How are the titles of 'defense force' ranked?

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How are the titles of 'defense force' ranked?

Post  GeneralGarminFe on Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:01 am

How are the titles of 'defense force' ranked? I assume that Ultra ranks much higher then Elite. I cannot however figure out what Blue means in relation to other titles.

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Re: How are the titles of 'defense force' ranked?

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:11 pm

Defense forces are listed in order below based on both defense force skill and types of ships available to defend the planet.


Endless- this defense force cannot be beaten by troops. There are simply too many of them.
Ultra- Most skilled of soldiers who have access to anti-tank and anti-capital ship & anti-Starfighter defenses.
Elite- Military Veterans, with a lot of experience and good gear. Full Starfighter defensive force.
Yellow-Standing army but no anti-space defenses.
Blue- Full police force able to put down riots but not fight off invasions.
Green- All civilians or a militia-based defense force. Easiest to conquer.
Penal- this place is a prison and the "locals" are already focused on rioting and rebellion.

Some factions will have a defense force listed in "other colonies" this secondary defense force represents reinforcements. If any invasion goes into its second week (GT) then a player may call upon their reinforcements to try and retake the planet.


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