar'yay's children and the others were to be sent via Freighter supplied by the resident Hive Queen, and any Quall that were ordered to depart with them were to be treated with sincerity and brought aboard in utmost secrecy.

Perhaps she should just say damn it all and retire already, but she had a job to do that paid to well, and while being in the face of a nuclear holocaust was most unpleasant, it meant that she could now get out of this hell hole. Turning her back on the scene she made her way to the docking station and boarded a ship. This place would most definitely not be missed once this all was over. Perhaps her next assignment would send her to Casablanca Station? She hoped so, it would be a definite improvement.

A set of multiple nuclear weapons went off and another shockwave struck.

In the depths of her fortress Ar'yay HiveQueen began getting reports of a full scale invasion. Bombs were going off along her entire holdings. Millions dead in an instant.

Ar'yay HiveQueen felt the deaths of her children and her rage grew in power.

She reached out to her Hive gaining a complete focus of the battlefield from the eyes of her followers. She issued orders to her warriors, their main goal was not to stop the Da'uhnb attack but instead to save as many Horned Dog Cultists as they could.

As the last of the Horned Dogs escaped from Kyrpos to Ar'yay's holdings in Iron Republic space, the Quall Warriors prepared for their final stand.

There were chambers of Flayers and Pit Mongrels hidden under the ground.

The bombs continued to go off and countless Quall Warriors died by nuclear fire, and Djinni-created explosives.

The Quall N’Drone were quite busy under the fire dome, they had been constructing statues dedicated to raced now extinct. The Warriors did not quite understand why they were building these statues, their Queen felt it was important so they did it. She wasn’t quite the same anymore, she didn’t show herself very often and didn’t communicate with others much. Her voice remained in their heads whispering encouragement and calming words. A new future awaited them all, she whispered, one far different than the one that most expected.

The Hive was getting tired, that was the only word that was closest to explaining what was going on. Tired of the wars that didn’t matter to them, tired of being hunted for what other Hives had done. They were tired of hypocrites from all species talking down to all of them, tired of people who didn’t see them as living beings, each individual seen as nothing more than part of a whole.

They had memories of their own, and more than that, lives of their own. Their own interests, their own passions, their own desires. Of course they put the Hive before themselves because that is what you did as a member of Ar'yay's Hive. You thought of others before you thought of yourself, if you had time after the needs of the many were taken care of then you could think of the one.

They were beginning to understand that those who hated them would never listen. They wouldn’t see reason. The ones hunting them were consumed by hate and nothing would cure them of it. As long as the Hive existed they would be hunted, more would die, more suffering. If nothing changed then their enemies would never stop and the Hive had no future, death would chase them and never cease.

So a new future was whispered into their ears from the mind of Ar'yay HiveQueen, the idea was terrifying and many were shocked into silence. This new future was too drastic, too much, so much would have to be sacrificed. If they were to go shouldn’t they make their enemies pay in kind?

No, said the whispers of the Queen's mind, that would solve nothing. By meeting violence with violence is what got us into this situation, our enemies had no limit, their cloning tubes gave them limitless numbers and their production facilities pumped out a numberless amount of death bringing war machines. No matter how many enemies we could kill the Hive would simply grow smaller and smaller until it was no more.

The irony was that Ar'yay was the first Quall Hive to understand the fear that all Enemies of the Quall faced at all times.

In the minds of her Warriors, the Queen's voice continued to whisper. The new future was so close, they heard the attack start, the Temporal Empire teleporting inside the Dome and deploying their weapons, millions of voices, millions of individual minds were snuffed out. The voices were vanishing rapidly, at this rate the entire Hive would be in danger, lost for no reason other than to feed the blood lust of the wicked.

These Da'uhnb could teleport wherever they want to and their nuclear weapons endanger all.

We cannot sink to such blanket hatred, meeting such foes with violence would only endanger people innocent of crimes, the voice of the Queen continued to whisper as more Quall died. We have tried so hard to become better then the revenging Hives, we are better than our enemies, we do not kill indiscriminately as they do. No, we have to do this, we have to start anew and show our enemies that they were the evil here. We need to show their enemies that they could have accomplished so much if they had just been open minded. No, their single minded hatred and foulness drove everything to the brink of doom and violence would only encourage them. They wanted any and every excuse to flaunt death and destruction and we would give them no more excuses.

Yet it was enemies that the Quall had made over centuries of time that came for the Hive of Ar'yay. And while her own Hive had not committed many of crimes they were being held accountable for, there was a poetic justice for the people of Beacon City as they led a substantial airforce to attack the starfleet defending Ar'yays holdings. It was the first time the Children of the Falosini had joined the Da'uhnb in a battle in hopes of wiping out a massive Quall Hive.

Aboard his command center Dra'khan Garmin Fe, Protector General of Beacon City was ready to do what was necessary to win this battle. In its own way, this battle was the final step on a long path that the Dra'khan had walked. Ever since he had created the Continent of Dead Quall it had been moving towards a battle like this.

Garmin knew the plan laid out by Xec Cex was a damnable one. It become clear to him as he watched the Clean bombs and nukes explode below that this was wholly against the wishes of the Da'unhb Queen, a being he had remained loyal to since he salvaged her from the clutches of the Quall.

Garmin knew that Xec Cex would be taken before the conflict was over. His judgement would be swift and Garmin knew what was being asked. Xec Cex would start things, and he dearly hoped that Beacon City and the Pirates of Captain Fleshstealer would help him finish what he started, the last thing he would ever start. Xec Cex was bestowing his last wishes with his invitation, though he would never dare to say it like that out load.

To strike fear into the Quall, to protect his people from future implantations, to protect the Da'unhb Queen, and to serve a hero's dying wish was enough reason for Garmin Fe, Protectorate General of Beacon City, to finalize the attack.

He signalled to the fleet of Pirate Captain Fleshstealer's fleet. Its temporary commander Captain Ciryl began to order his starfighters in. As wave after wave of Stilleto Starfighters began dogfighting with the Quall Interceptors. Waves of Cudgel Heavy Starfighters supported them while Machete Starfighters flew past the dogfights targeting the capital ships.

Captain Ciryl thought back to Captain Sora's last orders to him, "Captain Ciryl, i'm on my way to Tapestry personally to discuss things with the others. I have a mission for you. Your going to take the fleet to Krypos and assist in the assault. Focus on the aircraft."

Captain Ciryl lifted his comm and commanded, "Recyclers move in!"

Under the bombardment from the Machetes the Quall Capital Ships were ill prepared for the Pirate Recyclers that slammed into their sides. Suddenly Ciryl had a realization, the Quall ships were attempting to disable his own, not destroy them. He quickly began replaying video feeds, confirming his perception. Something must be wrong, he thought, the Quall are our greatest enemies, why aren't they using deadly force?
He was about to signal to Garmin Fe his deep concerns when the last part of Garmin's plans went into action.

The Continent of Dead Quall teleported above Ar'yays continent flanked by a fleet of Armiger Light Capital Ships. Its energy weapons and frost generators killed millions more Quall as it descended. Only a few feet above the shattered terrain of Ar'yay's once beautiful obsidian cityscape, the Quall Slayers, heroes from all speaking races began to leap down into the city. At their side hopped the little nippers created by the Oleifera to deliver their justice upon the Quall.

The death toll was rising fast, if they were to make their new future it would have to be now, thought Ar'yay HiveQueen as she watched the continent descend. She was protected by the device created by the Iron Republic to protect them from the Frost Generators.

Ar'yay knew the Fleet above was barely holding the line against the invader's ships. Every single Quall designed ship was acting as the defense force. A bit over two thousand fighters flew overhead attempting to keep the enemy at bay, a combination of Neo Flayer Star-Fighters, and Quall Intercepters fought and died to delay the enemy forces.

Twenty two Quall Light Frigates, nineteen Quall Destroyers, two Conflagros Cruisers and the remaining Motherships (with their raptors launched to aid in the air defenses) were ordered to delay the enemy long enough for the new future to arrive. And they were dying and taking out enemy starfighters with them as they did.

So many brave souls were dying to Temporal Empire Sabotage and their allies’ weapons.

Hive Queen Ar’Yay thanked them all for their bravery and spread her love throughout the Hive. Her sorrow at their deaths were felt by all, they knew how this hurt her so. Their final instructions were explained and while many didn’t like it they knew that doom awaited them anyway. Perhaps it would be better to sacrifice themselves so that others may live instead of all dying. After all, the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.

The next wave of attacks came and there was chaos everywhere, Ar'Yay Hive Queen gave instructions to her children who were defending the mining site. Their job was to make sure the director's people got on the transports that were provided in order to make sure that they weren't caught up in the attack, Those Quall would attempt to manipulate the flame of the explosions and channel them away from the civilians.
As the Starfreighters of Orleos Sacrenine barely escaped with holds full of gemstones and terrified miners, those Quall who protected them retreated back to the main island to join with the ritual prepared by Ar'yay HiveQueen.

The statues to the extinct species were destroyed in the explosions, and the artistic walls and statues blew apart in the nuclear devastation. The fleet was torn apart ship by ship, doing their best to disable first but if they had no choice destroy enemy ships.

Hive Queen Ar'Yay sat on her obsidian throne, watching through the minds of her children as they attempted to buy time for the change. They had to make sure that things went right, many of their people were being lost and if they waited too much longer all would be lost.

So the Hive Queen gave the command and all the Quall were to disengage and to begin the sacrifice. They turned the Leyas inward towards themselves and their energy was reshaped and was sent over to the target.
All the Quall N'Drone in the Hive did this including their Hive Queen Ar'yay. After all what kind of sacrifice would it be if the Queen wasn't apart of it. The attackers tried to interfere but the nature of the sacrifice prevented them from stopping it in time. A pair of Da'uhnb teleported into her throne room in a misguided attempt to save her. As they grabbed her, her body began to disintegrate.

The energy was sent to the Horned Dog cultists hidden across Iron Republic Space that were connected to the Hive Queen and the energy changed them. Their larva was changed, it was no longer Quall but something brand new. The Prelate's new larva matured but he wasn't consumed and there was no Quall born. Instead the two merged together and he grew, a new set of arms and a single Horn sprouted from his head. He retained his human appearance but with those new features. A brand new group consciousness was born around him but with limitations. He wasn't able to manipulate those connected to him so he wouldn't be able to harm them or force them to do his will.
He also lacked the affinity for Fire Leyas that the Quall possessed but they gained the potential to gain access to more types of Leyas.

They would lose the massive storehouse of knowledge of the Quall but they knew that they could start new with their current knowledge they could spend their lives helping others and learning new things. Different things that didn't focus on the destruction of others.

The most important change was the spread of their larva. A sack was formed in the midsection of the Prelate and he could embrace another and spread the larva through their stomach into others. However the larva could not control the new host, nor could it mature on its own. The Host would have to willing and give permission to the larva to mature an initiate the change. The larva would offer the knowledge of the Hive and the potential of greater mastery of the Leyas in exchange for being able to dwell within the Host. Not as powerful as the Quall larva this one could not stop aging but would help prevent disease.

This change happened to all of the cultists in the Hive that was connected to Ar'yay, and no other Hive would be affected.

These men and women were no longer part of the Horned Dog, that was in the past, the future had arrived, a new day had arrived. So it made sense that their church took on a new name. From now on they were part of the Church of Dawn's New Light.
A new future awaited these men and women, a new day and they would break away from their past of violence and conquer to show the universe that there was reason to hope.

With the last bit of energy Hive Queen Ar'Yay used it on the Flayers and Pit Mongrels who were protected in the underground shelters. This power was used to change them back to their true forms.

Olgogs and Aegelis were reborn with this thought in their heads. "I am sorry, with my death I release you from your torment and bondage, I only hope that with my death I can repay even the tinniest bit of what is owed to you."

Holes were ripped apart deep within continent as flocks of Aegelis flew upward, bringing Olgogs with them. On wings of fire the Aegelis landed on the Continent of Dead Quall and embraced the Children of the Falosini who welcomed them.

When the sacrifice was completed the Quall N'Drone of Ar'yay HiveQueen were gone, their ships fell to the earth with no one piloting them as their Flayer and Mongrel crew members had already been evacuated and they were solely crewed by Quall. An eerie quiet fell upon the battlefield as the attackers stared in confusion trying to figure out what just happened.

All except Xec Cex, who knew that which occurred here would be remembered for generations.
Xec Cex, former interdimensional hero, would now be a mass murder, even by the standards of the Temporal Empire.

It was the civil war that allowed it to happen. The Temporal Enforcement Agency were too busy tracking G.A.S.T. members to be notice Xec moving until it was too late.

In Xecs plan Two Da'uhnb had no other job than keeping Ar'yay HiveQueen alive. She would be Xec's personal message to all the HiveQueens. Enter Da'uhnb territory illegally and you lose everything.
The last time the Quall had set foot in the Da'uhnb territory with violent intent had been the Kias Wars and it had ended with the capture of the Da'uhnb Queen.

No excuse was acceptable, to Xec Cex. First they say we are hiding a weapon of mass destruction and attack our citizens, then they will try and take our Queen again, he thought in his deep and abiding fear.

As the deathtoll mounted, he knew he would be considered a criminal by his own people. When he learned that Ar'yay HiveQueen had sacrificed herself, Xec knew the Hive was truly ended, even if his own vengeance could not be realized.

He teleported to visit with a few friends, said some goodbyes, and even got a drink.

His final teleport was to the beginning of time to watch it, one last time.

Then he returned to his own Da'uhnb Queen, whose fury would be great.

In the grand hall of the Da'uhnb Queen Xec Cex was bound in heavy chains tied to a pair of burley soldiers. Xec fell to his knees before his Queen saying, "No Quall will dare threaten us for another thousand years."

The Da'uhnb Queen nodded her shadowy form. Then her claw extended and pierced his chest. The Da'uhnb gasped for breath.

Her shadowy jaws extended and snapped him up in a single bite.

"I do not condone mass murder," whispered the sibilant voices of the Da'uhnb Queen, "We are older than ALL species in this reality except the Ancient Evils. You, my Da'uhnb Warriors, are older than the Quall N'Drone, and must be wiser or share the punishment of Xec Cex. His actions made him nothing better than a fiend of Warmonger and I consumed him accordingly even if he was my child like all Da'uhnb."

"Send a message to G.A.S.T. this civil war must end," said the Queen of the Da'uhnb, "lest we all become as twisted by hate as Xec Cex, warning for all."

The Da'uhnb Queen was quiet then said, "Send a message to Ar'yay HiveQueen. Tell her this war between our people ends today. No mother should have to watch her children die, no matter her species."

A week had passed since the end of the battle, and Garmin Fe was tired. His spirit wasn't quite what it was just months before. He warily made his way to his quarters, reshaping the walls that led to where he slept. Then his eye caught the image of a familiar Da'unhb warrior. He at first was convinced it was his imagination, but his eyes refused to concede to the thought. There, sitting on a stool next to his modest bar was Xec Cex.

He smiled at Garmin and said, "So tell me, how did it go?"

Garmin raises a smile back, lends a manly hung, pours the warrior a drink, and begins to tell the tale of the last of a faithful hive.

It was bittersweet, as Garmin knew the time traveler's death was still ahead of Xec, even if it had already happened in Garmin's own timeline. When Garmin described the death of Ar'yay and her sacrifice, Xec got up and prepared to leave. Before he teleported to the beginning of time, to see it one last time, Xec Cex said, "I wish that Ar'yays torments were over. Even as we speak her spirit has been split, one consumed to give birth to a new species, but the other half is still trapped. It is in the lab of Prime of Unity, and in it Ar'yays half-dreamed torments still continue."

And then Xec disappeared to face his own fate. It left Garmin Fe sitting alone, a pair of empty tankards in front of him, and a gnawing concern grew in his belly. As he thought of the head of Ar'yay HiveQueen kept alive in the machines of Prime, Garmin wondered if by fighting the Quall he might have become a monster equal to them.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Grand Plot of Ardana HiveQueen

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:26 pm

The fiery seas surrounding the now irradiated obsidian continent that had once held billions of Quall N'drone serving Ar'yay HiveQueen had small flecks of what looked like fluffy seaweeds floating in it. The fungii of Gilmour had continued adapting to its new climate, filling a niche that had not been filled before.

There was a rumbling as miles and miles walls of obsidian began to rise from the fire seas. They rose higher and higher, studded by glowing crystals. When the walls were complete, the Quall Warriors of Ardana HiveQueen finished affixing Djinni Wish-created Devices designed to keep the fungus from escaping beyond the borders they had artificially created.

Ardana HiveQueen was pleased by the small hidden world she had created. A laboratory like the Quall had never known, and within its borders were the living continent of the scientist Michael Herbert Gilmour, the irradiated continent of Ar'yay Hivequeen's Necropolis, and the holdings of Le-a HiveQueen.

Ardana smiled knowing she had manipulated the situation perfectly. The late Ar'yay HiveQueen had been blamed indirectly for Ardana's twin sister's death. And with the death of Andara HiveQueen, Ardana had been able to take all her sister's Quall warriors into her own Hive. It had made her one of the most powerful HiveQueens on the Council overnight.

For a long time, Ardana had despised Ar'yay's preaching of peace and love. She knew it was only a matter of time for Ar'yay to dig her own grave, but Ardana had been there every step of the way manipulating it into worse situations.

Even now Lana Soregi, the child who had the next Queen of Ar'yay's line, was being taken by Ardana's Warriors to a dead world deep in IR space to be hidden for "her own protection".

Even now Quoa HiveQueen and Qoppa HiveQueen argued and fought, and former Fleetmaster Pallas HiveLord tried to use his machiavellian plots to gain more control. Yet all these cunning and devious Quall leaders could not comprehend the depths of Ardana's betrayal of their kind.

Just as Ar'yay had never known it was Ardana who had spoke out time and again to prevent the full forces of the Quall from crushing the fledgling Continent of Dead Quall. Instead Ar'yay had been left to its ravages.

When the threat of the fungal continent loomed, it was Ardana who used her influence to prevent any official aid to go to Ar'yay. At the same time she convinced her sister Andara to go to Ar'yays aid, and to her own death. All to manipulate the Hive Queen's Council.

They were terrified of the Hive King created by the Neliff, and Ardana had made sure to use this fear to keep the Council from acting within Iron Republic Space. All her enemies were fighting with each other, and it was good.

Ardana HiveQueen had even drafted the new proclimation declaring Le-a HiveQueen the sole ruler of their little experimental world hidden between the Obsidian walls and artificed shields.

Ardana was sitting in splendor on the deck of her airship Maighal's Flame, watching the work being completed. Behind her floated her new favorite servant, Neliff the Neliff. Like all of his kind, Neliff had no name except for Neliff, and he had been at Ardana's side for a longer time than most would suspect.
His tentacles were draped around the shoulders of a Da'uhnb Warrior who was obviously under Neliff's control.

Lounging next to Ardana was a handsome man, Earther in appearance, in a white suit and tie with a black shirt, and bare feet, he seemed to give Ardana little respect as he looked at her.

Ardana said, "I have sacrificed the spirit of my own sister Andara to your master, and only part of my desires have been realized."

"No worries, sweet HiveQueen," said the handsome man, "You will rule all Quall N'drone Hives soon enough. But first one more sacrifice must be made. Andara was the first, Ar'yay was the second..."

"And the third, Usurper?" asked Ardana, "Who is the third?"

"Quoa HiveQueen,the leader of the HiveQueen Council" said the handsome man, "She must die. Then and only then you must drive your central horn into the head of the Hive King of the Neliff. Then and only then will your child be born, the one who will bring all Quall Hives under your control until the end of time."

"The end of time..." said Ardana, "That should be long enough for me to accomplish my deepest desires."

"And my master, the Warmonger," said the handsome man, whose demonic nature was becoming more and more obvious, "My master wants you to achieve all your deepest desires, beautiful Arden. That is why I have traveled far through time to serve by your side."

Ardana Hivequeen drew in a quick breath at the mention of the name Arden, the host she had once lived in
before springing forth fully formed as Ardana HiveQueen.

The Usurper smiled that unsettling smile he wore, and said, "Time draws near, sweet HiveQueen. You are weeks away from ruling all the Quall Hives. You will be a new Progenitor Queen, and from the Hive King and your Horn will be born the greatest power this timeline has ever known."


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Grand Plot of Ardana HiveQueen

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:37 pm

Half of all Starfighters deployed by Captain Fleshstealer and General Garmin Fe were destroyed.

Garmin Fe: 5 Armigers destroyed, 8 damaged

Pirate Captain Fleshstealer: 5 Heavy Frigates destroyed, 3 damaged

All of Ar'yays Starforce deployed to this battle are destroyed or scrapped by enemy forces after the sacrifice. All 4 Billion Quall of Ar'yays Hive either killed or sacrificed. 750 Million Flayers and 750 Million Pit Mongrels transformed and lost.

Temporal Empire: Xec Cex is dead, 5,000 Da'uhnb were killed

(please calculate losses and mark on the Housekeeping threads if applicable)


750 Million Aegelis freed from being mutated into Flayers. This has officially restarted the Aegelis as a species as they were nearing extinction.

500 Million Olgogs freed from being mutated into Pit Mongrels. They have been returned to the Olgog Tribes of the planet Refuge.

ALL Players involved in this mission also gain the following rewards

Legendary Battle - The Legend of this battle spreads
Gain +50% total Morale bonus

Stared into the Abyss - Gain +5 Bonus when fighting Demonic Forces in a single battle Only

albino A Bunny - This single use Item will allow one of your named characters to escape a situation that will surely end in his or her death. Does not guarantee a mission win, only the survival of a single named character.


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Re: WEEK 8 - The Grand Plot of Ardana HiveQueen

Post  GeneralGarminFe on Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:39 pm

Garmin Fe funnels 5 million ghaz toward the construction of a new Aegelis metropolis as well as diverting the industry of his floating continent to constructing of their new city. He requires nothing in return.

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Re: WEEK 8 - The Grand Plot of Ardana HiveQueen

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